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Dresden petal handbag - a tutorial

Dresden petal handbag - a tutorial
Have a lot of really sweet scraps lying around? I do!! I could barely sleep last night because this little bag design was in my head. Isn't it fabulous? For you, my sewing buddies, I decided to give you an early Christmas gift & make the pattern & tutorial available here! Here's the only pattern piece, a modified Dresden petal. I used 7 different fat quarter scraps, (cut 2 of each) but you could certainly use fewer. Press seams open! Use a large plate or other round edge to draw the curved edge of the top of the bag. Trim on your traced line! Lay the newly trimmed purse body onto the untrimmed body & trace your curve so that it matches. Don't throw those pieces away! Press fusible fleece onto both body pieces. Now the fun part! My curved edge was a little TOO curved, and elf-ear pointy at the edges. Next, use your quilted body piece to trace 2 lining pieces. If you like, add fusible interfacing to the lining piece as I did for more body. Now, remember those circular edge pieces we saved? Related:  PURSEStuto de sac en anglaisSac, besace, ...

Tutorial :: Summer Sunglasses Case Summer is here!! We need something cute, am I right?? While me and the hubby were out today having breakfast with little Sophia, I complained about how I was getting old and wrinkled from squinting in the sun. All in all this led to a trip over to get some new sunglasses this morning. After realizing that they probably wouldn't last long with my clutzy behavior, I decided to make a little case for them. Piece of Heavy linen Main Fabric Lining Fabric Button Elastic Band Fusible fleece (heavy) Craft Fuse (fusible) Heat n bond Here are the dimensions that you need to Cut:: Main Fabric :: 3.5 x 5: (times 2) Lining Fabric :: 9" x 5" (times 2); 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece) Linen :: 6" x 5" (times 2) ; 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece) Fusible Heavy Fleece :: 9" x 5" (times 2) Craft Fuse :: 2.5" x 3" (only 1 piece) After you have cut out all of your pieces, line up your main piece and your linen piece to look like the set on the right of the photo below. Next pin your elastic band to the top of the short side. Thank you

Rope Handbag Here’s a quick tutorial for a handbag with rope handles. I’ve pretty much been making the same summer bag for the past couple of years (see here and here). Long story, but I bought some heavy-duty cotton rope to use for chair seats, then decided to go with wooden seats for the chairs since we have kids standing and spilling on the chairs. So I will be doing a lot of rope projects! This rope is a bit sturdier than the rope trim that you can find in the sewing store, but I think that will do just fine for this project. The fabric is by Nani Iro from Matatabi. Click on the image below to download the instructions. Rounded & Embellished {Faux Leather} Zipper Pouches A friend of mine had a birthday……and that gave me a good excuse to make her a little something. Instead of making her a regular ‘ol zippered pouch (like my tutorial here ), I made it rounded. And with Faux Leather…….AKA, vinyl. Ha. If you remember my post here , I purchased a stack of this vinyl on the sale table at the fabric store. But here’s a couple rounded pouch ideas using the vinyl……. ………but these pouches can be made with any sort of fabric . Both pouches are lined with a printed cotton fabric. And adorned with a little label. Just think of what you could stuff these with. And if you are anything like me, you’d appreciate a pouch stuffed with treats. (Good thing this friend of mine is a sugar junkie like I am. Make one for you , a friend, or that neighbor down the street who could use a little handmade love. Would you like to make your own rounded pouch? **Remember, you don’t have to use vinyl…….any fabric would work just fine. First decide on your fabric and prints. Related posts:

My laptop bag tutorial on Sew Mama Sew! I was so excited when Beth from Sew Mama Sew! invited me to contribute to their Back to School month of projects. I thought it would be the perfect time to actually make the laptop bag I wanted for quite some time. So today finally the tutorial went live at Sew mama Sew, and Jessica also posted about it in her blog How About Orange, could this day get any better? I am actually working on a passport pouch and checkcover to match the bag so wen I go to Chile in september I can take all of them with me and of course I will share the how-to’s for you to do the same if you’d like! But for now let’s start with the laptop bag! And to all of you visiting from Sew Mama Sew! I hope you all have a wonderful day! * This tutorial is provided for personal use only. Tags: easy, handbad, laptop, sew mama sew, tutorial

The Crafty Cupboard: How-To: Business Card Holder With the Creative Estates coming up soon (as in, next weekend!), I thought I’d get on the ball and have something to hold my “business” cards while I am there. Here’s how I made mine:You Need:2 fabric pieces cut 5 1/2” x 4 1/2” (one will be lining, one the outside. You can do the same fabric for both, or different fabric to mix things up)2 fabric pieces cut 2 1/2” x 4 1/2”1 fusible fleece piece cut 5 1/2” x 4 1/2”Small hair elastic (I used my daughter’s) – not pictured (Warning: lots of pictures ahead. To begin, take your 2 1/2” pieces and iron a double 1/4” hem down one long side. Top-stitch your hem in place. Then, place your beautifully hemmed pieces on top of your lining piece so your raw edges line up. Iron your fusible fleece piece to your top piece (no pic) and put it right sides together with your lining piece. On one of your 4 1/2” sides, insert your hair elastic in between the lining and the top piece. I used a dull colored pencil to get my corners all pointy. Go ahead!!!

Large Tote with Rounded Opening I always use totes. For carrying books to the library, blankets and snacks to the park, clothes for an over-nighter, towels and swimsuits to the lake, etc. My kiddos even snatch them and haul around stuffed animals, baby dolls and their favorite blankies. I guess totes are something you can never have too many of. So it’s a good thing they are pretty simple to make. While I was at the store the other day, I saw a tote up on a billboard, advertising something that was coming out of the tote…..but the tote had this great rounded opening. And the tote is great as is……..but I just had to throw a few flowers (from this tutorial) on the front. But, of course, they’re optional. And added a printed fabric for the lining. The bottom corners are squared, proving more room in the tote. And that’s that. Would you like to make your own rounded opening tote? First of all, my outer fabric is called Duck Cloth. Then, find the center along one edge of your outer fabric and mark it. ……..and clip each curve.

Tablet Bag Tablet Carrier Bag Sewing Pattern Difficulty: Easy (without-zipper) / Intermediate (with zipper) Finished size: approximately 12″ (W) x 8 1/2″ (H) x 1″ (D) Download: Tablet Carrier Bag PatternMaterials: Make: 1 1. Fabrics, 3 colors (I used Modern Yardage printed fabrics, Bumbaloo Collection by Marcia Copeland:Burst in Red Orange, 13″ x 19″Shaky Stripes in Orange Yellow, 19″ x 20″Burst Attack in Seafoam. ), 9″ x 9″ 2. Fusible Stabilizer / Interfacing, woven cotton, medium stiffness, approx: 18″ x 18″ 3. Cotton webbing straps, 1″ (W) x 82″ (L) 4. Gather all the materials and tools needed as listed above. Draw out the bag pattern pieces directly on the wrong-side of the fabrics and fusible stabilizer / interfacing. Set the iron to cotton setting without steam. a.) a.) With Zipper (Challenging Option) a.) a.) a.) Embellish the bag with a charm or other decorative item like leather badge or button. Without Zipper (Easier Option) a.) Hope to see you sewing soon! {More photos and story on Page 1.}

The Backpack Hi! I'm Tiffany from Tiny Seamstress Designs! I'm so excited to be sharing my ideas here with you on the Moda Bake Shop. This is a great backpack for all of your grade school children and can be altered to fit younger children as well. I used the Lily and Will collection by Bunny Hill Designs to make this backpack, they have color ways for boys and fun! 1 1/2 yard fabric for body1 1/2 yard fabric for lining2 fat quarters for ties (they do not have to be the same print)fusible fleece 2 Magnetic snaps Using body (outside) fabric cut: (2) 17" by 15" pieces (front and back) (2) 17" by 6" pieces (sides) (1) 15" by 6" piece (base) (1) 15" by 9" piece (flap) (2) 3 1/2" by 26" pieces (straps) Apply fusible fleece to the wrong sides of each body piece. Using 2 Fat Quarters cut: (4) 22" by 3" strips(4) 19" by 3" strips Your cut pieces will look like this: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Your backpack is complete and ready for school!

Tissue case tutorial I’ve used my new sewing machine to make these very simple tissue cases from scrap of linen fabrics. They are basically a lined fabric rectangle folded to meet at the center. I make the outer fabric longer than the lining fabric so it automatically folded inside, because I don’t like the lining fabric showing at the edge. It also eliminates the need of topstitching. The tutorial is only two pages, but please tell me if something is not clear in it. Disclaimer: You may use the finished products for both personal and commercial use (craft shops or markets only – no mass production). Click to download: Have you made something from my tutorials?

Free Tutorials/Purse Hardware Free Tutorials How to apply Magnetic Snap Closures (Apply before sewing your lining and outer together). It's a good idea to reinforce the area of fabric (wrong side) where you are going to apply the snaps with a small square of Fusible Interfacing. How to apply Bag Feet Mark each of the 4 areas where you want to place your bag feet (not too close to the ends of the corners, you don't want the feet to be too visible). How to apply fabric to Purse Frames (which do not have sewing holes). For Curved Frames see this step-by-step tutorial in our Blog. How to use Internal Flex Frames See our blog for easy step-by-step instructions with pics and a pattern. How to use Internal Hex Open Frames (not to be confused with 'Flex' frames) Making a purse with a Hex Opening frame is much like making a bag with an elasticated or drawstring opening. Basket Style Handbag Pattern instructions (click here for the free pattern) Finished Bag Dimensions (approx): 13" (33cm) wide, 9" (23 cm) tall, and 4" (10cm) deep.

Reversible Patchwork Bag Something I've wanted to do really bad... A new sewing tutorial!! It really makes me happy that you guys enjoyed my sewing tutorialsand made beautiful fabric baskets, camera cases, and pen cases.My finding is that you like easy & quick projects like I do! Cut out 32 of 2 1/2" squares. Arrange to make 2 sets of 16 x 16 top layers. Sew each row consisting of 4 squares. 4 rows completed! Press seams to one direction, making sure ones next to each otherare pressed to opposite directions. Now let's sew all the 4 rows together. Press seam open. Do the same for the rest of 16 squares and nowyou have 2 patchwork tops complete! Sew them right sides together. Cut out the bottom 2 corners. Turn the bag out. Cut out 2 pieces measuring 8 3/4" x 1 1/2".These will be casing for cords. Fold the edges like this. Fold the pieces in middle, wrong sides together and press. Sew them onto the top part of the patchwork bag like this. Prepare two 22" long craft cords. Now your reversible patchwork bag is complete!