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7 Ways to Make Yourself Irreplaceable in the Office

7 Ways to Make Yourself Irreplaceable in the Office

Selma Blair Breastfeeds in Public. Why You Shouldn't Be Offended (Getty Images)"Passerby be warned," begins a post on "When Selma Blair's 8-month-old son is hungry, the actress doesn't hesitate to breastfeed him, no matter the audience." That opener alone sums up the thorny debate over public breastfeeding. It should seem simple enough to anyone who's had a baby or knows someone who's had a baby, that when a child needs to eat nothing else matters. Not table manners, not the roving eyes of strangers, and not the personal opinions of anyone but the newborn screaming for breast-milk.

How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator Step #1: Learn about the job. What does a Crime Scene Investigator do? What skills, knowledge and abilities are required? What education and experience is needed to qualify for the job? 8 Common Credit Myths Debunked Credit may be a big part of most consumers’ lives, but that doesn’t mean everyone fully understands the industry. “For many people, credit is a weird thing,” says Todd Albary, CEO of credit education site He believes many consumers are intimidated by the notion that there is a “secret system used to generate a score that follows you all over the place.” In an attempt to help you become more credit savvy in 2012, we spoke to experts to clear up some common misconceptions about credit cards and credit scores.

Food etiquette rules that might surprise you (Illustration by Edwin Fotheringham) You have good manners, right? After all, you (usually) keep your elbows off the table and say "Please pass the salt." But when you head abroad, things get a little more complicated. Case in point: Rest your chopsticks the wrong way, and you might remind a Japanese friend of their grandmother's funeral (Rule 2). 5 Reasons You Don't Really Want to Win all that Lottery Money Do you find yourself dreaming of the day your lucky lottery numbers are called? Or fantasizing about what numbers lurk under the silver bar of that scratch-off ticket you impulse-bought while gassing up? The lure of "Mega Millions," "Powerball" and other lottery jackpots has millions in search of, well, millions. And while it's fun to daydream about what having more money than you can count would be like, winning the lottery might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Forensic Science Jobs, Top Ten Tips, Highest Paying Forensic Jobs If you are interested in getting a forensic science job, access to information on the industry and tips relating to getting a forensic science job will definitely make the process a whole lot easier. The first and most important step to getting the job that you want in forensic science is to keep yourself informed on what it takes to apply for and be hired into the forensic science job of your dreams. The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be. 1. The first thing that you should know when looking for a forensic science job is that there are actually six different basic categories that forensic science jobs can fit into.

Things Debit Card Issuers Won't Tell You 1. "Debit-card fees are far from gone." The past few months have been a big win for consumers in the fight against debit-card fees as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and SunTrust Bank abandoned plans to charge debit-card usage fees. But other debit card fees remain in effect and they're rising. ATM fees are higher than ever, according to Each time debit-card holders use an ATM outside of their network, they're charged $2.40 on average (up 3% from a year ago and up 76% from 2001) by the host bank plus an average of $1.41 by their own bank.

Al Franken Warns Facebook, Google Users: 'You Are Their Product' Web giants are becoming too big to care, Senator Al Franken warned Thursday. Franken argued that the growing dominance of companies such as Facebook and Google risks making them immune to market pressure and more likely to violate users' privacy in the quest for profits. In a speech delivered Thursday to the American Bar Association, Franken maintained that privacy should be treated as an antitrust issue, noting that Americans' right to privacy "can be a casualty of anti-competitive practices online." "The more dominant these companies become over the sectors in which they operate, the less incentive they have to respect your privacy," Franken said. "[W]hen companies become so dominant that they can violate their users' privacy without worrying about market pressure, all that's left is the incentive to get more and more information about you.

Forensic Science Careers While it's not quite as glamorous as it's portrayed on the many television shows and movies, a career in forensic science can provide a fascinating and satisfying career. Degree and Coursework There is no one route to a career in forensic science. To prepare for a career in crime scene technology, a science background would be helpful, especially if there is some forensic science in it. The 10 Best Interview Questions to Ask When your interviewer wraps up your job interview by asking if you have any questions, you might think that he or she is finished assessing you, but that's not quite the case. Interviewers draw conclusions about you based on the questions you ask--or don't ask. You don't want to give the impression that you're not very interested in the job, or that you're only concerned about the compensation.

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