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Lava Lamps Recipe

Lava Lamps Recipe

s’mores shots in chocolate glasses I cannot have a whole month of Treats and Sweets without including a few cocktails. Right? While I am not generally a sweet cocktail fan, every now and then I love to create a dessert drink. and I usually have fun making the edible shot glass it goes in. Some of these are perfect for the fall and winter, others are fresh summery sippers. Some are really fun, all are really sweet… Cheers! s’mores shots in chocolate glasses hot chocolate peppermint shots spicy hot cinnamon shots cherry mojito milkshake strawberry habanero margaritas cherry sorbet champagne floats fresh and fruity sangria lightened up Pina Coladas homemade Baileys Irish cream recipe and something to make with that Irish cream: salted caramel spiked milkshake Do you have a favorite sweet libation?

21st Birthday Shots That Taste Good: Recipes to Celebrate the Big Two-One Without Making You Sick Face it, on their 21st birthday, most people celebrate by going out and having a few drinks. Shots, inevitably, will be part of that. While the trend of drinking 21 shots is dangerous and not recommended, having one or two commemorative shooters can be fun. However, the urge to stick newly of-age friends with a disgusting or bad shot is common, and can lead to some good stories, but many bad memories. Washington Apple Ingredients: 1/3 oz Crown Royal Canadian whiskey 1/3 oz Sour Apple Pucker schnapps 1/3 oz Cranberry juice 1 splash 7-Up sodaPour Crown Royal, sour apple pucker and cranberry juice into a shaker. Apple Jack 2 oz Sour Apple Schnapps 2 oz Jack DanielsIn a shaker, combine ingredients with ice. Hot Apple Pie 1/2 shot Irish cream 1/2 shot Goldschlägger cinnamon schnapps 1 dash cinnamonFill a shot glass half full with the Irish cream and the rest of the way with the Goldschlägger. Cherry Cheese Cake 2 oz Vanilla liqueur .5 oz Cranberry juiceIn a shaker with ice, combine ingredients.

Homemade Bacon Vodka I admit, I can’t remember the singular event that conspired to the creation of this bacon vodka. It came to life this Christmas and found home in a tasting kit of vodkas I made for friends and family. If you have time, bacon and vodka, you too can have this tasty elixir in your hands. What to do with it you ask? It is also wonderful when mixed with date syrup for a sweet bacon cordial. Perhaps a dab behind the ears? Bacon Vodka makes up one pint Fry up three strips of bacon. Decant into decorative bottles and enjoy. Nutella Shots Guess what I am drinking tonight? Ingredients & Measurements: • 1 cup ice • ½ cup milk • 2 tablespoons Nutella • 1 shot Baileys or Frangelico Hazelnut liquor • 1 shot vanilla vodka Instructions: Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until thick and creamy. That’s it, now it’s time to get stinking drunk…enjoy! [Cheers thisbottleofvodka]

K-Cup Cocktails You haven’t been using your Keurig to brew up boozy beverages? What’s wrong with you, man?! During these colder days, that little machine can help you concoct some seriously delicious drinks. If you want in on the action, here are some K-Cup Cocktails to get you started. (Adjust level of booze to your taste/tolerance.) Loosely based on an Apple Rye Punch, this drink ditches any hard cider and gets supercharged with some applejack. Apple Cider K-CupLaird’s Apple Jack BrandyMaker’s MarkOrange Bitters Cinnamon tastes great in hot chocolate, and this cinnamon happens to be booze-flavored! Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-CupGoldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps This is a play on some delicious hot buttered rum that you can make thanks to your trusty one cup brewer. Butter Toffee Coffee K-CupBacardi Gold RumCinnamon Sticks Classic Irish coffee in k-cup form. Donut Shop K-CupJameson Irish WhiskeyWhipped Cream This is a hot version of Bourbon Mint Tea. Belgian Chocolate Coffee K-CupCourvoisier VS Cognac

Best Tasting Jell-O Shot Recipes Updated 10/29/09 The Experiment Previously, we investigated the strongest possible Jell-O shotand showed that a Jell-O shot can, in fact, be lit on fire. The Flavor Challenge Previously we focused our efforts on maximizing the alcoholic potency of the shots. In our selection of liquors and recipe combinations, we tried to stick to the basics: liquors and ingredients that were economical and easy to find or likely to be on hand. Start With the Basics Here’s a rundown of some of the best basic Jell-O/liquor combinations that we tried. These shots were prepared by dissolving 3 oz. Lime Jell-O: Absolut Citron – Crisp and lively citrus flavor. Cherry Jell-O: Amaretto – An excellent combination, tastes like the syrup from a jar of maraschino cherries. Orange Jell-O: Peach Schnapps – Use for a Fuzzy Navel effect. Lemon Jell-O: Absolut Citron – Tart and clean, like a lemondrop but not as sweet. Strawberry Jell-O: Peach Schnapps – Sweet and candylike. Our most important finding? Pickled Fruit

Jello Shots! This Post is ALL Mandi. I think she has had a few of these this morning so disregard her grammar and over excitement. See ya next week! I love jello shots. if you know me personally then you have most likely had my jello shots at least once because ill take pretty much any excuse to make them. jello + alcohol = awesome Now when I first tell people about my obsession with jello shots I think they immediately flash back to some college party where there were two types of jello shots: green with a handle of ten dollar vodka and yellow with a handle of ten dollar rum. The basic method is as follows: boil one cup of water, add one packet of jello, mix two minutes (don't skimp on this it will be grainy!) My basic tools. bowl and spoon for mixing, flat measuring cup for easy measuring of liquids, ladle and spouted measuring cup for filling. I get these little cups at a restaurant supply store. "margarita" this one can only be done as a double because it has two alcohols.

Frozen Banana-Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Milkshakes You may have heard about one-ingredient ice cream, one of our all-time most popular recipes here at The Kitchn. It's a marvelous trick of a treat, made from frozen bananas that have been whipped furiously into a smooth, dreamy dessert. And yes, it tastes (and scoops) just like soft-serve ice cream. Well, the same science applies to milkshakes, and it led us to this: a thick, creamy, chip-studded shake that's lighter than our usual milkshake indulgences, being entirely ice cream-free (i.e. OK for breakfast). Milkshakes for breakfast! Of course, this is also a lovely dessert, healthier than a regular milkshake but still sweet and satisfying. I should note that this makes a pretty large milkshake. The frozen bananas give the shake its body, so while we think the other ingredients make a delicious combination, you can add whatever flavors you want. Tester's Notes This recipe has been a serious crowd-pleaser ever since Elizabeth posted it back in 2010. Want a gourmet upgrade?

Watermelons: Nature's Keg | Ministry of Alcohol Still pumping your watermelons full of rum? What is this, summer camp? It’s time to grow up and start converting your watermelons into kegs. Materials Instructions Wash the watermelon under cool running water and pat dry.On a cutting board, place the watermelon on its side and cut off 1/4”-1/2” from both ends, being careful not to cut too deep into the white part of the rind. Jello shots without the trash Ingredients: Strawberries (the biggest ones you can find) Strawberry jelly powder Creme de cacao Vodka Chocolate chips (optional) Wash the strawberries and pick out the nicest ones. For chocolate dipped strawberries, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave on low heat and then dip each strawberry in the melted chocolate. Mix 1 cup of boiling water and the jelly powder.