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Free Online School from Home: Connections Academy

Free Online School from Home: Connections Academy

University Online High School Open Culture KinectEDucation Online High School | Online Middle School | Grades K-12 | Florida Virtual School What is FLVS? We're glad you asked! Florida Virtual School is a public school but, as you can probably tell, we're not just any public school. We're online. This means no matter where you live you can access more than 120 courses, from Geometry to AP Art History and everything in between. Just getting started with online learning? How is FLVS Free? Yes, FREE. From core courses to electives, you're sure to find something that's right for you in our course catalog. Courses There's more to taking an FLVS course than clicking through a few screens. For more information or to browse our full course catalog, click here. myFLVS Log in, join and connect—myFLVS is where it happens. Visit myFLVS and see what other Florida Virtual School students are up to right now.

Khan Academy Blog Advice from Mentor Teachers for New (and Experienced) Teachers This post originally appeared on Edutopia, a site created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process by using digital media to document, disseminate, and advocate for innovative, replicable strategies that prepare students. View Original > Being a mentor teacher to a teaching candidate is quite a privilege and honor, as you are integral in nurturing and helping that new teacher to reflect and improve upon his or her instruction. For New TeachersMake Relationships with the Right People Ted Malefyt is a middle school science teacher for Hamilton Community Schools in Michigan. Make Sure You Really Want to Teach Heather Anderson is an English and Spanish teacher at the Health and Sciences High and Middle College in San Diego, California. Nurture Unit and Lesson Design Sometimes we focus too much on delivery of the lesson rather than the design of the lesson itself. And Grant said:

Kaplan Virtual Education - Online Education Solutions for public school districts and private institutions | Kaplan Virtual Education Teachers want to know what the day-to-day looks like. I know I do. After generating great project ideas, I want to know exactly what my day-to-day looks like. There is a pitfall there. "The project went longer than I thought." "I forgot a lesson, or didn't think that the students would need it." These all stem from rushing too quickly to the calendar. Begin with the End in Mind Look at the products students are creating. In it, you can see the teacher thought about not only important essential questions and content, but also skills, like taking photographs. Open Your Filing Cabinet Please, please, please don't reinvent the wheel. Plug and Play This is the most gratifying step, because now, building the physical calendar is easy. It's a Reframe We've all been there.

MIVHS > Home 23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom By Workflow 23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom by TeachThought Staff The iPad is not magic, and as many educators have found integrating them meaningfully is by no means a just-add-water proposition. The same applies to Project-Based Learning. Project-Based Learning is a method of giving learners access to curriculum in authentic ways that promote collaboration, design, imagination, and innovation while also allowing for more natural integration of digital and social media. Note that the visual is also arranged in a kind of visual spectrum, as our past visuals have been.