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Normalisr: Time-based charts of your music data

Normalisr: Time-based charts of your music data
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LastGraph: Home Lyrics Muse - Lyrics for your Profile They Might Be Giants – Discover music, concerts, stats, & pictures at Last - last fm explorer Explorer Info Explorer was created by Alex Pretzlav for cs294-10 at UC Berkeley. You can read about it or get the source. If you don't know of any usernames, try WetzelQuasiphotonair-MissChelseaMaenjoubert Outstanding Bugs Clicking the "Tracks" drill-down level generally requires a large amount of computation and can lock up your browser while the application is rendering.The line graph view can be very slow, particularly if there are a lot of items being displayed.No progress is displayed while loading tags or rendering the initial visualization.When viewing two users, if one user did not submit any tracks for weeks on the head or tail end of the last 20 weeks, the two users' graphs will be misaligned temporally.There is no way to remove a graph in the comparison view or to change which users are being compared.

Build Extend your experience – takes the privacy of its users very seriously and towards the end of the month we will be introducing improvements to how we handle your personal information. More details about this will be posted nearer the time. One change is that we are going to have to remove all legacy pages of the old as these pages are read-only snapshots (like cached pages on Google or the Wayback Machine) and are no longer wired to the main user database. While we had always planned to decommission these pages eventually, we had hoped to keep them online until a suitable replacement had been built. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible, with some exceptions outlined below: JournalsPast journal entries will be ported over to the new site, with bbcode formatting. The public API documentationWe are planning to upgrade the API soon, however in the meantime the existing API documentation will be preserved for reference along with the ability to register API keys.

Hercules and Love Affair – Discover music, concerts, stats, & pictures at Last Last FM Visualizations - Rocketsurgeon's Music 2.0 Blog - Initially, i really appreciated the way Last.FM would chart my listening behavior. It provided new insights into my music consumption that were unavailable in iTunes. Over time, they became less interesting. Lee ByronThere has been a ton of buzz regarding Lee Byron’s beautiful histograms of Last Fm data. Chart StreamInspired by Byron’s work, this is a tool that provides a simple visualization listening habits over time, derived from weekly artist charts. LastGraphMore promising is LastGraph, which looks like it will generate a Byron-esque histogram based on your profile. Your in TimeAnother tool for visualizing behavior over time. Chart ChangesThis is a very cool Greasemonkey script that inserts chart position changes directly into your Last.Fm charts. Score500Displays historical data from the overall charts as charts and diagrams. How Do You Listen to Music? Similarity-O-MeterCompare two users, based on their personal musical tag clouds. scripts » How eclectic is your style? tool: How eclectic is your musical style? The following script takes the 20 top artists in your musical profile from, and finds the collection of top 5 similar artists for this top 20. The resulting is a list of artists similar to your preferred artists. Please be patient, the script may require up to a 30 seconds to process your request. Also check out my scripts to compare your profile with that of other users, generate your personal musical tag cloud, or generate a cloud of recommended artists for your profile! fun. – Discover music, concerts, stats, & pictures at Last Your In Time! This is NOT your graph, but somebody else's. Fill out the form in the bottom to see yours. Let me explain this a little: Horizontal axis is the number of weeks in the past. Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)Visit pcmadman's profile or contact him at pcornelissen -at-