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Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety and fear are common emotions. But, while fear is a normal response to a perceived threat, anxiety is an unwarranted or inappropriate fear or response to a vague or ill-defined threat. Anxiety can be a normal or an appropriate emotion when dealing with day-to-day stresses or problems. However, when these emotions are persistent, excessive and irrational, they may affect (a) the way a person leads his life, (b) the person’s ability to work and (c) the person’s ability to cope with the demands of life or relationships. When this happens, the anxiety becomes an abnormal condition or disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorders characterised by anxiety or fear as the predominant emotion. To watch videos on other common conditions, click here. Signs and Symptoms Anxiety triggers unpleasant mental symptoms such as: ApprehensionConfusionFeeling keyed up or on edgeA sense of helplessnessWorryRepeated negative thoughts It also triggers a wide range of physical symptoms such as:

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Battling the ‘hidden’ highs and lows of bipolar disorder, Latest Singapore News Ms Ruth Komathi was only 15 when she felt something was wrong with her. She had a tightness around her head that never seemed to disappear, her mind was constantly buzzing with disorganised thoughts, and she felt bouts of despair. In school, her essays became incoherent word salads. After rounds of medication and therapy , her doctor finally gave her condition a name when she was about 18 years old: bipolar disorder. Ms Komathi is not alone.

Depression Depression is one of the most common mental health illnesses in the United States, affecting about . Depression is technically a mental disorder, but it also affects your physical health and well-being. Learn more about some of the most common symptoms of depression, as well as how depression can affect your entire body, especially if left untreated. 'I thought I was going crazy': OCD, an often misunderstood mental health condition SINGAPORE: Ms Alina has a mobile phone, but she does not turn it on. She fears that her private information is being shared. Her first job lasted only months. She did not trust the photocopier she had to use frequently in her administrative role. Speaking to Channel NewsAsia, Ms Alina said: “I found it ridiculous.” But she could not stop herself.

Relieve Study Stress With More Effective Time Management Some people think that managing their time is all they need to remove stress from their lives and get their work and their essays done. But, simply managing your time is not as easy as it sounds. The notion that a generic time-management plan will help is no more valid than saying every business can be turned around using the same model. Everyone is different, and when you are under pressure it truly takes a tailored approach to maximize your potential, de-stress, and get your work done. Students with poor time management skills are far more likely to be stressed or feel increased levels of anxiety.

Alcohol consumption in public areas of Little India remains banned on weekends, Singapore News Alcohol consumption in public areas of Little India will continue to be banned on weekends, public holidays and the eve of public holidays, said the police on Wednesday. But the 134 liquor and convenience stores in the zone will now be allowed to sell alcohol between 6am to 8pm on the affected days. Another 240 establishments with public house or beer house licences - such as restaurants, hotels, pubs and coffee shops - will be allowed to sell alcohol at all times. But customers are only permitted to drink within the premises, and any consumption outside is a breach of the ban. Therapy & Counseling for Stress Management There are many healthy ways to relieve stress. Multiple methods can also be used together! This can help people relieve stress that affects them at different levels, like physically and emotionally. When deciding how to manage stress, it is important to make sure your method is healthy and will work long-term. For example, eating comfort food may help someone feel better in the short term. But if eating comfort food becomes a primary method for dealing with stress, their health can be affected.

Little India Riot: Violence sparked by accident, alcohol ‘major factor’, says COI SINGAPORE -The riot in Little India last December was sparked by a fatal accident but alcohol was “a major contributory factor” that led to the escalation of the violence, the Committee of Inquiry (COI) tasked to establish the root of the incident has concluded in its report. The 75-page document, released by the Home Affairs Ministry on Monday, also found that the riot was not caused by any deep-seated unhappiness among foreign workers here, but rather the result of an “emotional outburst” following the death of construction worker Sakthivel Kumaravelu. The 33-year-old from India, had been run over by a private bus on the night of Dec 8 after he tripped while running after the vehicle. A riot that involved about 400 foreign workers, mainly from South Asia, then erupted.

Why are students at university so stressed? Mounting social and academic pressures mean that higher education can be a challenge for any student. A Uni Health study found that 80% of those studying in higher education reported symptoms of stress or anxiety, while one NUS survey found that nine in 10 students experienced stress. Uncertainty around Brexit and rising living costs mean that many students don’t feel confident about finding a job. Alex, an international relations and politics student at the University of Leicester, says he’s constantly worried about graduate life. “There’s that fear of having to adjust back to life back home.

Alcohol abuse worse among younger people, Singapore News SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) - The young man woke up in his bed one morning to find himself surrounded by chocolates. He had blacked out after a night of heavy drinking and had no recollection of how he had got home with his bounty. The young man, who does not even like chocolates, suspected that he might have stolen them and was lucky not to have been caught. Mr Lawrence Tan, a psychologist, related this anecdote to show how excessive drinking can lead to individuals committing a crime without being aware of it.

Physical Effects of Stress on the Body Stress affects us all. You may notice symptoms of stress when disciplining your kids, during busy times at work, when managing your finances, or when coping with a challenging relationship. Stress is everywhere. And while a little stress is OK -- some stress is actually beneficial -- too much stress can wear you down and make you sick, both mentally and physically. The first step to controlling stress is to know the symptoms of stress.