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C'est quoi la Réalité Augmentée ?

C'est quoi la Réalité Augmentée ?

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Best augmented reality apps for iOS and Android in 2017 Article Content Next article Let us talk about best augmented reality apps. What is augmented reality: It is a technology that can enhance your everyday life using an electronic device, such as a smartphone or a tablet with iOS to Android. Creating AR using Aurasma - step by step guide - Project - Augmented Reality - Creating AR using Aurasma - step by step guide Creating Auras in Aurasma.pdf Creating AR (Auras) in Aurasma There are two approaches for creating AR in Aurasma WayfairView app debuts in Verizon stores BOSTON — WayfairView, the proprietary 3D augmented reality (AR) application developed by Wayfair Inc., debuted today in all Verizon stores as a featured app on the new ASUS ZenFone AR. The app uses Tango, Google’s AR technology, to let consumers see and manipulate virtual furniture and décor at full scale, in their homes. Because Tango operates on the Android system, WayfairView is available only on Androids. WayfairView comes with a $25 Wayfair gift card for a limited time. The release of WayfairView precedes Wayfair’s second quarter earnings announcement, scheduled for Aug. 8. Wayfair’s 2D application remains available on all other mobile platforms.

Augmented Reality Apps Will Change the Way You Use Your Phone The line between the real world and the digital world is fading to grey, as Apple and Google gear up to bring augmented reality to your smartphone. Augmented reality - AR for short - takes the digital world and brings it together with your physical environment all in one place. AR has been around for a while, but its latest incarnation could be a game changer. A slew of new apps can help you see that meal before you order it, picture furniture in your home, play high-tech games, and even bring your favorite GIFS into the real world. Related: Retailers Use Augmented Reality, High Tech To Lure Shoppers

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