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Petal Pillow Tutorial

Petal Pillow Tutorial
Today we’re going to make a Petal Pillow. Its very easy, cost me under ten bucks, and took about half an hour to make. Plus it will add lots of summer color (is it summer yet?) to your house. First you’ll need: -a little over a 1/2 yard of fabric….19 inches to be exact. - 1/4 yard felt. - a large and small cup (or other circles) for tracing, a large bowl for tracing, a pen, scissors, and cardstock to make your template. Trace the rims of your cups onto your cardstock and cut out. Pin the templates to your felt and cut out circles. Cut out roughly 30 large circles, and 20 small circles. Now cut your circles in half. Now your going to cut your fabric into three pieces. 1 large square 19 inches x 19 in. , 1 rectangle 19 in. x 15 in. , and 1 rectangle 19 in. x 12 in. On the right side of the 19 in. by 19 in. square, trace a bowl or large plate marking a large circle in the middle. Line up the edge of a large petal along the line you just traced. Sew around the edges with a 1/2" inch inseam.

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Freshly Picked: Elastic Waist Skirt Tutorial - Mama Edition with pockets! This tutorial is very similar to the lil' mama elastic waist skirt tutorial, with a few changes. If you want you can mash-up the two tutorials and come up with your own version, which I would love. I would suggest that you play with the two tutorials a little and take away from both of them what will work for you. dreamcatchers I’m really diggin the whole hippy thing. And while Craig is quick to correct me on the fact that dream catchers are not hippy-ish, I still think of them that way. Natural, care free, simple. All things I relate to those old hippies. hah. House of Smiths: Pink Pleated Pillow Tutorial Okay... so you know how you have an idea, but you're not really quite sure how you're going to execute it... well... THIS was one of those kids of projects. lol. I had this extra material left, from making my shower curtain extension... and wanted to make a pillow, but the form I had was square... and I just had this long piece of pink fabric left...

Stab Bound Journal Make a hand bound journal with elaborate side stitching for yourself or as a gift. The stitching is a lot easier than it looks and is so much nicer to hold than a spiral bound edge. Supplies and Equipment – sharp utility knife and cutting surface BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE SHARP BLADE – rulers – drill with 1/16th inch bit OR a small paper punch BE VERY CAREFUL WITH POWER TOOLS – fancy cover paper – I used Cavallini Vintage Tickets Wrapping Paper – 20″ x 28″ – 1 sheet of 8.5×11 for endpapers (this can be fancy or the same paper as your pages) – 10 sheets of 8.5×11 paper for pages – 3 yards of embroidery floss – mat board – I used Crescent No. 33 White & Cream Smooth Mat Board

MADE: TUTORIAL: The Market Skirt Every girl needs a skirt for heading to the market; a market skirt with a pocket for fruit (and a stash of candy). It’s the perfect skirt for hanging out and sharing sodas with friends. Whatever your flavor; we have the color. Let’s get started!NOTE: Additional Sizing tips at Bottom of the Tutorial. Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate (with added pocket)Pattern Size: 2-3TNeeded: * 1/4, up to 1 yard of main fabric (depending on the direction of your fabric’s print)* 1/4, up to 1/2 yard of white cotton (depending on the fabric’s desinity and if you double-layer it)* 1 inch wide elastic* 2 to 4 buttons* Sewing machineAverage Sewing Time: 2-3 hours Pick a Pocket Cozies Both pretty and practical, pocket cozies have the perfect space to tuck in some extra sweetener or an extra teabag for later! Quick and easy – these clever little cozies make a perfect gift you can stitch up in an evening with less than 50 yards. Wrap them around a reusable cup and tuck in a giftcard to your favorite coffee house for a gift they’ll use again and again… Gauge: approximately 6 stitches per inch Needles: size 3.25 to 3.5 mm, (US 4 – 5), needles Yarn: sport weight Pictured cozies are knit with Brown Sheep Lanaloft Sport Plain Pocket Cozy: CO 52 stitches and join to knit in round, being careful not to twist stitches.

Cut Out + Keep - StumbleUpon This is the pattern I created to make my bustle skirt. You can use it as is, or change it up a little. These instructions are super detailed, I'm basically walking you through what I learned along the way, so skip ahead if you're comfortable with some of these steps. Decide where you want the waistband to sit - at your waist or hips, and measure that circumference + add a little bit for seams. I wanted mine closer to my hips and I wanted to use a tab-over belt-like closure to make it adjustable and add a little rustic flare, so I added a few inches to my hip measurement (42"). DIY Leather Friendship Bracelets : DIY Fashion by Trinkets in Bloom I was so excited to share these DIY Leather Friendship Bracelets with you. They are so quick to make and look amazing stacked with other friendship bracelets, chain bracelets, you name it! You can never have enough friends, or friendship bracelets for that matter. They say “more is more” and with these bracelets you can add a pop of color to your arm candy while keeping it subtle with leather, you CAN have it all! 1/8” Leather Laces – I used 20” long pieces for each braceletEmbroidery flossGlueScissorsTapeNeedle Step 1 Measure your wrist by wrapping the leather lace around your wrist loosely twice and then add an extra 4 inches for knotting.

Made By Lex & Blog Archive & Shirred Front Top- A Lex Refashion Tutorial June 8, 2010 4:12 pm I love tops like these from Anthropologie with all the heavy texture on them. I’ve also checked out “The Art of Manipulating Fabric” by Colette Wolff from the library and it’s really inspired me to try some new texturing techniques.