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Create Your Own Sun Jar: Lifehacker Edition

Create Your Own Sun Jar: Lifehacker Edition

Espionage Chasing Game Espionage requires at least two (possibly more) teams of three people each, plus at least one referee. The most unusual part of the game is that the players don't know which team they are on. Teams change with each round. The game is traditionally played at night in a home and the surrounding yard. When a round starts, one or more kids are chosen to be the referees (which can be more fun than being on the teams). Each team has three roles. The mate knows two locations, the meeting place and the goal, but not which is which. The yeoman knows an object (the totem), the password, and the jail(s) of the other team(s). The purpose of the game is to get the totem to the goal. This is a game with many opportunities for winning by deluding the other team into thinking you are part of their team. This is supposed to have created by a secret society with threats to prevent members from telling.

Knitty Gritty Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving and Free Fabric Styrofoam Ball Pattern! Supplies are easy, most of them you'll probably already have around the house. You'll need - Fabric - your choice of colors and prints. The amount you need depends on the size of the styrofoam balls you use and how thick you place the fabric. My mileage is between 1/4-1/2 yard per ball. Start by cutting your fabric in 2 inch strips as shown above. After you've cut the strips, cut each strip into 2 inch widths so you end up with 2x2inch squares You'll have a nice pretty stack of squares! Now, pull up a chair, put on a movie and let's get pinning! Now, you're going to learn how to fold the fabric squares. Next, fold the fabric in half again and hold it as shown above. Now, pin. Now, pin the second one. You continue doing this around and around and finish the first round. Start a second round slightly offset from the first and continue on your way, round after round. Continue along to the bottom. Voila! Here's a sampling of the latest balls I've completed. Careful! Happy Crafting All!

$3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made With an Altoids Tin Joshua Zimmerman has a great project up on Instructables for turning an Altoids tin into a compact solar radio. All said, the entire project cost a whole $3. It seems like a project coming at a time when everyone is ultra aware of emergency situations, so it is both a fun and practical weekend tinkering project. It even comes complete with plug-in headphones. And he's right. With a project time of just under an hour, it's ideal for testing out your DIY skills on a weekend. Joshua lists parts and tools as:an FM Radio, two Solar Garden Lights, 1 Diode ($1 for 100 of them online, or take one out of any random junk pile), and a few basic tools like a soldering iron, drill, some wire and wire strippers, a headset or the speakers from a set of earbuds, and of course, the Altoids tin. The full instructions are on Instructables, so you can get the details for putting this together yourself -- the steps don't look daunting, and it's a great learning project.

Production Blog: Do-It-Yourself Androids coming soon / SDCC update! We take a break from our regularly scheduled production party to bring word that pure white blank Do-It-Yourself Androids will be coming soon! We’ll be bringing a small number of them to the International Comic-Con this week, along with several cases of Series 1. Blanks will be available for $6 each, with Series 1 at $7 and cases at $110, we will be limiting the number of sales each day to give more attendees a chance! Can’t make it to Comic-Con? One more thing… Copperbot Android t-shirts!

Alternative Energy - Alternative Fuels; Natural Gas, LPG, NGV DIY Wrap Bracelet - Honestly WTF You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists. The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! With that being said, we’ll show you how to master a version of the ever so popular wrap bracelet. It’s so simple and addicting, you’ll soon be churning out these wristlets with your eyes closed. You’ll need (for a double wrapped bracelet) :* Lengths will vary depending on the size of your wrist (see comments for suggestions). Fold the length of leather cording in half to form a loop. Place the ball chain along the leather cording with the end of the chain meeting the end of the wrap. Continue wrapping while checking it for fit around the wrist. When you have reached the end of the ball chain wrap the linen cording around the leather strands 2-3 more times. Thread the hex nut through the strands and tie a second knot. Trim with scissors and your wrap bracelet is finished!! The materials are listed for a double wrap bracelet. It’s a party!

9 Ways to Turn Old Musty Books Into Something Cool » Written Word Bibliophiles and bookworms, English majors and lovers of literature: is it possible to have too many books? They accumulate so quickly! Every member of your family getting you the same three books you requested for Christmas. We are up to our waists in books, some of which we hate (really Master Burns? Update: Do to the overwhelming support (HA!) 1. It brings a whole new meaning to “audio book.” Use your old books to showcase your artistic side. Good for hiding passwords and codes, the key to your safe, and family jewels. 2. Your choice of ribbon can transform this wreath so it is suitable for every holiday – or every day! 3. If you think floating books are mesmerizing, check out some other wacky bookshelves that will make your head spin (and your walls upgrade to awesome). 4. Book clocks are for everyone, young and old. 5. We recommend using a low-watt bulb, like 10 or 15 maximum. 6. For the fashionable bookworm in all of us. 7. You could also use the pages to make paper beads. 8. 9.

- StumbleUpon You'll only need basic tools to build a cold frame. Since the cold frame will be pretty large, it's best to build it outside or in a garage, or you may not get it out the door... A hand-held drill (cordless or corded) A miter saw (powered is better, but you could do it with a hand saw and miter box) A jig saw, circular saw or table saw (really, anything that can cut large sheets of plywood) A screw driver A Tape Measure A marking implement of some sort A paint brush Two, Three or Four windows, with at least one dimension in common Some 2x2s (as required) Some 2x3s (as required) Some 2x4s (as required) Some inexpensive 1/8" or 1/4" plywood Exterior wood screws (deck screws) Exterior wood-sealing paint Some galvanized or brass hinges (may not be necessary if the hinges on the windows are still good) Some big, sturdy exterior-grade handles A tube of latex sealant A common heating vent (optional) I was fortunate enough to have a lot of the materials just lying around already.

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