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Corinne Mercadier

Corinne Mercadier
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François Deladerrière This Canon camera goes to 4,000,000 ISO Yes you read that correctly, this “multipurpose” camera goes all the way to 4,000,000 ISO. How is this even possible you may ask? I will attempt to explain this as simply as possible. This camera’s image sensor is only 2.26 megapixels opposed to most full frame sensors that have 20+. This is not a camera designed for the ever day person. There is no internal storage and all storage is done through it’s outputs. CANON’S FIRST ULTRA-HIGH-SENSITIVITY MULTI-PURPOSE CAMERA FEATURES ISO EQUIVALENT OF OVER 4,000,000 MELVILLE N.Y., July 30, 2015 — Canon U.S.A. Canon’s new multi-purpose camera employs an enhanced version of the 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor for Full HD video use that was originally developed by the Company in 20132. The new ME20F-SH employs the same EF mount (Cinema Lock type) as Canon’s SLR cameras and Cinema EOS System-series of professional digital cameras, allowing users to make use of the Company’s extensive lineup of interchangeable EF lenses5.

Hippolyte Bayard: November 2009 This photograph shows plastic found in the stomach from the carcass of a Laysan Albatross fledgling. Collected and arranged by Dr Cynthia Vanderlip, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Hawaii. Photograph: Rebecca Hosking/Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Atollo di Midway, "a più di duemila miglia dal continente più vicino", alcune settimane fa.Carcasse di piccoli di albatros fotografati come reperti investigativi, la stessa immagine per ogni animale morto, la più triste forma di tipologia fotografica. Midway atoll, "more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent",a few weeks ago.Carcasses of albatross chicks photographed almost like police evidences, the same shot for every dead animal, the saddest possible form of photographic tipology. Paolo Pellegrin, uno dei fotografi in prima linea della Magnum, ha detto: “Mi interessa di più una fotografia ‘incompiuta’, una fotografia che sia suggestiva e che possa suscitare una conversazione o un dialogo.

Concours - Blipoint concours > Très souvent on a l'occasion de capturer des images de certains animaux qui nous entourent, que ce soit de nos mascottes, en se promenant le dimanche dans un zoo, ou dans leur environnement naturel. Transmettez à travers vos images vos meilleures créations en matière d'animaux. Vous pouvez participer avec vos oeuvres créées à partir d'iilustrations, de photographie et d'arts graphiques en général. Peu importe la technique que vous utilisiez. 28 of Janvier of 2014 a 31 of Juillet of 2014 La présélection des 100 premières images se fera par un système de votes, ensuite un jury qualifié sélectionnera les 20 images Concours Galerie:Expose tes images dans des galeries d’avant-garde en relation avec les thèmes suivants:Concours en ligne:Publie tes images qui illustrent ces thèmes et tu bénéficieras de merveilleuses opportunités:Photo Spring | Photo Fauna | PhotoFoodConcours premium:Portrait | Photo Rain Concours antérieurs:

Adam Jeppesen How To Take Stunning HDR Photos With Your iPhone I’m often asked the question, “What is HDR on the iPhone camera?” Even those who know that HDR stands for High Dynamic Range often get confused about when and how to use it. In this article, you’ll discover how to get the most out of HDR photography on your iPhone, including achieving amazing exposure in your landscape photos. The above photo is an HDR photo. What this means is that both the highlights (the sky in this case) and the shadows (the windmill and the green space surrounding it) are properly exposed. Without HDR, the exposure wouldn’t be balanced throughout the image – instead it would be biased towards either the shadows or the highlights, depending on which part of the image I had set exposure for. The photo was taken using the Pro HDR X app and then edited in Snapseed to add a vintage filter with scratches. What Is HDR Photography? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The human eye can see a much higher dynamic range than any camera, including the camera of your iPhone.

Cyrille Weiner - Portfolio FOTO POVERA faustine ferhmin | Perception Park faustine ferhmin faustine ferhmin, dans la série intitulée , photographie l’espace. le terme fait signe vers un temps plus vaste que celui de l’histoire humaine : il signifie «révolution, bouleversement» (cuti) de l’«espace-temps» ou de la «terre» (pacha). cette notion centrale dans la pensée cosmogonique inca désigne les cycles réguliers de destruction et de recréation cataclysmiques du monde. même si les ruines sont présentes sur ces photographies, prises au pérou, ce n’est pas une approche d’historienne qu’adopte faustine ferhmin : chaque photographie est plutôt une confrontation avec une immensité abrupte, dont les spécificités géologiques participent à une véritable architecture de l’espace. {*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*} faustine ferhmin est née en 1980, elle vit et travaille à paris.

64 photos by 64 photographers Another year has come and gone so it’s time for my year-end photo post (I guess it’s tradition now). Thank you, each and every one of you, for your continued support of Booooooom! I am thankful everyday that this is my job and I hope I can keep doing it for a long time. There are now more than 57,000 of you connected to Booooooom on Twitter, and another 114,000 on Facebook. That is insane. Hello also to the thousands of you that joined the Secret Email Club this year, I’ve really enjoyed putting together those extra little bits of weekly inspiration for your inboxes. This was a milestone year for Booooooom, developing a project for MTV, producing videos with artists like The Sheepdogs and Little Scream. This next year I want to push way beyond what I’ve done so far, beyond what’s comfortable and easy. I hope you’ll stick around, it’s gonna be good. Here are 64 photos by 64 photographers that I came across in 2012. 64 photos by 64 photographers (found in 2012) Mariko Sakaguchi Steve McCurry

Brigitte Ollier best regards FOTO POVERA, des pratiques alternatives neuigkeiten : ester vonplon Reuters Best Photos of the Year 2012 Here is a collection of the best photos of 2012 according to Reuters. ( 80 photos )… Reuters Voici une collection des meilleures photos de l’année 2012 selon Reuters.( 80 photos )…