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Exercising before and during pregnancy is safe and beneficial Navdha Taparia is a 31-year-old mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old baby. Six years ago, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She already had a pre-existent condition of PCOS and fibromyalgia and was given to understand that she would find it difficult to conceive again because of the complications and may have to resort to IVF. “Fortunately, I made the right choice at the right time,” says Navda.

Rail firm offers free trips to university open day Image copyright Getty Images A railway company is to offer free train tickets to all students going to a university's open day. West Midlands Railway will provide free travel to the University of Worcester this autumn. It follows warnings that disadvantaged families were not able to go to open days because of travel costs. Gains from Jet Airways void to go The higher margins enjoyed by the rivals of Jet Airways following the grounding of the airline are set to disappear as the shortage in capacity in Jet’s absence is expected to go in another three months. During the first quarter of this fiscal, players such as IndiGo, who saw a 12 per cent rise in their yields, reported a five-fold rise in their profits as Jet cut its capacity and then stopped its operations. Yields are a measure of airfares. However, this benefit is set to wear off and observers point out the impact will be felt in the second quarter as fresh capacity is added by the existing players.

Solange shines at London's Lovebox Image copyright Getty Images Earlier this year, Solange cancelled a planned performance at America's Coachella music festival, citing "major production delays". Who knows what the show would have entailed - although many expected it to rival her sister Beyonce's celebration of black culture at the previous year's Coachella. But, judging by the star's transcendent headline set at London's Lovebox Festival, elaborate staging would have been superfluous anyway. Over 60 minutes of otherworldly, socially-conscious soul, Solange performed with a sense of freedom and joy that elevated both the material and the audience.

E3: Nintendo's Legend of Zelda sequel confirmed Image copyright Nintendo Nintendo has revealed it is working on a sequel to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of the best-selling games for its Switch console. Breath of the Wild was praised by critics when it launched in 2017 and it won several awards. Nintendo showed a short trailer for the sequel during its presentation at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles. However, it also said its highly anticipated Animal Crossing game had been delayed until March 2020. The company said it wanted to make sure the game was of the "right quality".

Lego working with shops to avoid Brexit disruption Image copyright Getty Images The boss of Lego has said the toymaker is working with UK retailers to "make sure they have enough stock" this Christmas in case of a no-deal Brexit. Niels Christiansen said the Danish firm was not expecting problems but that he was "monitoring the situation" nonetheless. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants to take the UK out of the EU on 31 October, with or without a deal. But some have warned this could cause chaos for British retailers. Potential risks include delays at ports and higher prices for imported goods caused by further falls in the pound - although others say the claims have been exaggerated. Amazon sued over Alexa child recordings in US Image copyright Getty Images Amazon is being sued over its smart assistant's recordings of children. Two US cases allege the firm lacks consent to create voiceprints that could let it keep track of a youngster's use of Alexa-enabled devices and thus build up a "vast level of detail about the child's life". Amazon has said it only stores data once a device-owner has given it permission to do so. And it says parents can delete a child's profile and recordings.

Climate crisis: Greenland's ice faces melting 'death sentence' Greenland's massive ice sheet may have melted by a record amount this year, scientists have warned. During this year alone, it lost enough ice to raise the average global sea level by more than a millimetre. Researchers say they're "astounded" by the acceleration in melting and fear for the future of cities on coasts around the world. Google's AR animals entertain Android users Image copyright Kate Bevan Google is rolling out a tool that lets Android users view moving animals which make sounds in augmented reality through their device's camera. It currently only works with some animals but could be expanded to include objects and brands in future.

Operable Walls When moving a wall panel there is a 20-25mm gap between the top of the panel and the underside of the head track, there is a similar gap between the bottom of the panel and the floor. Once a panel is positioned, acoustic integrity is maintained along the top and bottom of the panel by extending pressure seals. The pressure seals are extended and retracted by a single 180° turn of a removable operating handle. Final closure of the wall is achieved by extending a telescopic sleeve on the last panel. 'Cryoegg' to explore under Greenland Ice Sheet Media playback is unsupported on your device UK scientists head to Greenland this week to trial new sensors that can be placed under its 2km-thick ice sheet. The instruments are designed to give researchers unique information on the way glaciers slide towards the ocean. Dubbed "Cryoeggs", the devices will report back on the behaviour of the meltwaters that run beneath the ice. This water acts to lubricate the flow of glaciers, and in a warmer world could increase the volume of ice discharged to the ocean.

Gulf of Oman: US sends more troops amid tanker tension with Iran Image copyright US Department of Defense The US military will send an additional 1,000 troops to the Middle East as tensions build with Iran. Acting Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan said the deployment was in response to what he described as "hostile behaviour" by Iranian forces. The US Navy also shared new images it says link Iran to recent oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. Aluminium Guttering Maintenance Free Aluminium Guttering – Seamless & Made to Measure Artisan Roofing are specialist manufacturers of continuous aluminium guttering, delivering the highest standards of performance and durability. We can manufacture seamless guttering systems on-site, of up to 30 metres in length with no joins.

Google Pixel 3A review Sales of smartphones are slowing down worldwide, researchers say, partly because people are turned off by the escalating costs. So this will probably come as good news. Google is selling the Pixel 3A, a new version of its popular Pixel smartphone, for about $400 (Rs 27,892) — or half the price of its high-end phones.