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JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure

JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure

Frågesport, allmänbildning och tävling - MIT World | Distributed Intelligence No Strings HOW TO FEED THE WORLD: Next meal in doubt - NI 151 - Three myths Myth one: OVERPOPULATION Actually there is plenty of food in the world. Production of cereals (wheat, rice, millet etc) last year reached 1799.2 million tons, enough to offer everyone in the world well over the recommended minimum of 2.500 calories per adult per day. And that is before you’ve even begun to count the calories in vegetables, nuts, pulses, root crops and grass-fed (as opposed to grain-fed) meat. So what’s the problem? The problem is the distribution of that food, both within countries and between rich and poor worlds. Americans represent only six per cent of the world’s population, yet they consume 35 per cent of the world’s resources - the same as the entire developing world. But Western countries have enough land to support their populations - Third World countries don’t. Western countries have enough money to support their populations. But doesn’t Africa have the world’s fastest population growth? Yes, and no one is saying they shouldn’t be concerned about that.

Music Animation Machine MIDI Player Home | Site Map | Watch | FAQ | History | Store | Contact Read (or right-click to download) the latest (2010jan28) User Guide. Download latest release: 2006aug19 Release 035 added Note start line option (in View menu) With this program you can listen to your own MIDI files (or play live) while viewing these visualizations: Original bar-graph (short name: MAM) Circle of fifths color wheel (short name: WHEEL) Interval types (short name: DYAD) Interval types + pitch (short name: YARN) Shapes (short name: SHAPES) Harmonic staff (short name: STAFF) Harmonic compass (short name: COMPASS) Harmonic compass + pitch bars Triads (short name: LATTICE) Part sequence (short name: LINES) Part motion (short name: BALLS) Part trajectory (short name: WEDGES) At this point, the program is too simple to need an installer. Just take it out of the ZIP file and run it. Open a MIDI file (or a MAMX file; see below); press the space bar. See what happens. Explore the menus. Here are some MAM-format files (*.MAMX) to try it with:

Google Zeitgeist Nordiska museet - Webbutställningar Här finns Nordiska museets webbplatser för skolan. Olika ämnen behandlas och resurserna ser olika ut. Ibland kompletterar de en bok eller en utställning, ibland är de faktarum där du kan lära dig mer. Här finns också ett urval av det spännande material som museet har i sina arkiv. Publikens val 55 föremål med berättelser om människors liv har valts ut av museets intendenter. Öppna Publikens val Hår Föremål, bilder och berättelser från dåtid och nutid visar de attraherande, generande och provocerande sidorna av håret och hur människan genom tiderna förhållit sig till sitt hår på huvudet, i ansiktet och på kroppen. Öppna Hår Guldknappen Att följa prisets motiveringar och pristagarnas arbete är att följa 30 år av svenskt samtida mode. Öppna Guldknappen Frossa i modebilder och se vanliga människor klädda till vardag och fest. Öppna Nationella minoriteter Sverige har formats av människor som under tusentals år har flyttat in, ut och runt i landet. Öppna Nationella minoriteter

100 - THINK Forum A sampling of leaders…on leadership As a major event during IBM's centennial year, THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership brought together leaders from government, business, academia and science, along with an audience of up-and-coming leaders from across the globe, to deepen our collective understanding of the keys to success on a smarter planet. Video Interviews We asked several of the THINK speakers and audience members to sit down for a few minutes so that Academy Award-winning documentary interviewer Errol Morris could ask them a few questions about leadership, making the world work better and the ingredients necessary for a smarter planet.

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