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Behavioral Psychology Blog — Sparring Mind

Behavioral Psychology Blog — Sparring Mind
Gather ’round kids, Mr. Greggy is going to share a quick story. (“Mr. Greggy” is what my 2nd grade class used to call me when I was substitute teaching back in college, I miss em’!) Last week, I published what was undoubtedly one of my most controversial articles ever on the dangers of supernormal stimuli. Nearly 100,000 people viewed the post in 24 hours, and I got dozens of positive emails from readers who really enjoyed it.

1. 1st Arrondissement — The 50 Most Stylish Neighborhoods in the World Almost every city in the world has that one area where cool kids congregate. Whether it's the shops, the bars and restaurants, the galleries and museums, or just some unidentifiable vibe that the neighborhood exudes. These are the places that emerge as destinations for unique fashion, style, and culture. The sudden proliferation of street style photography, Tumblr, and Instagram have put many of the world's lesser known 'hoods on global blast over the past couple years.

Blog | Chris Ducker – Startup and Small ‘New Business’ Strategies for Entrepreneurs Podcasting is big business. I’ve been podcasting for almost 4-years now and I can directly relate additional business, more profits, more connections, better community building and a host of other opportunities to that sheer fact that I’m actively engaging in this brilliant medium. Just like a blog, I believe that every entrepreneur today should be podcasting. Truly, I do. One of the main reasons a lot of people don’t pull the trigger on this, however, is because of the time it takes to produce regular podcast content. Today, I want to try and change that!

Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web Yesterday, the ever-churning machine that is the Internet pumped out more unfiltered digital data. Yesterday, 250 million photos were uploaded to Facebook, 864,000 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube, and 294 BILLION emails were sent. And that’s not counting all the check-ins, friend requests, Yelp reviews and Amazon posts, and pins on Pintrest. The volume of information being created is growing faster than your software is able to sort it out. As a result, you’re often unable to determine the difference between a fake LinkedIn friend request, and a picture from your best friend in college of his new baby.

Imaging rare, unusual, and intriguing objects at the Brown University Library While the vast majority of my work involves photographing items in collection, it may also have become clear in my blog posts that I’m occasionally asked to document library events and library spaces. All of Brown’s libraries have some incredible spaces – for research, for teaching, for collaboration, and for study – and Brown has been diligent in their efforts to maintain their libraries as 21st-century learning environments. As a result, I often have the opportunity to document the renovation of these spaces, as well as the items in Brown’s collections that are on view in the libraries. This past October, Brown alumna and generous Brown University Library supporter Elizabeth Z. Chace (’59, PHB ’96 hon., GP ’13, GP ’15) donated Break Up of Time, 2006, by John Okulick. The approximately 6′ x 6′ aluminum, resin, and wood sculpture was installed in our Sciences Library, in a bustling open landing right behind the main entrance.

Digital Marketing Blog 10 US digital marketing statistics we've seen this week More US digital marketing statistics for you this week. Highlights include a user milestone for LinkedIn, the changing revenues of US newspapers and consumer attitudes towards digital advertising in automotive. And lots more, of course. Enjoy, and make sure you take a look at the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium for more stats.

Using The Power Of Curation To Bolster Your Brand When you watch a TED video, you’re in for a remarkable journey. Each presenter has been discovered, considered, and carefully programed into a collection of unique intellectual explorations. Long before the word was part of daily conversation, the process of selecting and programing TED was described by the conferences chief organizer as Curation. Re: Portege R835-P56X wireless - why does it suck? - Toshiba Forums I think its the Intel Wifi 1000 card stock card. I replaced it with the Intel Wifi 6300 and added a third antenna for around $60 and it was easy. I have a new Cisco E4200 and I have seen 450 Mbps right next to the router but upstairs where I use the computer, its about 108 Mbps. I enabled QOS, WMM and prioritize on the 5 GHz band and can easily stream AVHDC Hi def video from my server. I could not get this from the stock card no matter what I did. My understanding of the Wifi 1000 is it is a 1x2 card and the 6300 is 3x3, giving the ability to reach 450 Mbps.

Content Marketing Matthew Carlton, Event Reports, Advertising Week Europe, April 2014 This event report discusses content marketing for a professional audience, including the relative merits of different social platforms. Professional content consumption is changing as more people consumer more work-related content in their own time, and the focus shifts towards knowing first. Mobile #001 Balloon « PaperMatrix Anna has designed and made the pattern for these cute small hot air balloons. Make a mobile and watch them fly and turn perpetually. For each balloon cut two sheets in the colours you prefer. All strips are joined already and you only need to weave as described for Sphere #001.

BuzzFeed, the Ad Model for the Facebook Era? On a Tuesday in February, Matt Stopera, a 24-year-old senior editor at a website called BuzzFeed, saw something hilarious on Twitter. It was an image from the archives of Sports Illustrated, circa 1991, of the diminutive TV nerd Urkel playing hoops with actor Will Smith and Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller. The next day at work, Stopera looked around the Internet for photographs in a similar spirit. He found one of Ginger Spice sitting at a bulky desktop computer and another of Arsenio Hall grinning at Bill Clinton, who was wailing on a saxophone. Millennium Magazines Megawords is an independently published experimental media project that takes the forms of a photography magazine and related installation projects and public events. We are interested in creating an on-going narrative that examines daily life through the documentation of our surroundings and experience. We do this by working with artists, photographers, designers, writers, musicians and creative people in a collaborative and direct manner to make a self-published, bi-annual printed magazine that offers an alternative viewpoint to the prevailing culture of emptiness, advertising and inauthenticity.