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Needle Coke Market to reach US$ 5.18 Bn by 2026

Needle Coke Market - Overview Needle coke is a high grade, high value, petroleum or coal-based coke. It is primarily employed in the manufacture of graphite electrodes of very low coefficient of thermal expansion for electric arc furnaces in the steel industry. In terms of type, the petroleum derived segment accounted for more than 60% share of the market in 2017. The market share of the petroleum derived segment is expected to decline by the end of the forecast period due to the increase in production capacities of China-based needle coke manufacturers. Most manufacturers in China produce coal tar pitch based needle coke. Asia Pacific held a significant share of the market in 2017 in terms of value and volume. This report analyzes and Forecast the market for needle coke at the global and regional level. The report includes detailed value chain analysis, which provides a comprehensive view of the global needle coke market. Key Takeaways

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Lead Acid Battery Market projected to reach US$ 80 Bn by 2026 Lead Acid Battery Market: Snapshot Lead acid batteries consist of lead-dioxide cathode, sulfuric acid solution electrolyte, and sponge metallic lead anode. During discharge, lead sulfate, water, and energy are created by a chemical reaction between lead dioxide, lead, and sulfuric acid. During charging, an external electrical charging source converts lead sulfate and water to lead, lead oxide, and sulfuric acid. Lead acid batteries are robust and less expensive. 3D Printing Materials Market to clock US$ 9.5 Bn by 2027 Global 3D Printing Materials Market: Overview The latest study collated and published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) analyzes the historical and present-day scenario of the global 3D printing materials market to gauge its growth potential. The study presents detailed information about important growth factors, restraints, and key trends that are creating a landscape for growth of the global 3D printing materials market. The study also identifies growth avenues for stakeholders. The report provides insightful information about how the global 3D printing materials market is likely to expand during the forecast period of 2019 to 2027. The report offers intricate dynamics about different aspects of the global 3D printing materials market that aid companies operating in the market in making strategic decisions.

Electric Submersible Cables Market - (Cable Type - ESP Flat Power Cable, ESP Round Power Cable; Insulation - Polypropylene, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM); End user Industry - Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Mining, Construction) - Global Industry Anal Electric Submersible Cables Market - Snapshot Electric submersible cables, commonly known as electrical submersible pump cables or ESP cables, are specially designed cables that provide power to submersible pumps used for artificial lift of oil and gas resources, offshore drilling rigs, irrigation, mine dewatering, drinking water supply, sewage treatment plants, industries, fountains, seawater filtration plants, swimming pools, and aquariums. In the oil & gas industry, electric submersible cables are especially designed to withstand high temperature and abrasive environment of the downhole well, wherein the electric submersible pump is installed. These cables provide power to electrical submersible pumps from the surface power source for pumping crude oil from the hydrocarbon reservoir to the well surface. Increase in Demand for Electrical Submersible Pumps Likely to Drive the Market Limited Deployability in Shale Gas Fields Expected to Restrain Market

Solar Charge Controller Market is likely to reach US$86,087.5 Mn by 2025 Global Solar Charge Controller Market – Overview The solar charge controllers market is anticipated to expand at a healthy pace owing to the increase in usage of solar energy to reduce the dependence on non-conservative energy sources. Climate change policies and clean fuel agenda are also anticipated to offer lucrative opportunities to the solar controllers market. Rise in investment in renewable storage solutions is estimated to create new opportunities in the market.

Microgrid Market Estimated to Reach US$ 118.8 Bn by 2026 Microgrid Market - Snapshot A microgrid can be defined as a localized grid that can connect to and disconnect from traditional utility grids to provide better reliability and grid resilience. A microgrid is an interconnection between distributed energy sources and loads within well-defined electric boundaries. It acts a single controllable entity. Microgrids can operate autonomously, due to which they are highly useful during main grid failures and they can help in mitigating risks arising out of grid disturbances and failures. Since a microgrid can easily connect to and disconnect from the main grid, it can operate in both grid-tied and island modes.

Electric heat tracing systems market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 4.0% by 2025 Electric heat tracing system essentially comprises components such as electric heat tracing cables (parallel constant watt, series constant watt, power-limiting, or self-regulating), cable end termination systems, power connection kit, RTD sensors or control thermostat, in-line kits, thermal insulation, monitoring and control panel, and other accessories. Commercial usage of electric heat tracing systems began in the 1950s when these became an alternative where steam tracing could not be used. Electrical heat tracing systems were used in electric tracing of transfer lines for oil, asphalt, and waxes. The oil & gas industry is the major application area of electric heat tracing systems. Oil & gas is a highly volatile sector globally. The oil & gas industry has been expanding at a sluggish pace in the last couple of years.

Intelligent Pumps Market To Reach US$748.5 Mn by 2025 Global Intelligent Pumps Market: Overview This report analyzes and forecasts the market for intelligent pumps at the global and regional level. The market has been forecast based on revenue (US$ Mn) from 2017 to 2025.

Unconventional Gas Market (Type - Shale Gas, Tight Gas, Coalbed Methane; Application - Industrial, Power Generation, Residential, Commercial, Transportation) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2026 Unconventional Gas Market - Snapshot Unconventional gas is produced from coal seams, shale rocks, and rocks with low permeability. Gas produced from these reservoirs has the same properties of gas produced from conventional, i.e. sedimentary reservoirs with high porosity and permeability. Unconventional gas may have high levels of natural gas liquids, low or high levels of carbon dioxide, and high and low levels of sulfur. Rainwater Harvesting Market worth US$ 1.3 Bn by 2027 Rainwater Harvesting Market – Scope of the Report Transparency Market Research’s recent report on the global rainwater harvesting market, with the help of a comprehensive outlook, provides readers with an assessment of the global market landscape. This study on the rainwater harvesting market analyzes the scenario for the period of 2019 to 2027, wherein 2018 is the base year. This report enables readers to make important decisions with regard to their business, with the help of a wealth of information enclosed in the study.

Animal Feed Enzymes Market To Reach US$ 2,100 Mn by 2026 Surge in the production of the livestock such as poultry, fish and pigs has led to an upsurge in demand for animal feed enzyme. Growing need for ingredients that improve the livestock quality and keep the energy values and metabolism rate intact is expected to impact growth of the global animal feed enzymes market positively. Prevalence of food-borne diseases has further led to an upsurge in demand for the animal feed additives during the forecast period. Manufacturers are increasingly adopting nanotechnology in order to boost production of feed enzyme during the forecast period.

High-k and ALD/CVD Metal Precursors Market - Industry Analysis 2024 Global High-k and ALD/CVD Metal Precursors Market: Overview The worldwide high-k and automatic layer disposition (ALD)/chemical vapor deposition (CVD) metal precursors market is analyzed to be propelled by precursors that can be employed in multiple cross-platform applications. Such materials, for instance, germanium and tantalum, are studied to exhibit a long-term viability. The aggressive demand for multitudinous thin film materials in novel industrial applications could be ascribed to the fast-paced development of ALD technology. Metal-organic (MO) compounds are expected to be responsible for the paradigm shift in the market as they are likely to gain traction owing to their characteristics pertaining to reduced thermal stability.

Battery Energy Storage Systems Market worth US$ 26 Bn by 2026 Battery Energy Storage Systems Market - Snapshot Battery energy storage systems are used to store the electricity generated by power plants, especially renewable power plants. This electricity is then used to ensure smooth supply to consumers when power generation from renewable power plants fluctuates due to weather conditions.