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Mindgate Solutions Private Limited Mobile Collect Platforms true potential can be unleashed in the digital commerce domain by bringing these ideation to the merchant and corporate ecosystem. Banks today have multitude solutions for managing the merchant acquiring ecosystem. Each acquiring that the banks enable as service offerings to its merchants require the banks to onboard and integrate the merchant for enabling the same. This also brings about an overhead for merchants to manage such integrations and banks to manage merchant settlements and payouts. Our PGA platform addresses these challenges in a holistic approach. The platform allows banks to onboard all merchants on a single platform and defines the scheme enablement for merchants as well as dynamic routing with merchants settlement and payouts.

Mindgate Solutions Private Limited Our Government Business Banking (GBB) Solution is just the answer to all your needs. Sculpted with thorough research into your needs, GBB is an advanced overlay service with a strong framework to cater numerous workflows, a scheme specific accounting and bookkeeping system and related fund disbursements. GBB framework includes a capacity to integrate with Bank Channels and Public Financial Management System (PFMS) as a third party integration lifecycle for Scheme level fund disbursements. Quarter Life Crisis! – A Malady Striking the Millennials Often, the early 20s are thought to be the years of one’s life where happiness comes easy and the only major stress you have is that of your exams & assignments. That was Generation X. The popular Millennial psychology is all about starting early and working hard right through the 20s and 30s.

SEO Expert Services in India for Re-branding Your Business Rebranding might seem to be a formidable task but at times it becomes a necessity and you can’t do away with it. One of the primary issues that often business owners fear about rebranding is the potential risks it poses to their SEO rankings. As experts of digital marketing, offering SEO services in India for two decades, we understand your concern about rebranding impacts on your SEO. Fortunately, you can heave a sigh of relief as rebranding does not necessarily lead to negate all your previous SEO efforts. But, for this you certainly have put in extra effort and do lot of legwork. Here are few tips that can ensure minimal negative impact on your SEO when you plan to change your company name or product name.

5 Reasons to include Social Area in Your Office Design To stand out in an increasingly competitive business world, corporations have started shifting their focus toward building an efficient and productive workplace. Even though it might sound counter intuitive to productivity, one of the ways companies can ensure top performance is by providing employees with a place to ‘rest’. Of course, rest does not have to literally mean lying down on the floor or dozing off on the desk for a power nap! At work, it essentially means a mental break from redundant work activity to refresh your brain and avoid burnout. If employees don’t take regular breaks, the constant pressure to perform can lead to stress, exhaustion, and a creative block in employees leading to redundant ideas. Office designers play a critical role in providing the right settings to support work and also offer a space for relaxation & recreation.

Seat On vs Stand On Forklifts - Which to Choose When? People always have the tendency to sit, rather than stand. In most warehouses too, operators choose the seat-on forklift as ideal for their operations. But is it really true? Do they give it thought before deciding on one, or is it just done instinctively? Linde N20 C - Newest Addition to Low-Level Order Picker Every warehouse requires a lot of picking around, packing, and stacking goods. As such, material handling is one of the core activities in a warehouse. As consumer demands increase, so does the requirement of efficiency in goods management & logistics. It means, the pick rates and throughput times must be increased, error rates must be reduced, and the health-related absence of employees must be prevented. Keeping this in mind, Linde MHE, has developed its newest fleet of order picker trucks - the N20C series.

6 Tips to Attract Traffic to E-Commerce Website 3. A straightforward sitemap: An easy to understand sitemap means your website is easy to navigate for consumers.