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Avatar Maker Dumpr - Photo Fun Voki for Education on the App Store Join millions of teachers and students all over the world who have discovered the magic of Voki. Voki, an edtech tool, is a collection of customizable speaking avatars for teachers and students that enhances classroom instruction, class engagement , and lesson comprehension. There are hundreds of avatars to choose from and clothing, accessories, facial features are just some of the ways your avatar can be customized. Features: Hundreds of avatars to choose from Customize clothing, accessories, facial features, hair Record your own voice or type a message Choose background or upload your own Share via email and across social networks Benefits: Fun way to introduce technology in the class Encourages students to use their imagination Helps motivate, improves lesson comprehension and student participation Great tool in language classes for lessons and pronunciation – over 30 languages to choose from Even the shyest child in class will be able to make their voice heard with Voki

Avatar Game | Online Games, Best Avatar Game Online, Play Avatar Game, Free Avatar for Facebook and Twitter, Talking Avatar Game Looking for a good avatar game? It's right here. Our Avatar Game lets you completely customise the look and feel of your avatar. Try our free avatar game above, share your avatar with your friends, send them a talking avatar by email, get them making their own avatars too. Create a free talking avatar today with the help of Honest Johnny’s free avatar game, a totally unique avatar game that gives you more choice and flexibility – and all for free. What can I use my free avatar maker for? The Honest Johnny free avatar maker lets you create an avatar for your facebook profile, twitter profile, or even to use in your forum profiles. Try our free avatar maker today, it is still one of the best, most original and fun, fully customisable free avatar creators on the web today, so make your first avatar today and share it with all your friends!

Voki For Education Join the millions of teachers and students around the world using Voki to create dynamic speaking characters (Vokis) to increase classroom engagement and retention. Voki is an Education Technology (EdTech) tool for the evolving 21st century classroom. Using Voki, teachers, educators and students can create amazing speaking characters using the power of their own spoken voice. Choose from hundreds of customizable cartoons, animals, historical figures and world leaders just to name a few. Make each character your own! Give your Voki a voice! To create a talking Voki: 1. Additional Features: - Hundreds of diverse characters (vokis)- Customizable bodies, clothing, accessories, facial features, hair and more- Record your own voice or type a message using Text-to-Speech (TTS)- Support for over 25 different languages and accents using TTS- Download and/or share your Voki across all popular social networks Educational Benefits:

Philly Teacher: Free Kid-Friendly Avatar Creators This seemed to be the most popular site that was sent to me. It is hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the New York Zoos and Aquarium. Students can choose their gender, their skin tone, and add eyes, hands, feet and 'backsides' that are all animal parts. To use this as an avatar, students would have to click 'I'm Done' and then save the image to their desktop to use. It is free and does not require a login account. This site allows you to create a personalized avatar for free. that looks like a superhero. Reasonably Clever Lego Avatar You can use this site to create a Lego avatar. The Simpsons Movie Avatar Creator I'm not sure if my district blocks this site, but it's an obvious winner with kids! This site allows a user to upload a photo from their computer and add lines, shapes, color and text to it. You can then get a link to the image and an embed code. This site, though written in another language (Portuguese?) Ruth Cohenson (@tearoof)