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Music From Outer Space - Your Synth-DIY Headquarters

Music From Outer Space - Your Synth-DIY Headquarters
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Audio - Do-It-Yourself Circuits DIY-page Welcome to the Gyraf Audio DIY-page..... Please read this first!! The projects described on these pages are not commercial in any way. This means that we DO NOT sell PCB's, kits, or anything like that. Please DO NOT contact us regarding parts or info for the DIY-projects, as we don't sell anything related to these - they're kept strictly non-commercial. 20. Here's the link to the Prodigry-pro forums (AKA GroupDIY) - our meeting place and hangout for all things audio, electronic and DIY. Gyraf Do-It-Yourself Circuits This pages contain information about building your own professional audio equipment. Comments and corrections are more than welcome, but I can't promise to reply to all mail. Disclaimer: Notice that all information, schematics, layouts etc. are supplied "as is", and that we can in no way be held responsible for its acurateness, functionality or even safety. Basic safety rules: - NEVER work with live voltage switched on. DIY Forums and groups: Shown:

Oakley Modular Welcome to the Oakley Modular page, home of Tony Allgood's Oakley Modular System since 1999. Oakley modules can be be bought either as a ready made units from our partner business, or can be constructed by yourself using our high quality bare printed circuit boards. Full building instructions can be found on each of the project's own webpage. Our full size modules are primarily designed for the 5U module system as originally defined by the Synthtech MOTM modular. Our Compact 3U range is designed for Euro sized modulars and Fractional Rack systems. For technical support on all Oakley projects please refer to the knowledgeable and helpful Oakley Sound Forum which is hosted at Ordering details for modules or DIY PCBs and parts can be found by clicking here. The Modules Oscillators Filters Utility Modules Amplifiers Effects Envelope Generators Power Supplies Power Supply Power supply module for small to medium sized systems Dizzy Power distribution board US Part Numbers

Synthesizer and electronic music news, synth and music software reviews and more! Simple Circuit Diagram | Free Simple Circuit Diagram befaco ACX Synth Art's Theremin Page CMOS Synthesizers Chip Basics For our experiments, we'll use a couple basic chips: 40106 Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger: This chip contains 6 individual Schmitt triggers. A Schmitt trigger is a comparator circuit that incorporates positive feedback. What this means is that when a high signal (positive voltage defined as '1') is applied to the input pin, the output pin generates a low signal (ground voltage defined as '0). This simple circuit can be connected to a resistor/capacitor pair to rapidly turn on an off. 4040 Binary Counter/Divider: This simple logic chip takes an input square wave and generates oscillations at 8 outputs with a frequency related to the input frequency. 4051 Eight Channel Analog Multiplexor/Demultiplexor: The voltage status of the three address pins A, B and C determines which of the eight channels presents its voltage to the common connection pin. Note: All schematics on this site use the following notation for potentiometer tapers: A = Logarithmic, B = Linear Using Your Effects!

familiar Mutable Instruments Interactive Timeline Travel through time: a complete and interactive timeline of all the synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and software featured on this site. Glossary of Synthesizer Terms A useful reference guide to help you better understand much of the synthesizer jargon used when talking about synthesizers. Studio Set-up Guides For quick help setting up a synthesizer studio and connecting vintage and MIDI gear. Tips & Techniques Programming tips, tricks and techniques submitted by users like you! Synthesizer Links Links to web sites of equipment makers, synth sites, where to find and repair equipment, artists and labels and additional resources. VSE Wallpaper Custom VSE computer desktop wallpaper images you are free to download and use.

fun with sea moss (or, basic digital sound devices) by Sebastian Tomczak. Please email for blah-blahing Please note that the construction of a square wave oscillator using a hex inverter integrated circuit and then using it to control a digital binary counter integrated circuit is taken from the excellent reference: pp 111-139. Collins, Nicolas 2006, Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking, TF-ROUTL. Index Digital Logic All of the schematics presented here in the 'Sound Devices' section operate on the premise of digital logic - that is, a reliance on two individual states used to represent information. Binary Numbers Multiple states can be encoded as information when considering a set of 1s and 0s. 1s and 0s and Electricity Electricity is able to represent the idea of a 1 and a 0 quite easily. back to top Logic Chips There are three types of integrated circuits used in these mini-projects. The 40106 is a hex inverter. The 4040 is a binary counter / divider. Sound Devices Basic Equipment List Oscillator