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Physical Etoys « GIRA

Physical Etoys « GIRA
Introducción En las últimas décadas, las teorías construccionistas y el progreso tecnológico permitieron que la robótica educativa comience a surgir en algunas escuelas como complemento a diversas materias de la currícula. Sin embargo, cada kit de robótica tiene su manera particular de programarse y no permite la comunicación con otros kits. Es por esta razón que se decidió crear Physical Etoys, una extensión argentina de Etoys que facilita la interacción con estos dispositivos. “La computadora es un instrumento cuya música son las ideas” Alan Kay Descripción general del proyecto Physical Etoys es un ambiente de programación visual de robots gratuito, de código abierto y multiplataforma que conecta el mundo virtual de las computadoras con el mundo real en que vivimos. Resultados deseados Facilitar la programación de material concreto así como también su enseñanza.Integrar los kits más populares de robótica educativa en un solo ambiente extensible.Fomentar el pensamiento computacional. Videos Home LanguageNotes I like Chris Rathman's Language Notes a lot. I've converted it to restructured text to get a table of contents (2006/05/02). View it with or without the wiki UI. Allowable characters a-zA-Z0-9.+/*~<>@%|&? "Comments are enclosed in quotes" Period (.) is the statement separator. Variables variables must be declared before useshared vars must begin with uppercaselocal vars must begin with lowercasereserved names: nil, true, false, self, super, and Smalltalk Variable scope: Transcript Transcript clear. Assignment | x y | x _ 4. Constants | b | b := true. Booleans | b x y | x := 1. y := 2. b := (x = y). Arithmetic expressions | x | x := 6 + 3. Bitwise Manipulation | b x | x := 16rFF bitAnd: 16r0F. Conversion | x | x := 3.99 asInteger. Blocks blocks are objects and may be assigned to a variablevalue is last expression evaluated unless explicit returnblocks may be nestedspecification [ arguments | | localvars | expressions ]? | x y z | x := [ y := 1. z := 2. ]. x value. Method calls | x | x := 2 sqrt. Symbol

Pharo by Example [ UK Smalltalk User Group ] Cog Blog Jacaranda [introduction] [downloads] [to-do list] [wish list] [how to use it] [history] Introduction DiagramBrowser is an editor for UML-Like diagrams which uses Ned Konz's Connectors package. The idea behind DiagramBrowser is to provide an environment in which the user can view, edit, organize within categories, and file-in and file-out multiple diagrams. DiagramBrowser is the first step of a bigger development that I named Jacarandá. In this project my main goal is to bring to Squeak the capability to develop in it as much graphically as textually, as one would do it with today's CASE tools but with the additional benefit of always being in Squeak. This project is being made by Hernán Tylim. About Connectors 2.0 Please note that Jacarandá for the moment is only compatible with Connectors 1.9. Downloads To-Do List Make a new version of Jacarandá for Connectors 2. Wish List An option menu to search a shape in a diagram. How To Use It An instance of Diagram is a Morph with a PasteUpMorph. History

Swiki Squeak Swiki Last updated at 9:26 pm UTC on 15 July 2015 About Squeak Squeak is a tightly integrated software development environment for live software construction using the object-oriented programming language Smalltalk. Getting Started with Squeak Downloading Squeak – How to get Squeak. News aboutSqueak News – The Weekly Squeak. Latest stuff Using Etoys If you're interested in the Etoys scripting system and its uses in education, you should look at the Squeakland web site. Documentation Documentation – A detailed outline of Documentation on Squeak. Community The Squeak Oversight Board coordinates the community’s open-source development of its versatile Smalltalk environment. Programs and Projects: Past, Present, and Future SqueakSource – Monticello code repository server which hosts your projects. Programming in Squeak Code Snippets – Examples of Great Squeak Code. Historical information About this Site Miscellaneous Pages

ElastoLab ElastoLab is a fun program for kids that lets them play with sound, images and motion in a simulated physics environment. ElastoLab has been released as an open-source free-ware program. You may download it from here (Windows version only). Extract the archive then run the program "elastolab.exe". If you like ElastoLab and enjoy playing with it, please consider making a donation by Paypal You can send donations to ElastoLab was developed in VisualWorks Smalltalk.

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