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With our extensive experience in the industrial tool supply business we have come to understand that in order to succeed in this business we need to establish mutually beneficial relationships. To build such a relationship we source products from dealers who take aspects like testing, safety, regulatory competency and quality very seriously. CUMI is one such valued manufacturer whom we have successfully formed a mutually beneficial relationship with. CUMI products and CUMI abrasives are held in high regards all across India owing to their beneficial features and higher productivity rates. Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI) is an integral part of the renowned conglomerate Muruguppa Group. CUMI specializes in manufacturing abrasives, bonded abrasives and super abrasives in India. Related:  rahilagadneha9921rvermaverma

Best Emkay Taps Dealer | Emkay Tools | MK Industrial Suppliers We at MK Industrial Suppliers are well aware of the fact that premium quality products form the foundation of any industrial venture, which is why we always work towards delivering high-grade products to our clients. Keeping in line with this thought of ours we have established collaborations with high-end industrial tool manufacturers like Emkay Taps and Cutting Tools Ltd. They are downright experts when it comes to delivering superior quality ground threaded taps that are manufactured in accordance to the latest industry standards and fulfill their purpose in an efficient and effective manner. With us, you have found the perfect Emkay taps dealer; we source products from them and deliver them to your doorstep whilst ensuring that the final item delivered is in optimal condition and reaches to you on time. Emkay tools can be trusted to provide you with a pretty long and productive service life.

Fenner Drives Link V-Belts - Conventional Belt Solutions | Blog Choosing the right belting solution is the prerequisite for maintaining a high level of efficiency even at critical conditions. Fenner Drives is the name often associated with a top-quality range of HPC (High-Performance Composite) Link V-Belts. Made from custom polyurethane elastomers, reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric, these V-Belts are serving as the best alternatives to the conventional rubber V-belts. Suitable for heavy-duty and shock loaded applications, Fenner Link V-belts are extensively used in baggage handling systems, Pumps and compressors, HVAC, agricultural equipment and more. Over the years, the Fenner Belt range has gained immense popularity in the engineering industry owing to its time-saving and cost-cutting benefits. • Industry Standard Power Rating: Similar to rubber V-Belts, Fenner Drives Link V-Belts come in standard cross-sections whose length can be easily adjusted to meet the process requirements. • Highly Durable: • Reduces V-Belt Inventory:

Guhring Drills | Premium Quality Guhring Tools | MK Industrial Suppliers We at MK Industrial Suppliers understand the importance of high-grade industrial tools and machineries. This is one of the major reasons why we mainly collaborate with renowned and highly trusted brands as we never compromise on quality when it comes to our customers. When it comes to offering rotary precision tools there is only brand that we trust and it is Guhring. Amongst other products Guhring drills stands out owing to its multi-utility and beneficial features. Apart from drills we can also provide you with a number of other Guhring products like gun drills, taps, ball nose, end mill, reamers, counters, sinks, cbn tools, pcd tools, holders and hydrogrips. With MK Industrial Suppliers you will be successful in getting access to the product range of Guhring, we source materials from them and deliver them to you in nominal time.

Guide to Identifying the Right Drill Bit for Your Job A drilling machine and drill bits are one of the most fundamental hardware you can have in your home toolbox considering its applicability in just about any project. Be it a quick fix to your furniture, hanging an LED TV on your wall, or even a major room upgrade, those guhring drills in your house will get it done for you. But finding the right drill bit for your purpose can be quite a daunting task. Drill bits are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and coating materials. Common Types of Drill Bit Materials • Carbon Steel Carbon steel bits are a bit inexpensive, but are not so firm on the hold and require frequent sharpening. • High-speed steel HSS bits are hard and much more resistant to heat as compared to high-carbon steel. • Cobalt (HSCO) Cobalt is considered an upgrade from HSS because it includes 5-8% Cobalt blended into the base material. • Carbide (Carb) Carbide is the hardest but most brittle of the drill bit materials. Types of Drill Bit Coatings Design Features

Amol Sheth talks at AIDA on Praj 2nd Gen Ethanol Tech 'Enfinity' Mr. Amol Sheth’s presentation at AIDA seminar on Praj 2nd Gen Ethanol Technology – Feb 2016 Greenhouse Gas emissions have been a significant contributor to the pollution scenario of the world in recent times. This invites an urgent need to adopt an environmentally friendly approach to meet the fuel demands brought by rapid urbanization. This technology can help produce 3525 crore liters of bioethanol per annum from nearly 141MMT of biomass, which can not only meet nations fuel ethanol requirement, but also export to neighboring countries.

High-grade Bilz Tool Holders | Tool Holder - MK Industrial Suppliers Otto Bilz is one of the many global brands from where we at MK Industrial Suppliers source our products from. Otto Bilz (India) is a subsidiary of a German-based BILZ GMBH & Co (Germany). They have been in the industry for almost three decades now and have made a name for themselves by consistently offering superior-quality products. With them you will be successful in finding a vast range of products like high precision holding systems for drilling, tapping and reaming operations. Their product list does not end here; they also manufacture other products like CNC-Precision holding systems, Hi-Power Milling Chucks, boring systems, and taps. One of the most interesting features of the products by Bliz is that they can be used for varied applications in different industries. Bilz tool holders happen to be one of their most sought after products.

High-Quality Kyocera Cutting Tools | MK Industrial Suppliers We at MK Industrial Suppliers have been in the industrial tool supply business for over three decades now and our extensive tenure has established us as an industry leader. Our collaborations with globally acclaimed brands like Kyocera is bears witness to this fact. Kyocera Group is a global brand that is passionate about developing unique technologies. They employ these technologies to form high-grade and innovative products that the markets across the world continually require. The organization has its reach across various verticals of the world. This company has the ability and efficiency to manufacture a number of high-quality cutting tools such as turning holders, turning inserts and drilling & milling tools. All of the tools offered by Kyocera are aimed at increasing the recipient’s industrial productivity by offering high-grade cutting tool products and advanced tooling solutions.

High-Caliber Fenner V Belt Distributors | MK Industrial Suppliers MK Industrial Suppliers is a leader when it comes to delivering quality products from trusted manufacturers. With us you will find industrial tool supplies that have been ethically sourced from A-listed manufactured who are globally acclaimed for their quality products. Amongst other companies that we have collaborated with Fenner Drives is a name that cannot be missed out on easily. It happens to be one of the most trusted brands in the global engineering community. Apart from being fenner v belt distributors we can also provide you access to various Fenner Drives products such as, Power Twist Link V-Belt, Round belts, Wedge-V belt, NutiLink V Belt, SuperTLink wedge belts, special conveyor beltings, Idlers & B-Loc, and Trantorque keyless bushings. Driven by a strong core value for innovation, this brand is the right choice if you are associated with the engineering industry.

Dr. M Kulkarni talks at AIDA on 2nd Gen Ethanol & Zero Spent Wash With the increasing problem of water scarcity plaguing the entire nation, a major challenge for industries is to be efficient in use of this vital resource. The mandate for Zero Spent wash Discharge is a manifestation of the growing need for various industries to monitor their resource usage. Praj is one of the few companies in the world to successfully develop and demonstrate second generation ethanol production using agri-residue. Dr.

Key Benefits Of Implementing A Merchant Management Acquisition Solution Provider Banks and financial institutions today have access to a multitude of solutions for managing the merchant acquisition ecosystem. Each acquiring that the banks enable as service offerings to its merchants require the banks to onboard and integrate the merchant for enabling the same. This also brings about an overhead for merchants to manage such integration and banks to manage merchant settlements and payouts. To help banks adapt and prosper in this multi-channel world, merchant management solutions are a great option. Through the use of a merchant management system, merchant acquirers can enroll merchants, manage fees, track terminal inventory, assess risks and generate merchant statements quickly and easily. Using merchant management systems, acquirers will be able to enroll merchants onboard, manage their feed, track terminal inventory, and also generate merchant statements within no time.