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The Most Bizarre Comments on YouTube (18 pics)

The Most Bizarre Comments on YouTube (18 pics)
Nov 25/11 The Most Bizarre Comments on YouTube (18 pics) Hilarious comments on YouTube.

20 More GIF Reactions to Real-Life Situations | I’m sure you guys can identify with a lot of these. This first one is especially timely… The night before the first day of school: When someone wakes you up: When the smart kid fails the test: When you need to use the bathroom and people are in your way: When you hear people next to you say, “Don’t tell anyone…” The awkward moment when you don’t know how to continue the conversation: When you finally wash your bedsheets: When a plan you make backfires: When the beat drops to your favorite song: When something bad happens to someone you hate: When you realize the word “short” is longer than the word “long” When you push someone down and they fall… but then they start crying: When you hold someone’s pet for the first time: When you’re running late and can’t find what you’re looking for: When you feel a cold coming on: When people at the movies won’t shut up: When your friend does something you clearly said was a bad idea: When you wear a new outfit and feel great in it: When there is new food in the fridge:

Throwback Thursdays: Betchiest Trends of the 90s Polly Pocket Talk about unrealistic body expectations Tamagotchi There was no greater feeling than cleaning up its poop. Choker tattoo necklaces The perfect Claire’s-bought accessory for the baby prostitute. Milky Pens What better form of entertainment is there than inking your own body with toxic neon ink? Butterfly Clips The number of butterfly clips in your hair at one time was directly proportionate to how cool you were. Pumas The fugliest sneaker since the Sketcher. Steve Madden platforms Snap an ankle, easiest way to get out of gym class. Kate Spade backpacks The Prada backpack's povo younger sister. Cat's Cradle Remember when you used to be able to entertain yourself with a piece of fucking string? Furby A super fun toy, especially when it would go off in the middle of the night and wake up your entire house. Beanie Babies Abercrombie Denim skirts, T-shirts with the logo, and more lace tank tops with that stupid fucking moose than you can count. War Heads Juicy Middle school was classy as fuck.