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Pierre Verluise o Rosji, Polsce i nowej Unii - - polski portal o geopolityce | - polski portal o geopolityce Rozmowa z dr. Pierre Verluise, francuskim geopolitykiem, szefem portalu Rosja jest krajem europejskim czy azjatyckim? Jak Pan zapewne wie, to car ustalił geograficzną granicę Europy na Uralu, aby Rosja była krajem europejskim. W rzeczywistości Rosja jest zarazem europejska i azjatycka chociażby ze względu na swą rozciągłość geograficzną i kulturę polityczną. Jaka jest rola Rosji w Europie? Rosja jest pierwszym źródłem zaopatrzenia Unii Europejskiej w węglowodory, wliczając w to także wiele byłych krajów satelickich, które wszakże nie mają zaufania do tego stanu rzeczy, aczkolwiek być może nie zawsze mają wybór. Rosja żyje w obsesji popadnięcia w zapmnienie, ma ambicję na powrót zostać potęgą i życzy sobie korzystać z bogactwa Unii Europejskiej. Co Pan sądzi o przyszłej roli PECO w UE? Zbliżamy się do dziesiątej rocznicy przystąpienia PECO do Unii. Jaki wizerunek posiada Europa Środkowa i Wchodnia, a zwłaszcza Polska, w oczach francuskich badaczy? Dziękuję za rozmowę.

Ecstasy History Early ecstasy MDMA was patented in 1913 (patent #274.350) by the German chemical company Merck supposedly to be sold as a diet pill (the patent does not mention any intended use), the company decided against marketing the drug and had nothing more to do with it. An urban legend has the US army testing MDMA in 1953 as a possible truth serum, but there is no real evidence supporting this. The man responsible for the modern research of MDMA is Alexander Shulgin, who after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a PhD in Biochemistry landed a job as a research chemist with Dow Chemicals. Among his many achievements for Dow Chemicals was one profitable insecticide and several controversial patents for what were to become popular street drugs. Shulgin continued his legal research of new compounds after leaving Dow, specializing in the phenethylamines family of drugs. A hearing was held to decide what permanent measures should be taken against the drug. Be Drug Free.

Banksy outed by researchers who used serial killer tracking | Fusion Banksy is one of the world’s most famous artists, but amazingly, he’s been able to keep his real identity something of a mystery. On Thursday, though, a group of criminologists announced that they used a technique called “geographical profiling” to identify the famous graffiti artist. The researchers, who published a paper about their work in the Journal of Spacial Science, mapped the latitudes and longitudes of 140 of Banksy’s works in England. The researchers' statistical models The researchers employed a cheat though. Lo and behold, the addresses matched the researchers’ hotspots. And the researchers admitted it: “With no other serious ‘suspects’ to investigate, it is difficult to make conclusive statements about Banksy’s identity based on the analysis presented here, other than saying the peaks of the geoprofiles in both Bristol and London include addresses known to be associated with Robin Gunningham,” they write.

Social care inspectors have lost respect A series of scandals have exposed a lack of understanding of social care in the ranks of both Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission. The watchdogs need to learn from the wisdom of those delivering the service How the mighty are fallen! There used to be tremendous respect for bankers. Then they got too greedy. There used to be prestige in being a national politician. There are lessons here for public services, and for local authorities, more generally. In the mid 2000s the then chancellor of the exchequer, Mr Brown, announced with no warning that in the interest of economy and efficiency the Commission for Social Care Inspection was to be abolished. It was not a hit-and-run inspectorate, as was Ofsted with schools, turning up, issuing a report and then galloping away over the horizon unseen until the next inspection. The CSCI was also not like the Healthcare Commission. Neither Ofsted nor the CQC adequately understood the dynamics and nature of social care services.

Birdmen of the German Stalags Out of contact with their loved ones for the first six months, their officer status gave them the “privilege” of enforced idleness. Oxford literature graduate John Buxton was one of those who found purpose through education, becoming a self-appointed tutor to the others in “the only university which rigorously excludes women and is much easier to enter than leave”. Though he taught literature to his fellow prisoners, it was birds that were to bring him most solace, declaring: “One of the chief joys of watching them in prison was that they inhabited another world than I”. Buxton chose to study the redstart, one of the prettiest, most colourful species. He used every imaginable scrap of paper – loo paper, the backs of cigarette packets – to scribble down his observations. Moved in October 1941 to Warburg, a mudheap of a camp on the north German plain, Buxton met three other men who shared his love of birds. Still, there were basic practical difficulties.

Géopolitique de la transition au Qatar : perspectives. M. (...) - Moyen-Orient AU QATAR, l’émir Hamad Ben Khalifa al-Thani semble s’orienter vers une passation du pouvoir en douceur avec une investiture prochaine du prince héritier Tamim. La question n’est dorénavant pas de savoir si cette transition se produira mais plutôt quand et comment le nouvel émir prendra ses fonctions. Ce changement à la tête de l’émirat sera une évolution importante pour le Qatar et pourrait avoir des conséquences directes sur sa politique étrangère. Le Qatar est très actif sur la scène régionale où il a soutenu les révoltes arabes et les partis issus de la mouvance des Frères musulmans et un changement de gouvernement pourrait infléchir cette politique. De plus, ce transfert de pouvoir en douceur romprait avec la tradition des monarchies arabes, dont les dirigeants restent généralement en place jusqu’à leur mort. Une transition teintée d’interrogations Interprétations Quelles conséquences géopolitiques ? Copyright Juin 2013- Lazar/ Plus Mehdi Lazar, Le Qatar aujourd’hui, éd. . The History of MDMA Christmas Eve, 1912: The pharmaceutical company Merck files for a patent on MDMA ('ecstasy') as a precursor to a drug that they hoped would be effective in controlling bleeding. Their patent application is granted two years later (1914.) In spite of persistent rumors, there is no evidence that they were aware it was psychoactive or intended to market it as a product. 1927: Merck researchers perform some animal experiments, noting that the substance had some similarities (in structure and effects) to adrenaline. 1953-1954: The US Army conducts animal experiments with MDMA and a number of structurally related drugs. What they hoped to discover is unclear, but the research was labeled as sensitive and not declassified until 1969. "I feel absolutely clean inside, and there is nothing but pure euphoria. Today, most of the psychedelic drugs that have been prohibited in America were born in Shulgin's basement laboratory, and his work continues to inspire the invention of even more new drugs.

Banksy the graffiti artist unmasked as a former public schoolboy from suburbia By Claudia Joseph for MailOnline Created: 13:38 GMT, 12 July 2008 He is perhaps the most famous, or infamous, artist alive. To some a genius, to others a vandal. Always controversial, he inspires admiration and provokes outrage in equal measure. Since Banksy made his name with his trademark stencil-style 'guerrilla' art in public spaces - on walls in London, Brighton, Bristol and even on the West Bank barrier separating Israelis and Palestinians - his works have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. He has dozens of celebrity collectors including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. Enlarge In the frame: The man in this photograph, taken in Jamaica four years ago, is believed to be Banksy He is also known for his headline-making stunts, such as leaving an inflatable doll dressed as a Guantanamo prisoner in Disneyland, California, and hanging a version of the Mona Lisa - but with a smiley face - in the Louvre, Paris. A network of myths has grown up around him.

Defend Social Worker Norbert Ferencz FionaEwersPhoto : Well it hasn't been a fruitless... Géopolitique de l’eau : quelles menaces Les relations entre l’Egypte et l’Ethiopie se sont gravement détériorées suite à la décision prise par Addis-Abeba de détourner le cours du Nil bleu dans le cadre de la construction d’un barrage hydroélectrique. Quels sont les principaux enjeux au cœur de ces tensions ? Comment expliquer la mobilisation d’une rhétorique belliqueuse de la part d’officiels égyptiens ? La décision éthiopienne n’est pas une nouveauté : cela fait des années qu’Addis-Abeba fait part de sa volonté de faire un usage efficace des eaux du Nil bleu. Quels sont les autres « points chauds » du globe concernant le contrôle des ressources hydriques ? Je demeure convaincu que les risques de conflits liés à l’eau sont avant tout sociétaux. La rareté est-elle le seul facteur permettant d’expliquer l’existence de tensions autour de l’eau ? Non, la rareté n’explique pas tout, d’autant plus que les zones du monde où les réserves en eau manquent sont elles-mêmes assez rares.

Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About MDMA? Some MDMA (Photo via) MDMA has caused something of a stir here in the US recently. Ever since Miley bragged about "dancing with molly," like one of those tedious nerds who brags about ripping bongs for breakfast, columnists have had a field day analyzing why we've all fallen in love with MDMA. As you might expect, not everyone has taken a deep breath, put things into perspective, and reacted in a calm, rational manner. Crusty old deans and decrepit politicians fretting about whatever drugs the youth are into is no surprise, but I was a little concerned at the attitude of a drug dealer we’ll call "Tommy" I met in a Boston bar and his thoughts on what he’s selling. "I wouldn’t take it because I have no idea what’s in there. Image of Pretty Lights, one of the acts that UMass Amherst canceled, by Alex Hertel. Drug policy experts say the overdoses are tied to the MDMA being cut with synthetic drugs and sold as the real thing. So why is there an increased demand? So where does that leave us?

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Korlat, S., Foerst, M. N., Schultes, M. T., Schober, B., Spiel, C., & Kollmayer, M. (2021). Gender role identity and gender intensification: Agency and communion in adolescents’ spontaneous self-descriptions. European Journal of Developmental Psychology. by clementlin Oct 18

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