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American Centuries: History and Art from New England

American Centuries: History and Art from New England
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U.S: Geography, states, landmarks, maps, cities, population, laws, speeches U.S. States, Cities, History, Maps Year by Year: 1900–2015 Enter a year: Special Features Today in History: Gone With the Wind Games & Quizzes Citizenship Quiz | State Nicknames Quiz | U.S. More United States Quizzes! The Age of Global Encounters - Privateers and Pirates "To say simply that English piracy flourished during the last half of the 16th century is a gross understatement of the situation. It had, in fact, achieved the status of a recognized profession. Social mobility in Elizabethan England was such that many young men who forged careers and amassed modest fortunes as members of the marauding brotherhood of pirates, rose meteorically in the service of their Queen and Country. The career of that notable Elizabethan and intrepid Yorkshireman, Martin Frobisher, is illustrative. Arrested many times in the 1560s for piracy, Frobisher was subsequently hired by the Queen's most trusted councilor, William Cecil, as a ship's captain on Crown business.

American History in VOA Special English There are 246 fifteen-minute programs and 5 four-minute programs. That is about 62 hours of listening. About 'The Making of a Nation' Radio Program Introduction and Overview of 'The Making of a Nation' (You may skip this one.) 1400s-1500s 1600s-1776 1861-1865 - The Civil War 1916-1919 - World War I 1929-mid-1930s- The Great Depression mid-1930s-1945 - World War II 1950s - Korean War 1960s - Kennedy Becomes President 1964 - Vietnam War 1968 - Richard Nixon Becomes President 1997 - Bi-centenial 1988 - George H. 1993 - Bill Clinton Becomes President 2000 - George W. Other History Broadcasts (Explorations, Agricultre Report, ...) Holiday Special Christmas in America During the 19th Century More Stories about History in Other Sections on This Website These are not included in the count at the top of the page. About Other VOA Material on This Web Site Voice of America Special English Study

Ressources DNL anglais Histoire: "School History" est un site portail comprenant des centaines de ressources (exercices, diaporamas, documents sources etc.) couvrant les programmes anglais d'histoire. BBC History: portail de la BBC sur l'histoire en général mais centrée sur le Royaume Uni. A utiliser pour le fonds de cartes en anglais , ce site de l'éditeur Ablongman propose aussi des Timeline et des tableaux statistiques. Ancien site K-12 modernisé et actualisé sous le nom d' Internet 4 classroom: page de ressources en Social Studies . Portail généraliste Spartacus est un point d'entrée fondamental sur quantité de sujets concernant l'histoire du Royaume Uni, mérite que l'on s'y perde. Site d'une télévision thématique américaine, History Classroom, mérite que l'on s'y attarde pour les ressources vidéos entre autres. "History GCSE" est un site proposant des révisions du programme d'histoire britannique pour le GCSE. "History learning Site" : site très riche en courtes leçons couvrant toutes sortes de sujets.

Must-See New York – Top NYC Attractions, Landmarks, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building top attractions by staff Central Park. Photo: Julienne Schaer • Times Square. Best New York attractions from Freedom Tower to Central Park Big, beloved and not-so-beautiful MSG is perhaps the most famous sports arena in the world. Perched above Penn Station since 1968, the 20,000 seat venue is not only home to New York basketball and ice hockey teams the Knicks and the Rangers, but also is a favorite spot for college basketball tournaments (The Big East), professional boxing, MMA fighting and, as a destination for WWE. Non-sports fans, however, mainly know the Garden as the best spot in town to catch touring international sensations like Adele, Beyonce and Aziz Ansari and countless other amazing concerts..

New York City Attractions Attractions in New York City sorted by visitor popularity A short boat trip brings you from Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France for the centennial of America's Independence which now symbolizes the USA and New York in particular. Read more...The Brooklyn Bridge, built between 1869 and 1883, connects Brooklyn with Manhattan. The bridge is one of the most magnificent landmarks in all of New York City. Read more...Times Square, the most bustling square of New York is known for its many Broadway theatres, cinemas and electronic billboards. It is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps. score nyc Even in Shadow of Massacre, Connecticut’s Gun Law Faced Uphill Fight Photo HARTFORD — Almost from the moment that Adam Lanza ended his siege, it seemed that Connecticut, dominated by Democrats and already with some of the nation’s toughest gun laws, would quickly pass sweeping new restrictions on firearms. Its legislature did so on Thursday. The driving force was the massacre of 26 children and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14. Democrats, who control both houses of the General Assembly and the governor’s mansion, could have passed legislation without a Republican vote. While Connecticut is a relatively small state and more liberal-leaning than most, the wrenching debate here was intently followed far beyond its borders. The new laws include a ban on the sale of magazines carrying more than 10 rounds and requires registration of existing ones. But while gun-control advocates hailed the bill and gun supporters condemned it, the legislation did not contain some elements gun owners feared. The Democrats were led by Donald E. Mr.

National Gun Victims Action Council Home- National Gun Victims Action Council NRA: The largest civil-rights group ever I am the president of the largest civil-liberties organization this nation has ever seen. No, it’s not the ACLU. It’s not the NAACP. With our 136-year history and almost 4 million members, the National Rifle Association of America is the oldest and largest civil-rights organization in the history of the United States. We’re committed to educating and training every willing American in the safe and responsible use of firearms. Our charter is based on the simple words: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Do those words look familiar? The Second Amendment guarantees the right of every law-abiding, peaceable American citizen the right to purchase, own, keep and bear firearms for any lawful purpose. This mission can be seen in countless ways through the years. As NRA president, I’m honored to be a part of this organization and have happily served for years. Related special offer:

Today, The National Gun Victims Action Council (NGAC) Launches BREW NOT BULLETS: SAY NO TO Local Laws in All 50 States Allow Starbucks to Ban Guns—They Choose Not to Ban Guns, Why? CHICAGO, Feb. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, Valentine's Day 2012, the National Gun Victims Action Council (NGAC) is launching BREW NOT BULLETS: SAY NO TO STARBUCKS…UNTIL STARBUCKS SAYS NO TO GUNS, a national boycott of Starbucks and its related products. (Logo: NGAC announced today's calls for the Starbucks boycott on Jan. 23 (Press Release: Starbucks Boycott) only after exhaustive efforts to avoid a boycott were rejected All efforts to avoid this boycott "The boycott will end only when Starbucks rejects the NRA's Pro-Gun agenda by 1) banning all guns from their stores and 2) committing to be an Aggressive Corporate Advocate for sane gun laws," says Elliot Fineman, CEO of the National Gun Victim's Action Council (NGAC). WHAT DOES SUPPORTING THE NRA'S LETHAL PRO-GUN AGENDA MEAN? SOURCE National Gun Victims Action Council

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