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Improve Profitability From Existing Customers

Improve Profitability From Existing Customers
CRIF's customer management solutions help you enhance customer retention and deepen relationships by engaging with your best customers and minimize risk by identifying customers who might become delinquent. Predictive Analytics Assess your existing customers and segment them for a variety of possible actions around marketing or risk management with the use of internal data and external data such as from credit bureau through a bespoke scorecard built by CRIF experts. Our Predictive Analytics solutions allow businesses to quickly identify and rank-order the relative possibility of a specified outcome, such as a consumer's probability of default or to make decisions on products and terms based on their level of credit risk. Decision Management Automate decision-making on customer management whether in terms of cross-selling, up-selling, putting on watch list etc. using a set of internal business rules, policies, scorecards and decision workflow using CRIF's decision automation solution.

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How Can Collections Management System Help Banks? – My Credit Score Credit Collections Management Software (CCM) is a suite of integrated business applications that extend a bank’s accounts receivable and accounting system to facilitate credit management, billing and invoicing, remittance processing, dispute management, and collections processes. A credit collections management software typically supports credit facilitation, billing and invoicing, remittance processing, collections management, dispute resolution, and credit risk assessment. Banks spend a huge share of their income every year on CRM & ERP software, looked upon with the primary motive of getting more leads and closing more deals.

Perform Decision Analytics through CRIFs Business Rule Management System CRIF’s user-friendly decision engine for automating decisions that leverage data & analytics. StrategyOne integrates in a single tool the components of design and execution of the essential strategies to manage all decision-making processes in a complete, effective and timely manner. Decision Management with StrategyOne Release your organization from the inflexibility and high costs of having hard-coded rules dispersed throughout your systems and adopt an enterprise decision management approach and technology that empowers business users. Does a Failed Credit Card Payment Pull Down Your Credit Score? Rohan is browsing through his mail. He sees the monthly credit card bill sitting in his inbox, oh-so-proudly. It was his birthday month and his bank gave him a new credit card with a generous limit.

Due Diligence plays a critical role in minimizing & managing risk in a business In today's globalized economy, Due Diligence plays a critical role in making a success of a prospective business transaction, whether it be a merger, a contract with a new supplier or establishing a partnership with another company. The sole purpose of the due diligence is to minimize and manage risk before embarking in any kind of cooperation. At the end of the day, your company's standing, reliability, and degree of success, all depends upon selecting suitable and dependable customers, investors and partners. Our Business Information Reports can help you conduct due diligence checks and enable faster decision making without additional risk.

CRIF’s Basic Guide To Usage Of Policy Rules: Old Wine In A New Glass by Atrideb Basu After the NBFC debacle, the Indian economy has seen liquidity drying up at a rapid pace. The lending industry has been affected so severely that credit growth has reduced to half by the end of September 2019 compared to what it was at the beginning of the year, as per the latest RBI data. While some significant non-banking financial companies have witnessed diminished revenues, others have ceased to exist. To understand how general credit policy rules affect the lending industry, we got in touch with Atrideb Basu, Senior Vice President, Products & Consulting at CRIF India. In an insightful interaction, Basu elaborated on how current lending policy rules are doing more harm than benefit the industry along with what can be done to improve the situation. “The concept of policy rules, in general, is very intriguing.

Buyer & Exporter Risk Assessment with CRIF Business Information Report Are you thinking about buying a business or want to acquire another small business to expand your existing one? Or, want to add new suppliers to your business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, conducting due diligence becomes indispensable. Due diligence is a methodical investigation into the business, product, suppliers you are interested in buying. Due diligence should be conducted prior to transaction to eliminate risks. CRIF Business Information Reports lets you perform in-depth due diligence by looking at the key issues of the business including financial risks, legal issues, Operational risk and supplier and buyer relationships.

Improve Your Collection Efficiency by Use of CRIFs credit solutions Manage your collections more efficiently by use of data, analytical and automation solutions provided by CRIF – reduce your cost and improve collection rates. Predictive Analytics Leverage power of statistics and analytics built on application data, credit bureau data and additional data points to help predict risk and support decisions. Our experts can build collections scorecards to make your collection process more robust. Get Up-to-Date Business Information Report & valuable Company Information From the Globe at your desk Companies all around the world looking for the highest quality business information can use CRIF solutions to help them achieve the best results in terms of profitability and healthy growth. CRIF has established a new approach to business information using on a scenario where decisions and risks are based on a complex and robust framework of value-added information, dynamically updated and revised. This means the creation of an ecosystem where data are linked to each other and can be transformed into information specific to different evaluation processes.

What is Customer Due Diligence and What is its importance? - Blog Behind the smiling faces of the relationship managers greeting you generously, is a history of a systematic vetting carried out about you. Well, there is nothing wicked behind this considering the fact that engaging in a new business relationship is risky for businesses when we live in a world of frauds, impersonation, money laundering and terrorism. It is naturally difficult for banks to ascertain your claim of being who you say you are before they hand you over the money. In business terms, this process is more commonly known as ‘Customer Due Diligence’. Apparently we, as individuals, also perform due diligence knowingly and unknowingly.

The Credit Risk Management Models transform a rigid credit process to an automated process Balancing continuously changing demands, while providing superior service, quicker responses, improved results and better control requires an innovative and flexible solution like CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM), which transforms a slow, rigid and unenforceable credit method to an automated, paperless and manageable end-to-end process. CreditFlow is an agile and innovative business process management (BPM) suite built specifically for credit processes like customer onboarding and loan origination. CreditFlow automates the end-to-end process, from information gathering e to approval and booking, orchestrating manual activities with workflow and document management, connecting participants and integrating all systems involved to meet your credit process needs either with a pre-defined or customizable solution. CreditFlow tracks every step of the process, including status and who-did-what-when, providing complete control and maximum straight through processing.

DURASHINE® Color Coated Profile Sheet Job Title: Manager Corporate Strategy Qualification: B.E with MBA from Premiere Institute Location: Pune Corporate Office Work Experience: Experience in corporate planning and strategy preferably in manufacturing segment. Predictive Analytics & Scorecards Lending is becoming more future-oriented and Predictive Analytics can help financial institutions be at the forefront of innovation. All types of credit risk management require data analytics, and increased data availability and processing tools will bring new credit risk management opportunities. Predictive analytics is the practice of deriving information from existing data in order to identify the likelihood of patterns and predict future outcomes and trends.

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