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Kellyanne Conway is leaving her job at the White House to focus on family; George Conway stepping away from Lincoln Project Former elected officials from the Republican party were among the speakers on the first night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Citing a need to focus on her children, Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is leaving her position in the administration, she announced Sunday. Conway informed President Donald Trump of her decision on Sunday night, The Washington Post first reported. Trump scrambles to suppress inconvenient information with Bolton book and coronavirus The former national security adviser's behind-the-scenes account is expected to portray Trump, who was impeached over an apparent abuse of power in Ukraine and clashed with Bolton over a number of foreign policy issues, in an extremely poor light. "They just don't want to deal with the reality of it. They're in denial," an official familiar with the work of the White House's coronavirus task force told CNN's Jim Acosta. Both dramas have the potential to further dent the President's reelection campaign, as polls show him behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

California restaurateur vows to fight for his restaurants, employees as state bans outdoor dining Matchless IT owner Nick Kershner questions whether small businesses in the state will be able to survive another lockdown. A California restaurateur, whose business is still reeling from the virus-related shutdowns earlier this year, refuses to close up the dine-in service at one of his restaurants despite local government orders to do so. Dave Foldes, the co-founder and owner of five Cronies Sports Grill locations in Southern California, isn't just thinking about himself and the financial toll he faces. He's also thinking about all the people he employs -- especially as Christmas nears.

Coronavirus: Fauci warns Senate of 'serious consequences' Media playback is unsupported on your device The top US infectious diseases doctor has warned senators that the coronavirus will spread further if the country opens up too soon. Dr Anthony Fauci said if federal guidelines to reopen were not followed, "little spikes" would become outbreaks. He also said the real US death toll is probably higher than the official figure of 80,000. His message is at odds with the upbeat tone of President Donald Trump who is keen to get the economy going again. Dr Fauci was speaking via video to a Republican-led committee of the US Senate. Chiefs, Ravens and Cowboys: which franchise is the NFL's next dynasty? Trying to predict who will rule the NFL two years from now is a tricky game, let alone trying to figure out the shape of the league five, seven or 10 years down the line. Just two years ago, the Los Angeles Rams were the toast of the league, thanks to Sean McVay’s innovative offense and a defense anchored around Aaron Donald. Now, things look grim after the Rams purged future assets in a gamble to win a championship now. The Rams’ recent history, and to an extent that of the Seattle Seahawks too, show just how hard it is to build the sustained success that the New England Patriots enjoyed over the last two decades. With that in mind, here are the teams who could dominate the league for years to come.

Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to build on Steve Jobs' vision as company preps stock split BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, was a tough act to follow. But Tim Cook seems to be doing so well at it that his eventual successor may also have big shoes to fill. Initially seen as a mere caretaker for the iconic franchise that Jobs built before his 2011 death, Cook has forged his own distinctive legacy. Portland man accused in frightening handsaw attack caught on video A 58-year-old man in Portland was captured on video allegedly assaulting people with a handsaw inside a laundromat, according to reports. Police got 911 calls that Shane Vordelmicha Green had assaulted people with the handsaw and a belt, broken car windshields and threatened people. He was subdued after much confrontation; he had walked into traffic waving the handsaw and refusing cops’ commands, authorities said. Green was charged with three counts of assault, six counts of unlawful use of a weapon, attempted assault, strangulation, four counts of menacing, two counts of attempted assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, interfering with a peace officer and four counts of reckless endangering.

Protests after Detroit teen detained over missed homework Image copyright Reuters A Michigan judge's decision to send a 15-year-old girl to juvenile detention for violating her probation by not completing her online schoolwork during the coronavirus lockdown has prompted protests and calls for her release. The African-American teenager has reportedly been detained since mid-May. Hundreds of students gathered outside her school and the court to show their support for the girl known as "Grace".

Coronavirus live updates: deaths and cases - UK, Australia, Canada, Spain... news today Study suggests coronavirus spread swiftly around world in late 2019 A genetic analysis of samples from more than 7,500 people infected with COVID-19 suggests the new coronavirus spread quickly around the world late last year and is adapting to its human hosts, scientists said on Wednesday. A study by scientists at University College London's (UCL) Genetics Institute found almost 200 recurrent genetic mutations of the new coronavirus - SARS-CoV-2 - which the researchers said showed how it may be evolving as it spreads in people. Francois Balloux, a UCL professor who co-led the research, said results showed that a large proportion of the global genetic diversity of the virus causing COVID-19 was found in all of the hardest-hit countries. That suggests that the virus was already being transmitted extensively around the globe from early on in the epidemic. "All viruses naturally mutate.

Antisemitism settlement plunges Labour party into civil war Labour’s decision to pay a six-figure libel settlement to ex-staffers who claimed the party was failing to deal with antisemitism has plunged the party back into civil war, with Jeremy Corbyn publicly condemning his successor’s decision to settle the case. Corbyn’s statement caused astonishment among the litigants in the libel action, with the Panorama journalist John Ware confirming to the Guardian that he was “consulting his lawyers” and raising the prospect of another costly court battle over Labour and antisemitism. Corbyn said he was disappointed by the settlement brokered under Keir Starmer, calling it a “political decision” against legal advice, and said the decision “risks giving credibility to misleading and inaccurate allegations about action taken to tackle antisemitism in the Labour party in recent years.” The ex-staff members alleged senior figures in the party minimised and interfered with attempts to deal with antisemitism complaints about party members.

Playing in 'The Yard': A first look at the new game mode in 'Madden 21' With "The Yard," the new game mode landing on "Madden NFL 21," developers are trying to take football to the backyard. You're not exactly drawing up plays in the dirt or on the palm of your hand, but having spent some time playing in "The Yard," it's a casual diversion for players who want a break from the rigors of traditional pro football. "The Yard" is among the new options included in the hugely popular annual video game release, which launches August 28 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You start by creating your own avatar, with help from the Gillette Style Zone, which allows players to pull together any combination of hair styles, beards, mustaches and everything in between. But a player's individuality goes beyond just those physical features.

Trump calls GOP coronavirus proposal 'semi-irrelevant' as deal appears far off President Trump on Tuesday called the Senate Republicans' coronavirus relief package "semi-irrelevant" when asked whether he supported the legislation at a news conference, underscoring the deep divides between the White House, congressional Republicans and congressional Democrats as lawmakers scramble to pass something in the coming days. At the end of this week, extra unemployment benefits approved in previous legislation will expire just as millions of Americans will need to pay their rent. Yet Senate Republicans are struggling to rally behind their own $1 trillion proposal, as negotiations with Senate Democrats are set to ramp up. Then the bill will have to clear the Democrat-controlled House, which passed its own $3 trillion billion bill in May. Trump appeared to be attuned to that reality when asked whether there were any provisions in the GOP proposal that he doesn't support.

Parscale replacement ‘shocked’ Trump campaign staffers, despite speculation Brad Parscale’s abrupt demotion Wednesday night “shocked” some inside the Trump campaign, sources familiar with the move told Fox News, even as President Trump’s sliding poll numbers and the recent Tulsa rally debacle had raised questions about his future. The president announced on Facebook and later on Twitter Wednesday night that Parscale would be replaced as campaign manager by Bill Stepien, who had served as deputy campaign manager. Parscale, who ran Trump’s digital advertising in 2016 and was promoted to Trump’s right hand man for the 2020 cycle, is expected to shift back to his previous role. Two top campaign officials told Fox News that Parscale will serve as a senior advisor focusing entirely on the campaign’s digital operation and data collection. Still, multiple sources told Fox News that many expected Parscale to stay through the election, and that Wednesday night’s announcement came as a “surprise” and that many were “shocked.”