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Sci-Fi Author Neal Stephenson Joins Mystery Startup Magic Leap as 'Chief Futurist' If nothing else, Magic Leap knows how to capture the imagination. Silicon Valley is already abuzz over this stealthy augmented-reality startup, mainly due to some funding from Google and a brief glimpse of the company’s technology that shows a 3-D virtual elephant floating above someone’s hands. And now, the company has raised its cachet even higher by teaming up with big-name science fiction writer and game designer Neal Stephenson, author of such sci-fi classics as Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon. Studies on National Movements Welcome to Studies on National Movements (SNM). This international online journal is devoted to the comparative historiography of national and regional movements and the theory formation of nationalism. Studies on National Movements is published by NISE, the platform for scholars as well as research and heritage institutes. The journal is edited by the NISE Coordination Centre, and peer reviewed by an international advisory board. If this is your first visit, you can register here. Current issue

Howling Wolves #futr Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog Back Browse World Future Savvy: Quality in Foresight When a quality view of emerging customer (or stakeholder) needs, requirements, and preferences has been achieved, what are the levers you pull? How do you go from a 30,000ft view of the future to something that practically exists? Below (diag. thanks to Peter Stoyko) is a part of the dashboard that is applied in-workshop, along with a selection of classic innovation-design tools, strategy canvases, and business model consoles, to foster creative adaptation to future opportunities & threats.. I’m also a part of the Stanford Foresight & Innovation team, and where required am able to apply this foresight-to-innovation framework:

futureeverything on USTREAM: FutureEverything 2010, GloNet. Conf Watch without ads Ustream © Search Andrew Marshall: The quiet American Inscrutably influential HE RARELY speaks in public and almost never to the press. Most of his reports are secret. A historian once asked if even his brain was classified. But for over four decades Andrew Marshall’s judgments, emanating from a small office in the Pentagon, have guided American defence policy.

@aoc03 #futr Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog Locate Me Building better tomorrows A crash course in technology thinking Have you shot a dronie? If not, you probably will soon. Dronies are like selfies filmed by remote-controlled drones, registering your face and surroundings from the sky. Dronies are the natural evolution of existing technological trends, and might teach us a broader lesson about what the future holds. Many of us are uncomfortable with the rapid pace of technological development, and some of the changes can really get under our skin. International Journal of Communication The International Journal of Communication is an online, multi-media, academic journal that adheres to the highest standards of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world. The International Journal of Communication is an interdisciplinary journal that, while centered in communication, is open and welcoming to contributions from the many disciplines and approaches that meet at the crossroads that is communication study. We encourage readers to REGISTER now.

Zhan Li: science fiction, design futures and foresight communication I went to LA in June 2012, a lively trip where I did research on foresight communication, the sharing economy and gamification. I was told, in this context, by friend and colleague Stuart Candy that I had to talk to Zhan Li. So I caught up with him at his home in leafy South Pasadena. He is a truly synthetic and integrative thinker, complex and sophisticated, and this is what I loved about talking with him. Are We Creating the Future by Predicting It? With all this talk of foresight strategy, we have reached a point where the lines between predicting and creating the future are starting to blur. It says on the Wikipedia article for strategic foresight that strategic foresight is a fairly recent attempt to differentiate “futurology” from “futures studies.” It arises from the premise that: 1.

Society for History in the Federal Government |  Federal History Journal A print edition is sent to SHFG members. Cover: Cape Girardeau, Missouri, April 25, 1927, during the Mississippi River flood (National Archives 77-MRF-14) Title page/Contents Richard Slaughter In 2009 the special issue of Futures on Integral Futures that was edited by Slaughter was voted one of the "most important futures works of 2008" by the Association of Professional Futurists.[1] Founded in 1999 at the Swinburne University of Technology, the Australian Foresight Institute was designed as a specialized research and post-graduate teaching unit. A research program on Creating and Sustaining Social Foresight was funded and supported by the Pratt Foundation and produced a series of monographs.[3] The institute was disestablished in 2005, with the teaching program subsumed into Swinburne University of Technology's Faculty of Business and Enterprise, with the new name of The Strategic Foresight Program.

International Journal of Social Science Studies International Journal of Social Science Studies (IJSSS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Redfame Publishing. It publishes original research, applied, and educational articles in all areas of social science. Authors are encouraged to submit complete unpublished and original works that are not under review in any other journals. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following topic areas: anthropology, archaeology, area studies, cultural and ethnic studies, economics, gender and sexuality studies, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology. The journal is published in both printed and online versions.

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