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Auto Electrician in Ballarat | Performance Auto Electric Roof Installation | Colorado Springs, CO | McWilliams Roofing A growing segment of the roofing industry is metal roofing. The various types of metal roofs include metal shingles as well as long spans of metal panels. Metal panels are easily installed on steep roofs and are becoming more popular for their aesthetics and inherent fire resistance and are common in both residential and commercial construction. Whether you’re rehabbing an existing foam roof or coating an existing roof, McWilliams Roofing has a roof system to meet your needs. Cataract Surgery Minneapolis | Whiting Clinic LASIK + Cataract A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens in your eye. Much like a dirty window, cataracts are difficult to see through, even with glasses or contact lenses. If you’ve been told you have a cataract, you’re not alone. Cataracts affect approximately 60% of people over 60 years old. A 15 minute procedure can reverse decades of vision impairment. Offering the latest in Custom Laser-Guided Cataract Surgery and the extensive expertise of surgeons, Dr. Dr. Dr. Refractive cataract surgeons, like Dr. With the latest in Custom Laser-Guided cataract surgery, the use of femtosecond lasers, and advanced lens implants, coupled with the most advanced refractive laser systems, Whiting Clinic stands out as a premier choice for cataract surgery. Drs. A 15 minute procedure can reverse decades of vision impairment. Modern cataract surgery is amazing! Near vision is clear. Functional vision at multiple distances is achieved without dependence on glasses.* *Individual Results Vary Near very blurry.

Ketamine Treatment Center in Fairfax County, VA Depression and pain can be difficult to deal with, even with a psychiatrist and prescribed medication. If you’re interested in additional treatment options, consider ketamine. Nova Health Recovery is the top ketamine treatment center in Fairfax County, VA, and serving northern Virginia. We make it our mission to help you recover. Treating Many Disorders Our doctors have 23 years of experience developing targeted ketamine treatment and therapies. Depression and suicidal thoughtsAnxietyBipolar disorderMigrainesFibromyalgiaCRPSRSDPTSDOCDLyme disease If any of these disorders keep you from living your best life, ketamine treatment may be the answer. Serving Fairfax County, VA Nova Health Recovery has been serving the people of Fairfax County, VA, for years. We offer evening and weekend appointments available by arrangement. In addition to ketamine treatment, we offer: At Nova Health Recovery, we aim to help you reclaim your life.

Where to Sell Electrical Equipment Manufacturers: Circuit Breakers: We buy ALL kinds of circuit breakers. Bus Plugs: Sell bus plugs to us, no matter what kind, what size or even how old. Fusible Switches: Sell us your fusible switches including bolted pressure and load break switches, panel mount switches, automatic and manual transfer switches, disconnect switches, etc. Motor Controls: Not sure where to sell motor controls? Transformers: We are where you go to sell transformers. For more information about selling electrical equipment to Widespread Sales, check out our purchasing line card. Lake Murray Boat Rentals Provider I Lexington Catering Services - Tarantella Ristorante | Italian Restaurant Weston, Southwest Ranches | Tarantella Ristorante Pizzeria Well, we’re just the perfect choice for any of the following and a whole lot more: “Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Engagements, Corporate Meetings” Plan your party today. Banquet rooms available. Seating 20-200 Tarantella’s takes great pride in tailoring individual menus for each event. Traditional to cutting edge, elegant to casual, our chefs receive raves consistently from our most discerning clientele. We feel that delicious, imaginative cuisine and impeccable service should not be hindered by the size or location of any event. Make your reservation now by calling (954)349-3004 or by filling out the form below and we will be in touch very soon. Catering for Take Out Hosting an event or having a party? Catering Menu – $30.00 per person Caprese with assorted Italian vegetables (Served with house vegetables) Eggplant topped with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese Marsala, Francese, Picata, Pizzaiola, Parmigiana, Zingara Fresh tomato & garlic, white wine & herb, picata (choose one)

Heilmassage in 1140 Wien Eine Heilmassage trägt nicht nur zu Ihrem körperlichen Wohlbefinden, sondern auch zur seelischen Ausgeglichenheit und zu einer intensiven und langanhaltenden Entspannung bei. Es können gezielt Probleme und Beschwerden bekämpft werden. Melden Sie sich bei Christian Wallisch, Ihrem Heilmasseur in Wien, für eine professionelle Massage – ich freue mich darauf, Sie bald in einem meiner Massageinstitute begrüßen zu dürfen! Durch Berührungen Schmerzen überlagern Ich betrachte den Menschen als Ganzes und finde so die Ursache Ihrer Beschwerden. Eine Heilmassage vom Profi Eine Heilmassage in meiner Praxis in Wien ist etwas Intimes.

Michael Parkinson, Your Neighborhood Expert in Boone, NC Michael grew up in Midland, Michigan, graduated high school in 1970 and attended college in Lansing Michigan. During a vacation break in 71 Michael met his soon to be wife in Miami where she was just graduating college. They married in her hometown of Mooresville, NC in 72. Michael worked for Dade Paper Company for 20 years into 1994. Starting in the early 80’s Michael, his wife and their two daughters vacationed very regularly in the Boone, NC area. Michael’s a full time Realtor and the 80/20 rule applies in real estate too. 20 percent of the Realtors do 80 percent of the business.

Ursachenanalyse - KSK GmbH Schimmel sieht nicht nur unschön aus, sondern gilt auch als Gesundheitsrisiko. Die Ursachen für Schimmelbefall können ganz unterschiedlich sein: In aller Regel ist falsches Lüften dafür verantwortlich, aber auch Baumängel können zu Schimmel führen. Aufgrund des Gesundheitsrisikos muss bei einem Schimmelbefall eine gewissenhafte und nachhaltige Schimmelentfernung an erster Stelle stehen. Wir, das Team der KSK GmbH, untersuchen die nutzungsbedingten und bauwerksbedingten Ursachen, ehe wir uns zuverlässig um die Schimmelbeseitigung kümmern. Für die Bildung und Ausbreitung eines Schimmelpilzbefalls ist Feuchtigkeit die Voraussetzung. Nachhaltig und zuverlässig Weil die möglichen Schadensursachen ganz unterschiedlich sein können, führen wir, das Team der KSK GmbH in Erkrath, vor der Schimmelentfernung eine Ursachenanalyse durch. - Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer, Stocker Bucks