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Atlantis Remixed

Atlantis Remixed

Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) Skip to main content Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) About AuSSi The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) is a partnership of the Australian Government and the states and territories that seeks to support schools and their communities to become sustainable. AuSSI engages participants in a whole-of-school approach, to explore through real-life learning experiences, improvements in a school's management of resources and facilities including energy, waste, water, biodiversity, landscape design, products and materials. It also addresses associated social and financial issues. The Initiative's vision is for all Australian schools and their communities to be sustainable. News and events For news and information about AuSSI in your local area, please visit your state/territory AuSSI website. Become an AuSSI School How to register as an AuSSI school. Publications and resources Books and reports Evaluation reports Case studies Glossary Glossary and useful terms

NSW EfS PL Hub AESA Education for Sustainability AESA Sci & Env Ed Introduction The Science Concepts: Years 5-10 materials (print, CD-ROM and website) provide explanations to key concepts that are taught as part of the Years 5 to 10 curriculum. The explanations are supported by activities that have been developed over many years' experience with Deakin University science methods units, and have been used by students to plan activity sequences that explore and engage students' conceptions in a range of topic areas. The significant amount of research into students' understanding of science has found a number of findings that include: Students come into our classes with a range of prior ideas or conceptions of the physical world - they are not 'empty vessels'. Many of these conceptions differ in important ways from the view of the world scientists have constructed. These findings suggest teaching and learning strategies that need to focus on conceptual learning whereby the students' conceptions are taken into consideration. Topics back to top

Future Sparks - Teachers resources We hope this site gives you a burst of energy! It's fun , it's action packed , it's flexible and it will help inspire everyone to see a way through the overwhelming reality of climate change. We have been genuinely amazed and inspired by the breath-taking advances and creativity coming out of the clean energy sector around the globe. There are many ways to use this website - everything from a brief session to an extended inquiry. It's compatible with the Australian curriculum, jam-packed with resources and will allow you to use ICT at a level you are comfortable with. Not forgetting NAPLAN, the persuasive writing stimuli and competition will give everyone a chance to put those skills to use before the big day in May. Future Sparks is: a relevant application of creativity, problem solving and communication skills a tool to connect students with other students, creating a learning community a bridge to the real-world and the myriad industries connected to a clean energy future

Reversegarbage - Eco Art Reverse Garbage runs eco-art workshops in schools, at festivals, for community groups and at our urban environmental education facility located in our warehouse. Our workshops fuse art and environmental education and are suitable for a variety of audiences. Within the workshops, we teach which natural resources our materials come from and participants develop an appreciation of how consumption and waste impacts on our environment. The creative application of salvaged materials also encourages thinking outside the square and about ways that ordinary objects that are often deemed as rubbish can be reused. For more information about Reverse Garbage workshops or to obtain a quote, please contact our Workshop Co-ordinator! Funding Acknowledgements In 2007, Reverse Garbage purchased an art workshop van, enabling us to travel more easily to schools and community events. In 2009, supported by the Lord Mayor's Suburban Initiative Fund, we re-vamped the Reverse Garbage warehouse.

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