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Handmade Paper…

Handmade Paper…
1. Select the pieces of paper to be recycled. You can even mix different types to create your own unique paper. 2. Rip the paper into small bits, and place into the blender. (about half full). 3. 4. 5. Place the mold into the pulp and then level it out while it is submerged. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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Lesson 1: Small Bar Borders Lesson 1 Mistress Dairine Mor o' uHigin, OLAKA Gael Stirler Small bar borders, like the one in the picture to the right, were often used around text and miniatures in period manuscripts. Many different patterns were used--from those as simple as a line--to elaborate vines and geometric shapes. In nearly all cases the borders were painted red, pink or blue. If red and blue borderes were combined, the artists were careful to keep a balance between the colors as in this example.

DIY Dorm: Smartphone Projector Nowadays, we can do almost anything on a smart phone: send emails, play games, and even watch movies. Sometimes, however, squinting at the small screen can leave our eyes feeling tired. Rather than watch a movie or show on the tiny screen, why not magnify it via your very own projector? Check out this fun and simple addition to our DIY Dorm series: guest blogger - Sasha from The Guilded Bee: Here's another DIY project from our sweet friend, Sasha - from the The Gilded Bee. Be sure to check out her awesome shop full of handmade packaging lovelies. Thanks for being here with us Sasha! I'm delighted to share my book tutorial with you today: Supplies you’ll need to make this project: • One—8.5 x 5.5 sheet of cardstock

How To Make a Secret Hollow Book: The first step into making the hollow book is to select a book. Make sure this is a book your own, and not one belonging to the library, or your family. I suggest rummaging through books at yard/garage sales. Make sure it is a hardback; otherwise you will cut all the way through the other side when you are cutting out the insides.You'll also need: Elmer's white gluea container to hold glue solution (I've chosen a film canister)X-acto knife, and/or box cutter. Sticks, Stones, and Paper Stew Blog This is for you Wendy Y-H. Hope you take a peek! For this seasons 4E house project I’ve decided to create a tunnel book. Whitework Class Handout Whitework is a form of illumination that dates from around the 11th century or so (maybe even a little earlier), and was taken to high perfection in the Renaissance. To do it takes practice and patience, a steady hand for long thin lines, and a little bit of self-perfection. The following is my attempt to explain how to do it... but it is a very hands on and visual type of technique, so I’m not sure a handout such as this can do it justice. I always add a drop (off the end of a brush) of gum arabic to my paints when I do the initial mixing, mainly because W&N tends to skimp on it in their tube gouache for shipping, but they add a bit more glycerin, so you need to remove it as you squeeze color out of the tube.

Sophisticated Salt Dough I can totally remember being a kid and making salt dough ornaments at Christmas time. Snowmen, hearts, stars all painted and glittered, albeit a bit lumpy, hanging heavy on the tree. Fun. Thirty plus years later, they're still fun to make and can have a more sophisticated look. Make This - Stab Bound Notebooks - Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This? I find myself writing things down for people all the time – web addresses, directions, the name of a glue, the name of a bar, etc. I always carry my Moleskine with me but there’s no way I’m going to tear pages out of that! These notebooks are a great alternative – they sew up fast, they’re the same size as a business/calling card, and the pages stay in place better than in a spiral notebook but they tear out easily when you need them to. Supplies and Equipment:

Stash Book - great idea to store your jewelry There are lots of different jewelry storages ideas. One of the interesting solutions is stash book. It doesn’t take much space, does not attract attention and looks very stylish and elegant. Calligraphy Design: Simple Ink and Gold Border December 14, 2009 by wolfgangcat A simple border of pen sprays with a few touches of gold can be an effective, elegant frame for an illustration whether it is drawn in pen and ink, a grisaille style, or painted in color. Raised gesso gilding, ink on vellum (c) A. Lucas 2009