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Everything You Need to Know About Hydro Jetting If you’re currently having a plumbing problem, there’s a fair chance that you’ve probably hit the Internet looking for answers. If your problem has anything to do with a clog or a backup, we’d bet that you’ve come across the phrase “hydro jetting” in your search… but what is hydro jetting exactly? We’re sure that you can guess what it is just by the sound of the phrase, but we understand that you don’t want to leave your plumbing system up to guesses. There are certain things that you just need to know. We’re here to tell you everything that you need to know about hydro jetting in Orlando, FL today.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC We talk about leaks often on this blog, but we rarely ever get into the specifics of how much they cost. Depending on where you live and your municipality, a water leak can cost a different amount of money. That being said, they’re always costs that can be avoided, and they tend to hurt the environment just as much as your wallet. Summer is a time of conserving water usage.

Franchot says stimulus funds are 'very critical' for Maryland to have a balanced budget - @BryanRenbaum Comptroller Peter Franchot said the funds in the $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus package that Congress is considering are “very critical” for Maryland’s state and local governments. They are “very critical as far as the state budget and the county budgets and the municipal budgets because we’re all kind of joined at the hip on this,” Franchot told “And I would say that without a federal relief plan for the states we are going to really regret the consequences as far as Maryland goes because unlike the federal government we can’t just write a blank check to ourselves. We have to have a balanced budget.”

Maryland Chamber of Commerce president expresses concern over numbers in latest US jobs report - @BryanRenbaum Maryland Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Christine Ross said the numbers in the federal government’s latest jobs report are cause for concern because they call into question the extent to which the nation’s economy has recovered from months of coronavirus lockdowns. “The slowdown in job growth between June and July is concerning because it indicates that our economic recovery has plateaued or, worse, is faltering,” Ross told in an email on Friday. Ross added: “This is tied directly to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases across the country, as well as Congress’ inability to reach a deal on the 4th stimulus package. Maryland’s small businesses continue to struggle on a number of fronts, and state and federal action is needed to assist with their ongoing financial needs.” The report was released by the U.S.

Montgomery County Water Heaters Skip to main content Menu Home About + Our Company Service Area Discolored Water From the Taps: What It Might Mean You have probably encountered this before: you come back home after a vacation of one to two weeks. You turn on the faucet in the bathroom or the kitchen, and the first water to flow out is reddish-brown. Nothing to worry about, it will go away in less than a minute as the dry pipes clear out residue. But what if water discoloration starts at a different time? You Need a New Water Heater If… Have you noticed that this summer has brought warm weather, long days, and… water heater trouble? One of these is definitely not like the others. If you’re having water heater trouble, you’re going to need to call us for your water heater services. Your water heater is important even in a place like Florida. Your water heater is important in the summer too.

Maryland bankruptcies continue to climb during pandemic - @BryanRenbaum More than 7,200 of Maryland’s businesses have filed for bankruptcy this year, according to the latest data from the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), which covers the months of January through July. Of those businesses 73% (5,274) filed for Chapter 7 relief (liquidation) and 26% (1,906) filed for Chapter 13 relief (payment reorganization). Maryland ranks 42nd among states with the greatest year-to-year increase in bankruptcy filings. States with some of the highest coronavirus positivity rates also had some of the highest increases in year-to-year bankruptcy filings.

How to Reduce Your High Water Bill this Summer Summer time is iconic for vacations, beach trips, and hot weather. It’s also a time where you may notice a high water bill. Whether you’re filling a swimming pool, or using your hoses more frequently in your garden due to the heat, there are plenty of reasons why your water bill may spike in the hotter months. While you may be using water more often, there are ways to reduce your high water bill this summer. Aqua Plumbing & Air is Certified and Commissioned to Install a Variety of Commercial HVAC and Fresh Air Systems The air quality inside your commercial building is an essential element that business owners, landlords, educators, and healthcare professionals cannot afford to overlook. If the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in your commercial business are delivering contaminated air to your employees — and experts estimate that half of commercial HVAC systems are contaminated — the health, productivity, and comfort of building occupants are at risk. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that Americans are indoors 90 percent of the time.

Yes, Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Maintenance Too! What do you think of when someone says the word maintenance? Do you think of taking your car to the mechanic? Perhaps you think of some other piece of heavy machinery that you use regularly, or your plumbing in Port St. Maryland Senate workgroup releases report with recommendations to prevent housing crisis - @BryanRenbaum A Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee workgroup released a report on Monday that includes a dozen recommendations that Maryland’s executive and judicial branches can implement to help prevent a housing crisis that could be spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. The 24-page Workgroup Report on COVID-19 and Housing was crafted with input from various state entities and agencies such as the District Court of Maryland and the Department of Housing and Community Development. It recommendations include providing tenants with legal counsel in eviction cases, increasing rental assistance, an executive order to ban late fees associated with the pandemic, and that courts to do more to facilitate payment agreements between tenants and landlords. The workgroup was established in May by Judicial Proceedings Committee chair Sen.

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