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This is the Visual Basic tutorial and resource center where everyone can learn visual basic programming from our tutorials including visual basic 2012, visual Basic

This is the Visual Basic tutorial and resource center where everyone can learn visual basic programming from our tutorials including visual basic 2012, visual Basic

Visual Basic Training The fundamentals of Web applications are reviewed, and a testbed is established for ASP.NET and Internet Information Services. The architecture of ASP.NET is outlined, including the role of compilation, the Page class, and code-behind. Web Forms are introduced, including server controls, view state, life cycle, and the event model. Request/response HTTP programming using ASP.NET is covered. Visual Studio 2010 is used to greatly simplify the development of ASP.NET Web applications, including facilitating UI design. Additional server controls are introduced, including menus and master pages. The final section of the course introduces rich client-side development with ASP.NET AJAX and use of the ASP.NET MVC framework. See Full Outline

VBA Tutor - Help, Tutorials and Free Lessons. What is the 'ESSENCE' of VBA? To understand the 'Essence' of VBA, you must understand that every part of a MS Office program is made up of , and these Objects have that can be 'set' or 'altered' in response to a user initiated such as a 'mouse click' or a 'keypress'. In WORD for example, the 'Menu Bar' is an Object. Some of these properties are either 'true' of 'false'. Some of these properties could have a 'numerical' value. Some of these properties could have a 'text' value. Using a mouse or a keyboard, the user initiates an . VBA 'controls' this interection between and their in response to a user initiated 'ESSENCE' of VBA! - .NET/ASP.NET/COM/VB.NET/C# information/components Free Online Web Tutorials - Microsoft Access Tutorial If you develop your database into an application for others to use, there are many features you can use to help users navigate through your database and to keep them where you want them to be. You can manage the toolbars and menus that come with Access as well as create your own. On forms and reports, each time a user performs an action, an event occurs. You can program responses to these events. The programming of Access is divided into two pieces: macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The response to an event can be either a macro or VBA procedure (also called code). When you have large databases and multiple users, you might also be concerned with optimizing your database as well as startup, multiuser, keyboard, and other options. Events: Creating Event Response Events are user actions such as clicking the mouse, pressing a key, or opening a form. Steps 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. For more help on building a macro, see also "Macros: Create in Design Window." Hyperlink Appearance 1. 2. 3.

Karl E. Peterson's Classic VB Code Welcome This FAQ site is designed to help Microsoft Access developers find answers for some common questions. All code, utilities, and addins provided here are free and you are allowed to use them as part of your own applications. If you are going to redistribute any code, please be courteous to the original authors by mentioning their contributions and by following any copyright guidelines the author may have provided along with the utility or code. First and foremost, my thanks to Felix Kasza for providing the space for this website. A personal thanks to Arvin Meyer, who, since mid-2002, has been helping me, as the co-author of the site. More and more people from around the world now contribute to the Access FAQ. And another round of Thanks to Ken Getz, Michael Kaplan, Andy Baron, Michel Walsh, Terry Kreft, Jim Ferguson and many others for sharing their expertise and insight into Access with us, through the newsgroups or on a personal basis.

Visual Basic .NET 2010 Express - A "From the Ground Up" Tutorial Updated April 15, 2014 What's this course all about? Microsoft has made it as easy as they can for you to learn .NET by giving away a really great Visual Studio based development system absolutely free: Visual Basic .NET 2010 Express Edition. VB.NET 2010 Express is really a free version of Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft's premier development environment. --------Click Here to display the illustration -------- Because VB.NET Express is a version of Visual Studio, just about any book about Visual Studio will also apply to VB.NET Express to some degree, so use your Visual Studio books if you have them and if they apply to Visual Basic. This course is also a living document. The current contents of the tutorial are as follows: Part 1 - A "From the Ground Up" Tutorial - An introduction to the course. Part 2 - Visual Basic Fundamentals - The basics of the VB Language and How To Find More Information. Part 3 - About Programming - Software systems and the Systems Development Life Cycle.