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Awkward Stock Photos

Awkward Stock Photos
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DEAR BLANK, PLEASE BLANK - Pìcame – Visual arts smugglers. Un progetto ironico e geniale di Jared Wunsch e Hans Johnson. Le stampe si possono acquistare online ma la cosa più divertente è inviare le proprie submission e vedersele pubblicate sul sito. Altri esempi dentro al post. UPDATE: si può scaricare gratis l’app per iPhone da qui. An ironic and brilliant project by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson. Comments comments 13 Most Awkward Stock Photos Most people only see stock images that have actually been purchased to illustrate some kind of idea or feeling, but the people who make stock images work to ensure there is an image out there for just about any conceivable notion. As a result, there are a lot of seriously strange stock photos with no apparent use other than humoring people, check out some of the funniest images collected at this hilarious blog called Awkward Stock Photos ( Via Neatorama ). There's nothing like a relaxing, almost orgasmic experience than spending your evening with a cactus, if I do say so myself. She's either having too much fun with her cosmetic surgery, or she's a funky mummy. This is quite different from the gifts my dog leaves for me. I bet this is not a Kamasutra position. Sweet dreams. Stock women models are really crazy. Frontpage of the most successful "dating for seniors" website. Totally random arm hanging from the rafters, WTF? Found thanks to Jill Harness' post at Neatorama.

Top 10 des émissions télé pour la jeunesse légèrement traumatisantes (au secours) Chez Topito, c'est bien connu, nous sommes de grands enfants. Nous avons donc replongé avec nostalgie dans nos souvenirs d'émissions ou de dessins animés, et force fût de constater que, même si certaines nous ont enthousiasmés, d'autres étaient un peu particulières. Au point qu'on se demande toujours comment on a pu échapper à un certain nombre de pathologies mentales (ou même, si on y a vraiment échappé, mais c'est un autre problème). Voici 10 émissions jeunesse déconseillées aux enfants. Téléchat, la plus "demain, c'est aujourd'hui en pire" Exhumée récemment des tréfonds de la bizarrerie télévisuelle grâce au Joueur du Grenier, cette émission parodiant le JT était une expérience à part entière. Et vous, laquelle vous a traumatisé? Découvrez aussi le Guide de Survie du Jeune Papa, le 1er livre de Topito :

J'TE BAISE The Best of Socially Awkward Penguin From the hive mind that brought you Family Tech Support Guy comes Socially Awkward Penguin. He’s a penguin. He’s socially awkward. We’re betting you’re somewhere in between. But wait, there’s more: Advice Animals on Reddit — Alcoholic Alligator is waiting for you.Family Tech Support Guy — CTRL F? Winter Wallpaper from the Fox Foundation One-Time Monthly In Tribute Team Fox Tweet HOME › Our Role & Impact › FoxFeed Blog The latest reporting and analysis on breakthroughs in Parkinson's research and issues that matter most to you. National Institutes of Health Receives $3 Billion Spending Boost March 22, 2018 The spending deal was released last night and the bill must be passed by this Friday, March 23. New $6 Million Program Looks at Causes of Parkinson's The Michael J. Ask the MD: Parkinson's Diagnosis and Biomarkers In the latest "Ask the MD" video, Dr. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) Tells PD Advocates: 'What You Do Matters' March 21, 2018 Senator Booker gave a keynote speech to nearly 300 advocates in Washington, D.C. for the 2018 Parkinson's Policy Forum. Collaboration Most Ambitious Initiative toward a Cure March 20, 2018 The Lancet Neurology calls the AMP PD program the "most ambitious initiative so far to find a cure for Parkinson's." Pharma Company Buys Up MJFF-funded Biotech and Motor Symptom Therapy March 19, 2018 March 14, 2018 Dr.

The magic button — Make Everything OK The 2014 AFP Calendar! November 17th, 2013 Get the 2014 AFP Day-To-Day Calendar in the AFP Store for only $11.99! Limited time only. Cash Money November 16th, 2013 It’s the thought that counts. (submitted by J) Oh Deer November 15th, 2013 No dogs allowed on the couch. (submitted by Perry) Weihnachtsmarkt Proof that Santa really doesn’t exist. (submitted by Leni in Germany)

Pokemon's Ten Most Disturbing Pokedex Entries Last week, Pokemon Black and White were finally released in America as the two latest installments of the long-running video game franchise. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced, to the point where I’ve been reading through the Pokedex — the official in-game database that describes all 649 Pokemon — and in doing so, I’ve discovered something: For a game made for children about adorable monsters, there’s a lot of really disturbing stuff in Pokemon. Okay, okay, admittedly: It’s a game made for children about adorable monsters who are sent out to fight each other for the enjoyment of their owners like gladiators battling at the pleasure of a ten year-old Caligula. That’s why today, ComicsAlliance is wandering through the tall grass to bring you the Ten Most Disturbing (and Completely Official) Entries in the Pokedex! At first glance, it doesn’t look like there could possibly be anything creepy about Delibird. Here’s what the Pokedex has to say about Delibird: