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Temperature-Sensitive Glass

Temperature-Sensitive Glass
Product Details Color-changing dyes and additives have been offered in paper, plastic, and textiles for some time, but this product takes the idea into a new area: glass tiles. Offered in a range of colors and sensitivities, the tiles change color based on ambient temperature, body temperature, or water temperature. The textured glass surface layer protects and highlights the color-change film on the tile. The tiles come in six standard lines. Related:  THERMO PAINTHeat

Mindsets online - Thermocolour / Thermochromic Sheet - Heat/Voltage Reactive Download or View the Design and Technology edition of Product News. Download or View the Special Science edition of Product News. Color-changing, heat-sensitive bandage indicates infection The color-changing, heat-sensitive fiber researchers plan to weave into bandages (Image: Louise van der Werff/CSIRO) Image Gallery (2 images) Australian researchers have developed a fiber that changes color in response to temperature with the aim of creating a smart bandage that can indicate the state of underlying wounds and warn of infection. Lead inventor of the color-changing fiber, Louise van der Werff, a CSIRO materials scientist and Monash University PhD student, says that weaving the fiber into a bandage will allow clinicians to determine the temperature across the wound and surrounding tissue. The researchers say the color changing bandages would be cheaper than the electronic equipment currently used by clinicians, and would also allow patients to better self-diagnose problems. The Australian research team has already created the color-changing fabric and expects to have a heat-sensitive bandage ready for industry trials within six months. Via: fresh science About the Author

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Stone Island Heat Reactive Jacket *notcot in wearable , 07:18 Thermochromatic goods seem to come and go and never quite disappear… remember when American Apparel brought it back and AZFN did their version too? Well latest to run into is Stone Island’s Heat Reactive Jacket “A hooded bomber jacket in cotton nylon canvas with thermosensitive liquid crystals, the garment changes colour according to the temperature. See the video of it dramatically changing colors Tags: fashion - gifts - outdoors - shopping - technology Thermochromic Glux: Toys & Games Temperature Sensitive Flexible Sheets Product Details This is a thermochromic, ready to use, vinyl material that is coated with liquid crystal and then covered with a clear polyester over laminate. These flexible sheets can be cut to size and used to create a touch sensitive color changing graphic that changes from black through the visible spectrum in between the temperature range of 25ºC to 30ºC (77ºF to 86ºF). The black to red color change occurs at 25ºC, the green color starts at 26ºC, the blue color starts at 30ºC and the clearing point when the film changes back to black is 34ºC. The colors observed depend not only on temperature but also on the viewing angle. PLEASE NOTE: This material can not be used outdoors — it will deteriorate very quickly from exposure to UV Light and other elements. The product has a 12-month shelf life if the sheets are stored correctly.

Kit-of-No-Parts About Newsletter Contact Recipes Ingredients Workshops Blog Traces and ConnectionsSensorsActuatorsResistorsCapacitorsTransistorsPower Drawing and PaintingElectroplatingGildingPrintingCarvingCutting and EngravingEtchingMolding and CastingSculptingAssemblage Colour-Changing Materials Thermochromic, Liquid Crystal… Thermochromic (temperature sensitive colour) Thermochromic pigments, paints and inks have the property that they become transparent when heated to a certain temperature. Linda Worbin is the head of the Smart Textiles lab at the Swedish School of Textiles and has done lots of work with thermochromatic paints and print. Suppliers Chromazone (International) >> B&H (ask for samples and for BAR free paint!) People and projects using thermochromic paint Liquid Crystal Paint >> Electroluminescent Paint Videos Jon Beck – Silk Screen-able Electroluminescent Ink >> Leave a Reply

PUMA Basket CC: heat-sensitive shoes These PUMA Basket CC sneakers are heat sensitive! For $78.95, you can protect your feet from fire and hot lava!!! How amazing! You can even touch them and make them glow with color! These same color-changing materials can also be found on the PUMA Liga CC and the PUMA Lab II CC. Thermochromic | Temperature change | Mood Ring Paint | pigments for the ultimate in color changing custom paint! Thermochromics change color dramatically (even from black to white) as the temperature changes. This pigment can be used in everything from custom paint to clothing. Our pigments have been used in everything from masks to motorcycles. Use in your own testing for a custom application! Thermochromic paints change as the temperature changes. As the temperature goes up, the pigment becomes colorless, revealing the base coat or graphics underneath. Mix these pigments with our pearls for a subtle and more protected paint job. Just mix into a clear base (like a blender or a binder) and spray it. 4 level teaspoons of our mixture per pint will get you great temperature or solar change paint at a great price.

Thermochromic inks from Siltech “Thermoprint” Irreversible Colour-change Inks We offer an ink/lacquer, a “chemithermal”, which can either be coated down onto label stock to produce the familiar “thermal-label”, or can be printed down as a heat-sensitive patch on a printed label. As the surface area required for the variable information (batch-code, sell-by date, bar code), is frequently only a small proportion of the total, it will be cost effective to print this patch when the rest of the label is printed. Compared with the use of thermal label stock, the printing of a small patch of our chemithermal ink can produce much improved margins for the printer. The normal colour change would be white to black, e.g. TFBK90 (Thermoprint, Flexo, Black, 90C), although other colours and temperatures can be offered. Thermoprint inks are also used in the manufacture of Security packaging. Let us offer you a FREE sample of Thermoprint; and let us offer a FREE demonstration of how you can get a better TE effect and save on cost.

Trifunctional Colors - Thermochromic Microcapsule, Photochromic Colorants, Thermochromic Colorants Introduction : Dye is a substrate showing its colour by absorption & reflection of light; it is affected greatly by circumstances. Thermochromic dyes have a characteristic whereby the colour changes according to temperature. However, because the dye (coloring matter) is very sensitive to circumstances, some shield (protection) is needed. In our Chameleon range the shield is a microcapsule. "A" loses its colour by absorption of heat, if the heat is intercepted; the coloring matter resumes its original chemical structure, and shows its own colour again. Thermochromic microcapsules are available in various colours, and they are also available with different temperature Sensitivities that affect their colour. These products are available in a powder form for plastic extrusion and Aqueous Slurry for Textile application such as dyeing and printing. Temperature change ranges are 7°C, 15°C, 25°C, and 31°C (The information and data contained herein are based on controlled lab work. 2. Properties: