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Welcome to OTHERPOWER.COM - Inventgeek Site News Electronic Drums - Build Your Own - LOGIZTIX Do It Yourself Drum Trigger Pads The instructions to build it right, the first time!! (Build this 5-piece electronic pad kit yourself for less!!) Welcome to our free instructions! This pad design is posted with the intention that drummers around the world will be able to build their own trigger pads that are both inexpensive and highly functional. Top of Page Building your own electronic drum pads may seem like a difficult task. We wanted the feel of a drum head and assumed that the best way to achieve that was with a drum head. Mounting the piezo directly under the head resulted in a broken piezo, while mounting it in the foam resulted in a poor response from the rest of the pad. The pad design has several advantages over many others: Drill with 1/4" bit (not pictured)Hot Glue GunSoldering Iron KitWire StrippersPocket Knife (not pictured)Scissors (not pictured)Flat Screwdriver (not pictured)Can Opener (not pictured)Gloves, Goggles, Pliers & Carbonated Beverage (optional) Step 1: Step 2: