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The cold fusion phenomenon has been observed for decades, but only recently has several kilowatts of excess heat successfully been generated and observed in a continuous and controlled reaction. It took Andrea Rossi almost 18 years to develop the Energy Catalyzer (ECAT), a device which will be the principal component in a new energy product range. Leaving neither toxic nor radioactive waste, Rossi’s ECAT has the potential to solve the global energy problem by delivering inexpensive and completely green energy. will provide answers to inquires from potential customers and collect non-binding orders for the first ECAT products. Due to the high expected demand, orders will be put on a waiting list. Delivery to be announced.

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Ground Antennas Experiment: Ground Antennas By Gerry Vassilatos & Michael Theroux THE historical essay on Ground Antennas is only a preliminary bibliography, a foundation upon which to place our empirical confidence. It is through the agency of just such articles and patents that an arcane world model finds its most complete explanation. The inherent wonder of signals detected by ground-connected shortwave receivers is their ability to receive signals with greater strength and clarity than conventional aerials, and to reveal the bioactivity of subterranean propagation. Beyond their use as audio "capture systems", such shortwave receivers display other more intriguing characteristics which lead our attentions up toward a technology of the sublime.

The Scalar Energy R&D of T.Galen Hieronymus Thomas Galen Hieronymus was a pioneer of scalar energy research and development and his lifelong effort has served to introduce to mankind a seminal understanding of this fundamental force in nature. Thomas Galen Hieronymus Hieronymus’ insight as to the nature of scalar energy was so advanced that he was able to invent various scalar energy instruments that were able to assemble, disassemble as well as detect physical matter. Subsequently, Hieronymus coined the term, eloptic energy, in order to describe this hitherto, unrecognized force in nature. Eloptic energy is synonymous with scalar energy and is derived from the words electricity and optics. Hieronymus observed that eloptic energy possessed some of the properties of electricity as well as some of the properties of optics, nevertheless, he realized that eloptic energy is not of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Car Runs 1 Million Miles on 8 Grams of Thorium In breaking news on the energy and technology front, Laser Power Systems, a U.S. company based out of Connecticut is developing a method of automotive propulsion using the element thorium to produce electricity. The results far surpass anything currently powering automobiles. To put it in perspective, 8 grams of Thorium produce enough power for a car to drive 1 million miles.

Thomas Henry Moray: The Sea of Energy ~ Excerpts of technical factoids & illustrations of the Moray Radiant Energy Receiver Thomas Henry MORAY Radiant Energy Receiver The Sea of Energy [ Excerpts ] Excerpts of technical factoids from: The Sea of Energy [ From the original The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats -- 1978 Edition: Cosray Research Institute, Salt Lake City, UT ] by Thomas Henry Moray Table of Contents Introduction Foreword Chapter 1 ~ Early years Chapter 2 ~ Radiant Energy in Earnest Chapter 3 ~ Frienemies Chapter 4 ~ Moray Products Company Chapter 5 ~ Patents Chapter 6 ~ Government Support Chapter 7 ~ A New Era of Energy Chapter 8 ~ Reactions by Means of Electron Excitation Chapter 9 ~ Dissociation of Matter Chapter 10 ~ Energy by Resonance Chapter 11 ~ Conclusion References Appendix I Appendix II Appendix III Appendix IV Appendix V Appendix VI Figures Introduction [ 4th Edition ] RADIANT ENERGY --- The term Moray has used to describe that source of energy coming from the cosmos to earth and radiating from the earth back from whence it came.

Fnysik - Kelvin's Thunderstorm Kelvin's Thunderstorm - or Kelvin’s water-drop electrostatic generator. by Bill Beaty The principle The basic idea is this: The positively charged object draws an excess of negative ions into the tip of the water dripper, then when the drop detaches, it carries away negative charge, leaving the earth slightly positive.

Italian company to sell portable cold fusion plant deliverable next year ( —Italian company Energy Catalyzer (shortened to ECAT) has announced that it is right now taking preorders for its ECAT 1MW portable cold fusion plant. Founded by Italian scientist Andrea Rossi, the plant has the scientific community shaking its collective head—it's never been peer reviewed and neither Rossi nor anyone else at ECAT has ever published a single paper regarding cold fusion or describing how the plant works. Cold fusion, is of course, a theoretical means of harnessing enormous amounts of energy by fusing atoms together.

Energy Catalyzer The device was demonstrated to invited audiences several times in 2011, and commented on by various academics and others, but no independent tests have been made, and no peer-reviewed tests have been published. Steve Featherstone wrote in Popular Science that by the summer of 2012 Rossi's "outlandish claims" for the E-Cat seemed "thoroughly debunked" and that Rossi "looked like a con man clinging to his story to the bitter end."[12] News From PESWiki PESWiki Blog A lot of action here presently. Most of the new stuff is going here. Featured: PES Network > News > Free Energy Blog - Latest include: HopeGirl on QEG, in London • German Group achieves QEG resonance • Zenith of manufacturing: Airbus A380 • Latest on QEG: Re-insulating Core • YMNEE Provides 1 MW QMoGen Photos • My Dad & the World’s Most Accurate Atomic Clock • MORE...(index) (PESWiki; Bullet updated April 12, 2014; 1:40 GMT)

La fin de l'histoire E-Cat? Andrea Rossi perd des fans pour son "fusion froide" dispositif The story of the E-Cat, the "cold fusion" device proposed by Mr. Andrea Rossi seems to be losing interest everywhere. Yesterday, Jan 14, another of Rossi's supporters, Mr. Daniele Passerini, announced that he is abandoning the fray and closing down his blog, at least for the time being.

Prof René-Louis Vallée Single Circuits Generate Nuclear Reactions Tesla_2006 * NewbieSingle circuits generate nuclear reactionsAugust 01, 2006 Hello, there are many single electric and electronic circuits can generate controlled nuclear reactions, totally ecology and of low costs, I've tested 3 circuits with full results 1) Discharging a condenser in a carbon rod

Caduceus Coil The Caduceus Coil Also called the Smith Coil or the Tensor Coil The caduceus coil is well known to some branches of orthodox science but largely neglected, waved away and often relegated to what is referred to as the realms of pseudoscience and free energy irrationality. However, many electronic experimenters have reported that they have observed numerous properties unexplained by this very same science. What the following represents is a veritable ocean of unexplored possibilities. To reject such things purely on the basis of lack of theory, when others have built the hardware and seen it working, is a strange brand of science. A description of a caduceus coil by Wilbert Smith.