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 Be the change you wish to see in this world

 Be the change you wish to see in this world

Tribune 10/2011 :: Jan Marijnissen: Er waart een spook SP :: Publicaties :: Tribune Tribune, november 2011 Column Jan Marijnissen Er waart een spook! Er waart een spook door de wereld, en het spook heet OCCUPY. De eisen mogen per land verschillen, de ondertoon is overal dezelfde: zij die denken dat ze het volk kunnen leiden, het volk kunnen besturen, moeten beseff en dat de belangen van het volk, en alleen die, op één horen te staan. Democratisering van het politieke bestel, democratisering van de burgerrechten, maar ook democratisering van de economie, de kurk waarop wij allen drijven. Jan Marijnissen Aussie police arrest 'Occupy' protesters Aussie police arrest 'Occupy' protesters Australian police clashed with protesters in Melbourne, November 16. Australian Police have arrested at least three protesters of the 'Occupy Melbourne' movement in a park in the center of the city amid growing public discontent with Canberra's economic policies. Police raided the protesters' camps in the Treasury Gardens early Wednesday morning and dragged the protesters out of the park, the Associated Press reported. A large number of police were deployed to bring down the protest camps. Demonstrators inspired by New York's “Occupy Wall Street'' (OWS) movement have been camping in central Melbourne for at least two weeks to protest corporate greed and economic inequality. Wednesday's move comes almost a month after police forcibly removed the Occupy Melbourne encampment in the City Square. The Occupy Melbourne movement demand a change in Australia's financial system which they say mainly benefits corporations and the wealthy.

UPDATED 11/15/2011: Complete List of Occupy Evictions Worldwide: Evicting Our Rights Added 11/16/2011 Auckland Aotea Square, Pending Eviction. Eviction of Fort Point Channel Park, Boston, Massachusetts. Occupy London, now pending again. Occupy UC Berkely, new camp now under threat. Compiling eviction information here to help media. A sad Day for America and our Constitutionally protected Republic. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF OCCUPY MOVEMENTS WORLDWIDE. I snarked on Saturday that the Mayors must have all read the Memo: EVICT Occupiers Well, I guess they did chat: Conspiracy theorists are going to love this one. Question: If police are successful in breaking up the camps, what next? Anyway, I volunteer to keep this Eviction Report running so we can see the trends. Are there enough evictions to see a trend? NYPD try new way to break up Occupy Wall Street – send in the homeless and the drunks Sad Day for America and the World. Shame on the Mayors of America and the 1% they work for. Occupy Wall Street Occupy Eugene Occupy Youngstown evicted 7:30am, November 11, 2011 Occupy Oakland

Update: 'Occupy' crackdowns coordinated with federal law enforcement officials - Minneapolis Top News Over the past ten days, more than a dozen cities have moved to evict "Occupy" protesters from city parks and other public spaces. As was the case in last night's move in New York City, each of the police actions shares a number of characteristics. And according to one Justice official, each of those actions was coordinated with help from Homeland Security, the FBI and other federal police agencies. The official, who spoke on background to me late Monday evening, said that while local police agencies had received tactical and planning advice from national agencies, the ultimate decision on how each jurisdiction handles the Occupy protests ultimately rests with local law enforcement. According to this official, in several recent conference calls and briefings, local police agencies were advised to seek a legal reason to evict residents of tent cities, focusing on zoning laws and existing curfew rules. UPDATE: Friday, 3:30 p.m. UPDATE: Thursday, 11:30 a.m. UPDATE: Thursday, 10:15 a.m.

Occupy-beweging heeft trekjes van open-innovatieproces | QréaCom Door het nieuwsbombardement over de euro(pa)-crisis lees je er niet zoveel meer over, maar de Occupy-beweging is still alive and kicking. Nog steeds bivakkeren er overal ter wereld duizenden mensen in tentjes om hun ongenoegen uit te spreken. Over wat? Over van alles en nog wat, maar vooral over de banken en het Grote Graaien. Actieleiders zijn er niet, duidelijk omschreven doelen, eisen of plannen evenmin. Dat kan nergens toe leiden, is dan ook de snelle conclusie van menigeen. Maar ik ben daar nog niet zo zeker van. De Occupy-beweging heeft de eerste stap gezet. Juist bij deze tweede stap zou een beetje sturing wel op z’n plaats zijn, denk ik. Occupy London: eviction notices attached to tents outside St Paul's | UK news An eviction notice hangs on a tent outside St Paul's Cathedral. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images The City of London Corporation has attached eviction notices to tents outside St Paul's Cathedral, telling activists to move them from the public highways by 6pm on Thursday or face legal action. It is the latest development in a month-long saga that has pitted the protest movement Occupy London against the corporation, the local authority for the Square Mile, and St Paul's. The notice is addressed to "each and every person taking part in and/or having erected tents or other structures at St Paul's Churchyard EC4". It reads: "Through the erection of tents and other structures, you and others involved in the Protest Camp have taken possession and control of the Red Land from the City of London Corporation without its consent. "The Protest Camp is therefore a trespass. "Not in a sense of going in there and causing a riot. The protest has now entered its fifth week outside St Paul's.

Political and business pressure mounts to clear Dutch Occupy camps Political and business pressure mounts to clear Dutch Occupy campsWednesday 16 November 2011 Although none of the Dutch Occupy camps have yet been dismantled, political and business pressure is mounting for a clear-up, the Volkskrant reports on Wednesday. Amsterdam’s mayor Eberhard van der Laan has said he would like the protestors camped outside the former stock exchange in the heart of the city to move by the beginning of next year. ‘It would be good if Occupy Amsterdam had moved to the Zuidas business park by the time we celebrate Sinterklaas (December 5),’ Van der Laan is quoted as saying. Local business are also considering going to court to have the protest camp removed, the Volkskrant said. Nationwide In Arnhem, companies located next to the Willemsplein camp have also made a formal complaint, which is supported by VVD councillors. In Eindhoven, the city council has agreed a small group of protesters can remain on the Clausplein until November 29. ©