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Zip-Itself Coin Purse

Zip-Itself Coin Purse
This zip-itself coin purse is truly an amazing and creative handmade design… zip-up to a tetrahedron shaped coin purse, unzip to a long ribbon. This zip-itself coin purse is made from 2 simple materials that you can get from the shop easily – ribbon and zipper. Get the tutorial on how to sew zip-itself coin purse with lining after this jump. I accidentally saw this zip-itself coin purse when I did a search for the tetrahedron coin purse and I love the idea. I knew I am going to scratch my head and drill into the detail of the design and make it one day…. On a relax weekend in June while shopping at a flea market in Straits Quay, I walked towards the only stall that sells handmade materials and finished handmade. July 30, 2011 August 27, 2011 September 24, 2011 October 29, 2011 Time: 10 am to 10 pm If you are not able to make it to meet them personally, then visit their online shop. {CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Zip-Itself Coin Purse.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Related:  PURSES

Anthro Headwrap Knockoff Despite the fact that I had lived in the Phoenix area all my life growing up, I decided that it would be a good idea to go to college in Flagstaff Arizona. It was there that I discovered that I have a fairly low tolerance for snow, ice and wind. And by fairly low I mean, I’m a big baby and complain a lot when subjected to temperatures below 40 degrees. We won’t even discuss the ear infections I got every year from wind. Because of that, when I’m in snow country, I’m pretty quick to slap a hat, headband, and/or earmuffs on to protect my ears. So when I came across the sweet little headwraps at Anthro this winter, I knew that they would be a perfect winter accessory knockoff! Check out my version: And here’s the Anthro Wintermallows Headwrap: (source Anthropologie) I made mine from a thrifted sweater – it worked out great! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own: • Thrifted Sweater • Pearls (optional – for rosettes) • Thread & Sewing Machine Turn right side out. Woohoo!

Sewing Tutorial | Triangle Coin Purse With Zipper After being inspired by the wrapped glutinous rice dumpling (粽子, Zòngzi) of a Chinese traditional festival, DuanWu Festival (端午節), I sewed some triangle coin purses recently. In fact, today is the actual date of DuanWu Festival which falls on every 5th day of 5th month of the Lunar calendar. If you are new to this rice dumpling, scroll down to see the one my mom made… yummy delicious….. may be I should start a food blog for my mom with all her delicious cookings & recipes that I am lucky to eat & grew-up with. For the detail of how to sew a triangle coin purse with zipper closure, read more after this jump: This 3-D triangle purse is actually in the form of tetrahedron shape with 3 triangles on the sides and 1 triangle on the base, other name of tetrahedron is “triangular pyramid”. If you look closer to the main photo, I sewed 2 different positions for the zipper, one on the triangle slope (left) and one at the center of the triangle (right). Materials: 1. Get all updates via email:

Re-Purposing: Sweater into Sling Purse .Have you noticed my newest sponsor Shoot In Style, found here? All you photographers (beginners and expert) will absolutely adore the great selection and quality of these great camera straps. Each strap is stylish yet perfectly comfortable and have quick release buckles attached to each end……making strap switching a breeze. .Looking for the Much Ado About You giveaway? Fall is the time that I start looking through the piles of old sweaters. Do you have a big stash like I do? It’s time to give those old sweaters a new life. (Haha, whew, I didn’t realize how many there were until I started attaching the links. But today, the old (too short) angora wool sweater becomes a sling purse.. And I think that this sweater is much happier out in the cool fall air, rather than in my stuffy dark closet. Don’t you agree? It really is a great cozy little companion for any sort of outing. The bottom of the purse adorns the ribbing from the bottom of the sweater……as well as each side of the strap. .

The Origami Lotus Bag Tutorial | Exchanging Fire My favorite project bag is this lotus-shaped drawstring bag I own. It’s square with some design features that reminds me of Japanese origami, the beautiful art of paper folding. I love the way it folds in on itself like those old fortune teller paper games we used to play in school when we were children. The design is both simple yet clever. Pulling the drawstring shuts the bag and creates handles for carrying, all without losing its basic shape. I knew this bag design would be perfect for the vintage fabric my grandmother bought while traveling in India in the ’70s, but when I looked around the Internet in an attempt to make it, I couldn’t find a pattern or tutorial for the design I liked anywhere. Origami Lotus Project Bag with yarn being knit into a shawl inside of it You’ll need two matching squares of fabric that are roughly 18 inches square and some matching ribbon. Second, iron your fabric so that it’s easier to work with. Now we’re getting to the folding. The Lotus Temple Bag

Macaron Coin Purse Just can’t help for not sewing these sweet little macaron coin purses when one of Craft Passion’s Facebook fans showed them to me. Thanks to XYZZhandmade for her inspiring handmade and some tutorial links in Japanese, this, this, this and this. No, I can’t read Japanese but I can guess from the pictures on how to sew it. Here is the English version of tutorial on how to sew this macaron coin purse where I have added more details in the sewing. The space inside the coin purse is quite limited but good enough to place some small jewelries like ear rings, rings; may be to keep some small coins, folded money; a place to keep small piece of note that wrote your shopping list and reminder etc. I have tried both nylon and metal zipper, each gave different feel and effect on the macaron coin purse.

Patchwork-y Bifold Wallet Tutorial Welcome to my first tutorial – I’m starting off with a wallet – which is a bit tricky and not first post material but I just finished it today and couldn’t wait. I will post smaller tutorials on inserting a magnetic snap closure and other techniques used in this tutorial. Also I have a tendency to type like I speak i.e. really really fast with bad grammar – so if my instructions are confusing at anytime please feel free to ask me a questions =D What you'll need: 1 outer fabric cover rectangle = 22 cm (w) x 20cm (h)5 patchwork scraps for outer fabric – total = 5cm (w) x 20cm (h)1 inner fabric rectangle = 22 cm (w) x 20cm (h)2 interfacing rectangles = 2 x 22 cm (w) x 20cm (h)2 x fabric for foldable card storage = 2 x 20cm (w) x 51.5cm (h) 8 interfacing rectangles for foldable card storage = 8 x 20cm (w) x 6cm (h) 1 zip pocket fabric = 20cm (w) x 11cm (h) 1 zip pocket interfacing = 20cm (w) x 10cm (h)1 zipper = 7 inch/ 17 cm 1 magnetic snap Refer to the picture below Refer to diagram.

Heart Shaped Pouch Mini-Tutorial I know a lot of you have asked for this heart pouch tutorial and I finally finished it! First, I want to let everyone know that I’ve finished and posted the licensed version of the Circle Zip Earbud Pouch. I’ve completely re-written the tutorial with new photos, an improved technique and the same PDF format as my other patterns with the same license so that you can make items to sell in your Etsy shops or at craft fairs. I was completely overwhelmed with the interest in the Earbud Pouch, so thank you to everyone who has made one (or twenty!) This is just a mini-tutorial. Download the PDF with the pattern pieces HERE. Pay close attention to the grain direction while cutting out your pieces. I cut my batting like 1/4″ smaller around the outside edges. Line up the Front Left pieces as shown, with the zipper pull to the left. Then place the Front Right pieces as shown, with the zipper pull to the left. Fold all pieces back away from the zipper and press, careful not to melt that zip.

Make Your Own Tags & As I mentioned on Friday, my husband and I are celebrating a big anniversary this week. To mark the occasion, we’re taking our two teenagers and getting away from these grey clouds to spend a few days in sunny Las Vegas. If you don’t hear from me until Friday, that’s why. If you never hear from me again, I won big. I wouldn’t worry if I were you. Lately, I’ve had a couple of people notice the tags I use in my projects and ask me where I got them. For some reason, it didn’t occur to me to put tags on my products when I started selling on Etsy. First, you’ll need to use your favorite program to create a layout. Next, you’ll need to cut a piece of freezer paper to 8 1/2 by 11”. Cut a piece of cotton fabric a bit larger than your paper. Cut the fabric even with the paper using sharp scissors or a rotary cutter. Feed into your printer so it will print on the fabric side. I sometimes store my labels this way, and I find they unravel less if I leave the paper on until I’m ready to sew them.

the Katie poncho My friend Katie was over recently wearing this fab little jersey knit poncho. I complimented her on it several times, then bravely asked if if could take a closer look. She finally ended up taking it off so that I could REALLY get a good look. Of course, I’m thinking, “I could totally make this!” She looked so cute in it. All she was wearing was some khakis and a long sleeve t with this cute little poncho. One trip to Jo Ann’s to get some jersey knit fabric and less than 2 hours later, I had exactly that. You’ll need: 1 yard of knit fabric of your choice. 1. 2. 3. 4.Open garment and lie flat so the seam is pressed flat. 5.This is what it will look like. Let me know if you have any questions. Be Sociable, Share!

10 Beautiful Fabric Flower Tutorials It is spring! If the flowers are not blooming yet here is a round-up of awesome tutorials to help you make your own flowers! Here you will find 10 beautiful fabric flowers, but don’t miss these five fabric flower tutorials! 1. How to make lovely fabric flowers 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. ..And how about updating your spring wardrobe with this beautiful rolled rose bracelet. 10. Just had to add one more! 11. If you need more flowers don’t miss the round-up of crochet flower tutorials and these darling fabric flowers!

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