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Knowledge management for development

Knowledge management for development
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KM4Dev Wiki Educational Video: The Top Cultural & Educational Video Sites Looking for great cultural and educational video? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have compiled a list of 46 sites that feature intelligent videos. This list was produced with the help of our faithful readers, and it will grow over time. If you find it useful, please share it as widely as you can. And if we’re missing good sites, please list them in the comments below. ABC Documentaries: This site pulls together some of the best documentaries aired on ABC television in Australia. Academic Earth: Some call this “the Hulu for education.” The site gathers together “the very best films and photographs of the world’s species into one centralised digital library, to create a unique audio-visual record of life on Earth.” Australian Screen Archive: The Australian National Film and Sound Archive provides free and worldwide access to over 1,000 film and television titles – a treasury of down-under video 100 years in the making. Pop!

Knowledge Sharing Tools and Methods Toolkit - home La prochaine révolution ? Faites-la vous même ! Cette semaine, InternetActu s'intéresse au bricolage, pour essayer de comprendre comment le numérique le transforme. Après avoir regardé comment celui-ci est devenu une composante essentielle de notre activité via les travaux de l'anthropologue Philip Ely, et chercher à comprendre pourquoi les gens bricolent avec le spécialiste de la question Eric von Hippel, observons maintenant ce que les gens font quand ils bricolent. "Dans la prochaine révolution industrielle, les atomes seront les nouveaux bits" En janvier 2010, Chris Anderson, rédacteur en chef de Wired et auteur de La longue traîne, tentait ainsi de résumer la révolution en cours du Do It Yourself (DIY, Faites-le vous même, en français). Après avoir considérablement contribué à développer, et démocratiser, ce que l'on appelait au siècle dernier la "micro-informatique", puis l'internet, hackers et bidouilleurs s'attèlent aujourd'hui à la fabrication et au développement de nouveaux objets, "libres". A quoi servent-elles ?

Alternatives to SharePoint – Are there really any good ones if standardization and integration is a high priority for you and you have broad needs? -- PremierPoint Solutions Team Blog Man, the negative articles from the media about SharePoint just seem to keep coming. Here are some recent articles that I have read in the news:I think all of this stuff is a load of crap! It is designed to get people to read stuff and pay for it by looking at and clicking on advertisements, or pay for it with cash in the case of Gartner’s report. Folks, the install base of SharePoint on-premises is HUGE! There is certainly not the level of new customer adoption that there was in the early days, but I believe the number of organizations and users that are using SharePoint around the globe is really mind-boggling if we actually could see the true numbers. Is there really a good alternative to SharePoint? There is no other software platform on the planet that offers anywhere close the level of standardization and integration that SharePoint and complimentary Microsoft products do in the following categories: One category that I intentionally left off the list is Mobile Integration (MI). Jive

How to Set VLC Player as Media Server to Stream Media Files in Digital Home We just talked about how to enable VLC player in full screen mode so that you can view HD media contents in PC monitor by default, now lets take a look on how you can setup a simple media server PC using VLC player to stream your media files to client PCs through wireless network in digital home. First you need to setup a centralized PC that stores all multimedia files in it. Setup Media Server (in PC server): 1. Then you need to setup client PC so that it can receive the media streaming seamlessly. Setup Media Player (in client PC): Take note that the setup only serves as a reference guide and you may need to modify slightly (ex: IP address and etc) to suit your own environment.

Gamificación de cursos en Moodle 2.7 | ikitonet La gamificación mola, está de moda, y no creo que te cruces con cualquier tecnócrata que no te suelte el dichoso término en cualquiera de sus discursos. Resumiendo mucho y aun a costa de que los expertos en el tema se me lancen al cuello gamificar no es más que aplicar dinámicas de juego a cualquier otro campo, tratando por tanto de ejercer algún tipo de alteración en el comportamiento normal del usuario y por supuesto aprovechar dicha alteración en nuestro favor. La gamificación como tal tiene una vida muy corta de apenas un par de años, al menos aquí en España. Por ello Moodle no tiene actualmente nada, nada, nada y todo, todo, todo lo que queráis implementar va a ser siempre tirando de desarrollo o de pequeños trucos, atajos y hacks en el LMS. Realizaremos los ejemplos sobre un LMS Moodle 2.7, por ser la última versión que tenemos disponible, pero es muy probable que estos cambios sean totalmente aplicables a versiones anteriores o posteriores. “enablecompletion“.

Vêr TDT com o VLC media player Em Abril deixei aqui algumas dicas de como abrir o ficheiro com o stream "amostra" de uma emissão de TDT com o programa VLC media player. Muitos poderão desconhecer, mas o VLC permite também sintonizar as emissões de TDT! Alguns leitores do Blog têm encontrado grandes dificuldades em sintonizar a TDT no computador, devido ao software de origem não ser compatível com a TDT portuguesa. O VLC pode ser a solução! A grande vantagem do VLC é que todos os codecs necessários para abrir os mais variados tipos de ficheiro audio e video estão integrados no próprio programa. Antes de tentar-mos sintonizar a emissão de TDT com uma placa sintonizadora (PCI ou USB), devemos instalar o software original. A versão mais recente do VLC (0.9.9) ainda tem algumas limitações, por exemplo, não dá indicação do nível/qualidade do sinal TDT. Para sintonizar uma emissão de TDT, basta abrir o VLC e no menú Media, seleccionar a opção Abrir Dispositivo de Captura. Nota: este post foi publicado em Maio de 2009.

Configurar VLC MEDIA PLAYER para TDT MPEG4 Portugal Tem uma placa de recepção TDT para PC apenas com a norma MPEG2, saiba como receber o sinal video TDT da norma portuguesa MPEG4. A grande vantagem do VLC é que todos os codecs necessários para abrir os mais variados tipos de ficheiro audio e video estão integrados no próprio programa. Não é portanto necessário procurar e instalar os codecs H.264 e AAC para “abrir” as emissões da TDT. Isto se utilizar-mos o VLC, claro. Antes de tentar-mos sintonizar a emissão de TDT com uma placa sintonizadora (PCI ou USB), devemos instalar o software original. Também devemos verificar se estamos numa zona de cobertura e a antena está direccionada para o emissor que serve a nossa zona. A versão mais recente do VLC (0.9.9) ainda tem algumas limitações, por exemplo, não dá indicação do nível/qualidade do sinal TDT. Se este guia não resolver os vossos problemas existe mais documentação sobre o VLC PLAYER em: About VLC media player

Hack your Linux satellite box and access it online Recently we looked at networking your Linux receiver – and described how you can stream video from it to any PC on the same network. Now we'll take these networking aspirations further afield by going online. Although a few satellite receivers offer the Ethernet port that gives rise to such flexibility, only Linux-based receivers are capable of taking full advantage of such functionality. However, if your networkable receiver is not Linux-based but nevertheless gives you a 'web interface' you should be able to at least try out our first project. Every Linux satellite receiver can be considered as a low-powered computer (by today's PC standards, certainly) to which tuners, video hardware, infrared remote control and other such satellite receiver 'goodies' have been bolted on. Dream Multimedia was responsible for launching the market for Linux-based satellite receivers with its Dreambox series, and remains dominant in this particular market. Before you start, here's what you'll need network

Pimp your Linux satellite box & get TV on your PC! You may have seen reviews of several satellite receivers claiming to be 'Linux powered'. So what does it mean for you? Linux-based receivers have taken off. Clearly, there's lots of potential with Linux, so let's look at connecting your receiver to a home network and streaming TV from your box to your network. Project 1: Get networked 1. If you haven't yet already installed one, then doing so will help you to get the best from your receiver – and any other networkable devices in your home (PCs, games consoles and networkable media players as well as Linux receivers). The key component is the wireless router and it will enable several devices to share the same broadband internet connection. Wireless routers are inexpensive – they start at £50 or so – and are frequently given away (with easy-to-follow setup instructions) to broadband subscribers by service providers (including Sky, BT and Virgin). You'll need to run an Ethernet cable of appropriate length between the receiver and the router.

Tips to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease No matter how difficult it is, preventing Alzheimer’s Disease is possible. It is important not to underestimate the smallest and the most seemingly insignificant alarm bells. Here is a set of guidelines of the most common symptoms. First of all, the frequent loss of memory and the mental confusion. Then, the difficulties in carrying out the normal daily activities, problems with language, disorientation in time and space.

No envíe 'emails' · ELPAÍ ¿Teme la vuelta de las vacaciones, los 500 emails por contestar? No desespere. Hay otras posibilidades, como la que apunta Luis Suárez, de IBM. Cada empleado recibe 1.000 correos semanales. General Motors ahorra 210 millones de euros con su 'software' social "El correo electrónico todavía es el principal medio de comunicación en la empresa. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype o Whatsapp han transformado la forma en la que nos comunicamos en nuestra esfera personal, en la empresa empieza a ocurrir algo parecido con estas y otras aplicaciones a las que en el ámbito corporativo se les suele denominar software social. El abanico es amplio: Microblogging, plataformas de blogs, foros, intranets reconvertidas en redes sociales, chats, videochats, ofimática colaborativa... Fue entonces cuando decidieron ser una de las primeras organizaciones en España en pasarse a Google y utilizar no solo su email, también su calendario, mensajería, blogs y programas online de edición de documentos en grupo.

European Library Automation Group ELAG 2014 Conference presentations 11-13 June 2014, Bath, United Kingdom Are your proud of the work you have been doing ? Do you think you know stuff you should share ? The theme that was chosen for this years conference is 'lingering gold'. We have to find the 'lingering gold' in our communities. Guidelines for conference presentations are available at: For inspiration about topics for your presentation, see the sub-themes page: To propose a presentation, please complete the form below and send to: Peter van Boheemen (, Chair of the ELAG 2014 Programme Committee All proposals will be reviewed by the ELAG 2014 Programme Committee The deadline for proposals is Friday Februari 14th 2014. The results of the review process will be sent by Saturday 1st March 2014. Title:Name of presenter(s):About the presenter(s):Intended audience:Abstract: