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Student Materials: Plot Diagram

Story Starters & Idea Generators One of the best ways to break through writer's block or stretch your writing skills is to pick a story starter and just start writing. Suggestions on how to use each generator are included with the generator. Caveat: There's always a temptation to keep looking for the "perfect" idea, but then you need to ask yourself...are you really just trying to avoid writing? Problem: You can't get a story started Solution: Archetype's Plot Scenario Generator What it is: This generator provides you with the event that gets the story rolling and a secondary conflict to keep you going! Problem: Your characters lack depth Solution: Archetype's Character Generator What it is: A quick character sketch filled with the kinds of little details that makes stories engaging: character gender, cardinal traits, weaknesses, and most prized possession. Problem: Your characters don't feel like "real" people Solution: Archetype's Everyday Problems Generator Looking for something you don't see? Getting Yourself Started

Provinces target more young people for lotto ticket sales - Manitoba Provincial lottery agencies are facing a big problem — millennials aren't buying lottery tickets nearly as much as their parents do. The agencies are banding together to try to develop a new national lottery aimed at people under 35. They also want to find ways to make ticket-based gambling more attractive to the video-game generation. "We know that this young adult demographic has changed and that the kinds of games we're offering — the big lotto games — are not necessarily as appealing to today's younger adults," said Andrea Marantz, spokeswoman for the Western Canada Lottery Corp., which covers the territories and three Prairie provinces. "Lottery is like any other kind of consumer product. The Interprovincial Lottery Corp., which represents all provincial and territorial lottery agencies, is looking for consultants who can come up with ideas for a new game similar to Lotto 6-49, in which players select numbers. It may be a challenge. Across the country, the decline is sharp.

33 of Life’s Most Powerful Lessons Have you ever had an epiphany? One of those “a-ha” moments where something just clicks for you? Maybe it’s something you’ve been struggling with for a long time, or maybe it was a piece of advice you learned from a friend. Whatever the source of our insight, it’s these moments that bring us to a deeper understanding of our world. The better understanding we have of life, the more we live in the truth. Below are 33 of the most powerful lessons in my life. Read part two of this series: 33 of Life’s Most Powerful Lessons (pt. 2) photo by carf Share: Get everything you need to finally leave your job for good. The first few weeks of the Job Escape Kit has already produced some outcomes I’d never thought I’d see in my whole career.” ~ Nick Burk

'Selfie' body image warning issued 10 April 2014Last updated at 09:19 GMT By Helen Briggs BBC News Women post more photographs on the internet than men Spending lots of time on Facebook looking at pictures of friends could make women insecure about their body image, research suggests. The more women are exposed to "selfies" and other photos on social media, the more they compare themselves negatively, according to a study. Friends' photos may be more influential than celebrity shots as they are of known contacts, say UK and US experts. The study is the first to link time on social media to poor body image. The mass media are known to influence how people feel about their appearance. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote The attention to physical attributes may be even more dangerous on social media than on traditional media because participants in social media are people we know” End QuotePetya EcklerUniversity of Strathclyde, Glasgow But little is known about how social media impact on self-image. 'Unrealistic images'

Discourse Engine - Fiction Generators generators frozen grid magic grid one string grids two string grids three string grids four string grids five string grids six string grids seven string grids eight string grids nine string grids AispWeb Note: These fiction generators are based on strings and sub-strings. Clicking on any of the links to your left will bring you to a FORM page with a brief explanation of the form structure and then lots of buttons and text boxes. The radio buttons at the top of every row of strings allow you to change the default text sequence in each sub-string box. You can save your work and come back to it later if you save the form page to your favorites folder. persist. If you close the form page or go somewhere else before saving it to your favorites folder, you'll lose everything in the text boxes . When you open your story from the favorites menu, it'll come up with all the text there; but if you click any of the radio buttons in any filled row, you'll lose the text in those boxes .

Expert: Selfie Addiction May Cause Mental Illness CBS Atlanta (con't) Affordable Care Act Updates: Health News & Information: Get Breaking News First Receive News, Politics, and Entertainment Headlines Each Morning. Sign Up ATLANTA, Ga. Danny Bowman, a man diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, explained that he grew suicidal due to his addiction taking selfies, Guardian Liberty Voice reported. Bowman attempted suicide by taking an overdose of drugs when he couldn’t take what he felt to be the perfect selfie. In trying to care for Bowman, Dr. Bowman’s parents, who are both mental health professionals, explained that they believe there is a “huge lack of understanding” about how risky electronic gadgets and social media can be for users. Expert Dr. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in 2010.

Short Story Ideas - Home Romance story Generator Stories In this story, a courageous boatman is fixed up with an astrologer who inherited a family curse. What starts as friendship quickly becomes obsessive love. This story takes place in a port in a star-spanning magical empire. This story takes place in a large city in Europe. In this story, a video game addict who tragically misunderstood an alien custom is forced to work with a crippled occultist. In this story, a rabble-rouser who is heir to a kingdom but doesn't know it falls madly in love with a healthy physicist - all thanks to a miscommunication. In this story, a gentle midwife crosses paths with a happy airline pilot. This story takes place in a port city in South America. In this story, a planetary explorer with unexpected depths falls passionately in love with a disloyal architect - all thanks to a performance. This story takes place in a military town. This story starts in a city-state in a universe where space travel occurs by magical means.

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