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How to take advantage of the holiday Code Freeze?

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7 Day Goddess Surf Retreat - Goddess Retreats - Let your inner goddess glow with this women's-only surf and yoga retreat. Located in the fashionable and funky beach-side town of Seminyak, learn how to surf in the pristine waters, practice yoga as the sun rises and surrender to unlimited spa treatments. Come on your own or plan a trip with a group of friends. The Surf Yoga Retreat is ideal for the beginner or advanced surfer or yogini- your skill set will be matched with activities and instructors to suit your needs. Enjoy a week of transformative yoga sessions, decadent spa treatments and a health and wellbeing program that will spark your spirit and leave your feeling refreshed and renewed. Enjoy your schedule of -

Real-Time Personal & Car GPS Trackers What Is GPS Satellite Tracking? GPS satellite trackers are an ideal way to obtain accurate, real-time location-based information about a child, an adult, a vehicle or even some other type of asset that you may have. These devices let you know exactly where something is (like a vehicle) with just a few quick clicks of a button. Because of this ability, they can be great for theft prevention, fleet tracking (in the case of hardwired or OBD options) and other situations where such real-time, geographical information can help you accomplish a goal. Features to look for:

Forus FS2 Voice & Phone Recorder The Forus FS2 Voice & Phone Recorder makes it easy to record all of your phone calls, including landline and cell phone conversations. It also works as a portable audio recorder, giving you the freedom to record meetings, in-person conversations, events, and personal reminders on the go. Regardless of what you need to record, the Forus FS2 Voice & Phone Recorder has you covered. The Forus FS2 Voice & Phone Recorder easily records any phone conversation. You can connect it to your landline phone or a cell phone using the included attachments. Bring an Open Heart & Leave Expectations Behind at Vida Asana – Yovada Life Yovada Life Nestled in the rainforest on the Pacific shores of Costa Rica, is Vida Asana School of Yoga, a magical escape of adventure, serenity, surfing and conscious living. We had the pleasure of catching up with the centre’s manager, Sean, and were deeply inspired by Vida Asana’s story, mission and goals. 1. When was Vida Asana founded? What is the centre’s mission?

Clear HD Video Camera Glasses w/ 8GB Internal memory Every day we run into moments that are worth saving, like work meetings, outdoor activities and traffic stops. To record these moments, you need the right tool. The Clear HD Video Glasses offer top-of-the-line wearable surveillance, letting you record high quality video and audio wherever you go. These modern, durable frames have a unisex design. Their stylish look impresses in social and business settings, so even when you’re not recording, they work great as everyday glasses. And when something does come up, you’ll be ready to capture important or memorable moments on the fly.

5 Daily Habits Every Yogi Should Try – Yovada Life Yovada Life Yoga isn’t just about your time on the mat or in the studio. The ancient practice evolved from the desire to connect your mind, spirit, and body, and that involves a lot more than the time you spend physically practicing asanas. That is why yoga is considered an all encompassing practice for life! There are some habits and routines, steeped in yogic and Ayurvedic tradition, that can add even more to your experience of yoga. Remember, asana is just ONE of the eight limbs of yoga.

Workplace Accessibility: What is it and Why is it Essential for Your Small Business? Workplace Accessibility: What is it and Why is it Essential for Your Small Business? November 12, 2018 Chen Katz How accessible is your workplace? If nobody within your small business has a disability, accessibility may not be a pressing concern. However, almost 40 million Americans live with a disability of one kind or another, and it’s possible one of these individuals may be looking to work for you someday. As the owner of a small enterprise, you simply cannot overlook accessibility in your workplace. Five Surprising Character Traits That Authentic Yogis Cultivate Yovada Life I have seen many new yogis and yoga teachers feel like they have to be someone specific – someone else. So, they wear yoga like a technicolor coat and proclaim their purity. Yet the truth is, in our chaotic, celebrity obsessed, world, students crave sincerity. Although yoga teachers vary greatly I have observed that there are those teachers that seem to have a certain something, that comes from wrestling and realising yourself, then choosing to celebrate who you are, unapologetically.

10 Essentials You Need to Know About the ADA (Number 5 Will Surprise You!) 10 Essentials You Need to Know About the ADA (Number 5 Will Surprise You!) November 4, 2018 Chen Katz How much do you know about the American Disability Act? Here are 10 essentials you need to know and number 5 will surely surprise you. Understanding the New Moon and Its Effects On You – Yovada Life Yovada Life To first understand the effects of the moon on us, we must understand the astrological significance of the moon within the physical context. The moon both controls the tides of the ocean, and influences the responses of all variety of living creatures. It has also been observed to affect the minds of all variety of life as well. Astrologically, depending on your zodiac sign and phase the moon was in during your birth, the moon forms a certain theme and color in your interactions with others.

How can you Make your Business Accessible to People with Disabilities? How can you Make your Business Accessible to People with Disabilities? October 11, 2018 Idan Meir You want to make every single customer feel welcome when they visit your business. 3 Night Vitalize Wellness Escape - Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort - The Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort Phuket is a family owned and managed resort and is unique in its style and location. With the owners (Hajo & Rose) always around, this boutique resort has a real personal touch to it. Its adult-only environment makes it a perfect place for honeymooners or for anyone looking for a quiet, rejuvenating holiday. Enjoy the intimate and calm atmosphere, the amazing tropical gardens and the beautifully appointed luxury villas. Nestled on top of one of Phuket's most sought after locations, Big Buddha, the uniquely designed boutique resort offers personalized service to all guests. Opening in March 2003, the Boutique Resort was awarded as a 5-star boutique resort in 2005, improving its world-class standards ever since.

Creatine Plus - Betancourt Nutrition The Creatine Plus blend provides a blend of creatines that are supported by research to maximize water solubility, support exercise performance and minimize bloat as well as gastric distress. Creatine CitrateCreatine Magnapower®Betaine AnhydrousCinsulin® Bio-available Creatines Different forms of creatine have come and gone over the years and the one thing some of them have in common are claims of superiority, fancy trademarked names and a lack of independent clinical research to support their claims. The truth is that Creatine monohydrate is not destroyed by stomach acid; the evidence is in the fact that its efficacy is supported by more independent clinical data than any other form of creatine.