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Hasslefree Miniatures

Hasslefree Miniatures
3 Newsletters have appeared in the last fortnight! (If you aren't getting them, the sign up is over there on your right :) ) And we draw ever closer to Salute. Our Salute collection code is now active, it's 'SALUTE2014', and it will change your order to 'collection only' status and allow you to pick a free gift. On top of that, any Salute pre-orders of £50, £10 and so on in multiples of £50 will get increasing amounts of extra free gifts included for saving us the time of picking a large order on the day :) Lenore, The Enchantress of Evermore.The Hogman of He'darr.Bilebelly and the Knife Ridge Orcs. Misha & Layla, harem concubines.Wolf, Nomad Barbarian Lord Ulthrak, worshipper of the Dark GodsMajor Stephanie, retro-themed AdventurerIsseki (b), out-of-time Cop The Dread Pirate K'lok, Tiny Green Scourge of the SeasKieran in Powered Armour, newest member of the 'Whiiiits iiiin Spaaaace'Yevrah, Dark Dwarven Lord.

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Infinity: the Game The New Troop profile for SunTze is now available in the Downloads section of the website and the INFINITY Army 4.0. “Bruant is no more than a man. But a man gifted with an advantage. He is a mean swine. Runic miniatures My Miniatures can be purchased directly from this website. The Shop uses PayPal Shopping Cart which also allows you to pay with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) if you don't have a PayPal account. Please take a moment to read the Ordering-section before placing your order. To see photos of the miniatures just click on the thumb-nail images below.

Miniature Wargaming: Free Miniature Wargames Rules, Wargaming Resources, Miniature Wargames Terrain, Painting Advice and More Saturday, June 30, 2007 Indian Wars Rules Rules 19th C Fred Diamond offers a free and simple set of miniatures rules for playing pony wars—US Cavalry vs Indians. Friday, June 29, 2007 Thrilling Tales - Artizan Designs Multi-buy Thrilling Tales (227 products found) Narrow Down Your Search Results: Universal Terrain™: Portable Power Generator 25-28mm War Game Scenery Getting power to a remote location such as a temporary battlefield command post or an isolated research colony can be challenging. This portable power generator is designed to be airlifted into such sites. Sturdy harness rings are located at the four corners of the top of the unit to allow it to be airlifted.

Critical Mass Games - 15mm Sci-Fi miniatures, terrain and vehicles Welcome to Critical Mass Games, here you will find our exciting ranges of 15mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, Vehicles and Terrain. News Update: 28th July 2015 - Ayame Mecha Kickstarter, 4 days left and another Stretch Goal Unlocked. The large scale Ayame Mecha campaign has with your help continued to go from strength to strength and today we have unlocked yet another stretch goal adding the Comms Array components to the Hunter and Scout Assault Suit Variant Kits.

Airships Description from publisher: By cleverly combining the three colored dice with the values on the cards, you take part in building zeppelins and finally the famous Hindenburg. Renè from "Giganten der Lüfte (working-title "Zeppelin") is a very tactical dice-game. You need mechanics, engines, and workshops.... Only the player with the best combination of those will successfully take part in building the Hindenburg." Street Violence Single Packs Home | About Us | Site Map | Terms & Conditions | Hydra Miniatures Online Store Gallery We enjoy seeing our customers' photos of our miniatures. Please e-mail your photos to Emperor Xurr with his robot bodyguards --painted by Kyle Gibson Galacteers inspired by a comic called Tommy Tommorow and the Planateers. The female Galacteer is the first edition of Jane Hunter that was availble only at Gen Con 2007.

Pulp Figures Home Pulp Figures Home Welcome to the Pulp Figures site! My name is Bob Murch and I’m the sculptor, mould maker, caster, shipper and chief bottle washer of this plucky, rag-tag enterprise. Pulp Figures turned 10 years old in 2012 and since its beginning, when I often had to explain the term ‘Pulp’ to many gamers, Pulp Adventure gaming has become an established genre familiar to gamers with many excellent rules systems to choose from.