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How the Tiger Woods scandal may emotionally affect his golf game

Here’s the obligatory Tiger Woods post on the blog. Whenever Tiger gets back to the course, some are wondering how his current travails will impact his golf game. NPR’s Shots interviewed a sports psychologist about the issue. Gregg Steinberg, author of Mental Rules for Golf, cites the so-called “triad of toughness,” – physical, mental and emotional: For a golfer, says Steinberg, physical toughness means you have components like a great swing and the right stance. Emotional toughness is where the current scandal is likely to take a toll. And that, according to Stenberg, can affect his game: “He could take the negativity and believe the media is out to get him and let it drain him.” Tiger has shown in the past to focus on the task at hand, and separate golf from personal distractions. Related:  Tiger Woods Scandal

Tiger Woods divorce settlement: Elin Nordegren received $110M payout - report Beck/Getty Elin Nordegren received $110 million in her divorce settlement with scandal-plagued golfer Tiger Woods, according to a report. Newly divorced from Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren is cutting back on the help - even though she got a reported $110 million settlement from her cheating ex, according to "She's not cheap, but she's just not throwing money around and wasting it the way some people would," a "friend" told the web site. "She's not acting like she hit the lottery." The Swedish siren still has a platoon of nannies to help her with the kids - daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 1. "But she has cut back some of the hours some people work," the friend said. How else is Nordegren cutting back? "She could afford the jet but didn't even consider it," the friend said. There have been earlier reports that Woods was coughing up a sixth of his fortune - around $100 million - as part of the divorce settlement, but Nordegren has never confirmed how much she got.

Tiger Woods scandal cost shareholders up to $12 billion Affected his Endorsements Tiger Woods has never shanked a drive this badly in his life. First, Tiger was challenged by the outlandish accusations of the National Enquirer, then came the suspicious single-car accident early on Friday morning, and now reports in US Weekly of another affair have put Tiger in some of the deepest rough he has ever stumbled upon. The last encounter proved to be the tipping point for Woods, who released another statement this afternoon. In light of his most recent comments, in which he apologized to his family for any wrongdoings, one must begin to wonder if the lucrative sponsorship deals that made him the world's first athlete to amass $1 billion will be affected by the drama of this situation. We saw Nike drop Kobe Bryant for being unfaithful and Michael Vick for going Cujo on on some dogs. We saw Michael Phelps lose his deal with Kellogg's after going one toke over the line. But there was hard evidence in each of those cases. So much for that whole "scandal-free" thing.

Shamed golfer Tiger Woods is 'reunited with his family' By Kate Loveys Updated: 03:31 GMT, 8 February 2010 Tiger Woods has been reunited with his children for the first time in more than a month, it has been reported. The shamed golfer is said to have been picked up from an addiction clinic by his wife Elin Nordegren in time for their son Charlie's first birthday. Miss Nordegren, who also has a two-year-old daughter by Woods called Sam, is believed to have given him six months to save their marriage. Before the tears: Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods. Miss Nordegrin has apparently given her husband six months to save their marriage His squeaky-clean image was destroyed by claims of affairs with a string of women, including cocktail waitresses and party hostesses. The 33-year-old admitted to infidelity and issued an extraordinary public apology for his 'transgressions', confessing 'I have let my family down'. After the crash: Waitress Jaimee Grubbs, 24, just one of the string of women who claimed to have had an affair with the father-of-two

Tiger Woods sponsors since his infidelity scandal: Part 1 - Who left and why - National celebrity infidelity announcement about Tiger Woods losing Tag Heuer’s sponsorship had record numbers of people searching for information about Tiger’s sponsors. People were curious as to how many sponsors had prior to his infidelity scandal, as well as which sponsors left, and which ones stayed. This article is Part 1 of a 2-part series entitled In a recent article about Tiger Woods’ loss of Tag Heuer as a sponsor, the observed that not all corporate sponsors cut ties with disgraced endorsers in the same way. When the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal first broke, at least 3 of his major sponsors immediately jumped ship. Others waited to see which way the winds of public opinion would blow, before deciding what to do. It’s interesting to note how, and why the sponsors who left, severed their relationship with the golfing great. Below, in alphabetical order, are the 6 sponsors who left Tiger Woods, and some of the reasons, or excuses they gave. See </b>*} Their official statement said, “ See See {*style:<b> </b>*}

Peter Moore says Tiger Woods Scandal hasn't Affected Sales Following Tiger Woods's media-saturating infidelity scandal, a lot of the golfer's sponsors ended their relationship with him -- but not EA Sports. They made a very public decision to stick with the athlete who's been the cover star of their golf game franchise since 1999, and in an interview with CNBC, president Peter Moore says they haven't seen any affect to sales as a result. "We've looked actually at the overall franchise for calendar year 2008 and 2009 and are slightly up when we look at all platforms for the Tiger franchise," Moore said. "Despite what has gone on in his personal life, we've seen no negative impact on sales." This is, however, potentially a bit misleading. Woods's scandal didn't go public until late November, leaving only a little over a month for the controversy to really affect sales.

Tiger Woods is not as good as he used to be, says Rory McIlroy | Sport Lee Westwood has had to take time out from his preparations for the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens to come to the defence of his Ryder Cup team-mate Rory McIlroy, who had followed up last week's remark about Tiger Woods's lack of form with an essay on the subject suggesting that the world's most famous player had lost his aura. Westwood, who lost the world No1 ranking to Martin Kaymer this week after failing to get beyond the second round at the Accenture Match Play Championships, with Woods slumping to No5, said: "That's the answer a 21-year-old will give, isn't it? A 37-year-old will be a little wiser … I will have a word with Rory later. "Having played with Tiger since 1997 there's an old saying that class is permanent and form is fickle and he's the classiest player I've ever played with. I'd be wise enough not to write him off. I've seen him play poorly and win – he doesn't necessarily have to get back to where he was."

The Real Losers in the Tiger Woods Scandal One family has been destroyed, and millions have lost a role model. We know that these are the victims of Tiger Woods' depraved and selfish acts, but they are not the losers. The real losers in this whole affair will be the corporate sponsors who've just dumped a golden goose after what amounts to just another bread-and-butter scandal. Yes, I know. I'm a monster. Let's begin with the factsHere's what we know about Tiger Woods and golf: No doubt about it, the guy knows how to swing a golf club. With the possible exception of Michael Jordan, no other athlete has so dominated a major professional sport (on and off the field) as much as Tiger. Short-term thinkingWhat Tiger did was terrible and completely unacceptable. You realize it's only a matter of time before he does return to golf and does so with a serious vengeance, right? From Bill Clinton and John F. Tiger could easily be even more popular in his return to golf than he was before he left it. What were they thinking?

Tiger Woods Must Face His Fans' Moral Outrage To borrow a timely euphemism, athletes "transgress" so often that when it comes time to calculate the damage, the candor of the confession usually trumps the severity of the sin. Tiger Woods shanked his apology, waiting several excruciating days to state that he had "let his family down" and was "far short of perfect." Alleged mistresses are popping up to dish details of late-night trysts, fans are aghast and the pitchfork-wielding pundits are bloodying their former hero with barely concealed glee. But instead of demonizing a star who was worshipped by millions, it's worth pausing to consider why so many people feel let down by his behavior. Groomed for greatness from infancy, Woods is the rare phenom to fulfill his promise. Woods missed a real chance to cushion his fall. That same success is the key to his resurrection. Right now it may be hard to muster much sympathy for Tiger, who could comfortably bandage his wounds in $100 bills and still have a few hundred million to spare.

Tiger Woods, Wife Elin Nordegren Woods: PRENUP Negotiations (PHOTOS) It did not take long after Tiger Woods issued a public apology for unspecified "transgressions" that rumors began to swirl about the financial negotiations between Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren Woods. First, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Woods was paying his wife "a hefty seven-figure amount" to stay with him. The article also said that a new prenuptial agreement is in the works. Today, Gerald Posner of the Daily Beast writes that Woods will likely soon pay his wife $5 million and that the prenup could ultimately fetch her $55 million after two years. Other financial dealings have been rumored as well. It also remains unclear what will happen with Woods' two other alleged mistresses. Kalika Moquin, the other woman linked to Woods, denied rumors of an affair to Below are photos of Tiger Woods and his wife.

Tiger Woods: What His Scandal Taught Us About Ourselves Gerardo Mora/Getty Images When it was first reported that Tiger Woods was in a serious car accident, it may have caught our attention for a brief moment until we heard that he was treated and released from the hospital. No big deal. As stories began leaking out about an argument with his wife over alleged affairs being the cause of the accident, well, now you had our full attention. We wanted to know EVERYTHING that happened outside of Woods’ home on that Thanksgiving night. We wanted to know why the back windows of Woods’ car were bashed out and a golf club was lying in the road. And we wanted to know every steamy detail imaginable about his alleged affairs. A simple car accident, no big deal, we’re not interested. Add in a scandal and it’s the biggest news story in the world since the September 11th attacks…oh no, wait, it’s actually a BIGGER news story then September 11th, at least according to the New York Post. Folks, as a society, we are as nosey and nosey can be.

Nike sees impact from Tiger Woods absence Affected his Wife Tiger Woods reportedly offered up to $80 million in order to keep his wife, Elin Nordegren, from leaving him. Tiger Woods is finding out the hard way that "I'm sorry" is not enough. After publicly apologizing for his "transgressions," the golfing great reportedly offered to give his wife, Elin Nordegren, a cool $5 million to keep her from walking - and taking their two young kids with her. Battered by reports he cheated with three winsome women, Woods was also revising a prenuptial agreement that would give the former bikini model an additional $55 million just to stay with him two more years, The Daily Beast Web site reported. If Nordegren can hack being Mrs. The revelation Woods might be using money to buy himself at least the appearance of love came as the most recent of his purported mistresses - 34-year-old New York party girl Rachel Uchitel - suddenly canceled a press conference during which she was supposed to dish on their dalliances. With George Rush

Study shows Tiger Woods impact on Nike and Golf - Business Review USA

This article is about the fact that it won't be anyone but Tiger that stops him from his play. It is completely emotional and his own power to come back from this if he is willing. In the past, he seems to have always been extremely focused on whatever he sets his mind too, and that is what this article explains. by Nov 17