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How the Tiger Woods scandal may emotionally affect his golf game

Here’s the obligatory Tiger Woods post on the blog. Whenever Tiger gets back to the course, some are wondering how his current travails will impact his golf game. NPR’s Shots interviewed a sports psychologist about the issue. Gregg Steinberg, author of Mental Rules for Golf, cites the so-called “triad of toughness,” – physical, mental and emotional: For a golfer, says Steinberg, physical toughness means you have components like a great swing and the right stance. Emotional toughness is where the current scandal is likely to take a toll. And that, according to Stenberg, can affect his game: “He could take the negativity and believe the media is out to get him and let it drain him.” Tiger has shown in the past to focus on the task at hand, and separate golf from personal distractions.

The Overlooked Victims of the Tiger Woods Scandal Two people have been overlooked in the middle of the Tiger Woods scandal. The consequences of his actions upon their lives will only be seen years down the road. Of course, I am referring to his children. Family breakdown is not limited to celebrities or the rich and famous. Growing up in a middle-class home where there were nine divorces between my mother, father and step-father, I sat front row and center and watched addiction, discord and conflict tear my family apart. My parents were separated when I was three and divorced when I was nine, and my mom remarried someone 32 years older than her. My dad made ends meet as a bartender for more than 50 years, and my mom struggled with alcoholism. My story may seem to be an extreme example of family dysfunction, but it's not unique. Clearly, tens of millions of U.S. households endure the pain of family dysfunction. In Exodus 20:5, God sees the destructive patterns that parents inadvertently pass on to their children.

Tiger Woods mistresses and ex-coach unite to undermine his Masters game - National celebrity infidelity Tiger Wood’s ex-coach, Hank Haney and three of Tiger’s former mistresses are about to make his life a living hell. And just in time to undermine Tiger’s concentration on the upcoming Masters Tournament next week. According to the New York Post and Hollywood Life, three porn stars,Josyln James, Holly Sampson and Devon James, who claim to be former mistressesof Tiger Woods, will soon be releasing an X-rated DVD about their experiences with the golfing great. The announcement of the former mistresses’ porn film comes on the heels of this week’s release of a tell-all book by Tiger Woods’ former swing coach, Hank Haney. Tiger’s Mistresses and Ex-Coach Share a Common Goal It appears that the 3 mistresses and Tiger’s ex-coach share a few common goals: To grab the spotlightTo cash in or profit from their association with Tiger WoodsTo distract Tiger Woods from fully focusing on his performance at the upcoming Masters game Release of the Tell- all Book and X-Rated DVD Strategically Timed

» Tiger Woods sex scandal Tiger Woods’ swing coach resigns Posted by Anthony Stalter (05/11/2010 @ 1:00 pm) According to a report by, Tiger Woods’ swing coach Hank Haney has decided to resign. Haney, who has coached Woods since 2004, has come under criticism during Woods’s recent struggles on the course. NBC commentator Johnny Miller said last week that Woods “should forget the Hank Haney stuff. It’s not working.” I don’t follow golf closely enough to chime in about whether or not Tiger’s game has fallen apart since Haney started coaching him. If Haney wasn’t doing a good job, I assume Woods would have fired him by now. Photo from fOTOGLIF Tiger two back of leader at 2010 Masters Posted by Anthony Stalter (04/09/2010 @ 9:51 am) Despite being entrenched in controversy stemming from a sex scandal since Thanksgiving of last year, Tiger Woods came out in the first round of the 2010 Masters and played outstanding. From It appears that the scandal humbled Tiger a bit, and that’s a good thing.

Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal Can Have Long-Term Effects on His Children Left out of the discussion surrounding the alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs are the wife and kids. There is evidence to show that the Woods cheating scandal may set into motion dire consequences for his children. US Magazine Presents Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Jaimee The Tiger Woods scandal appears to have been in the making for a considerable time, seeing that US Magazine reveals a panicked phone call (supposedly) from Tiger Woods to Jaimee Grubbs. Athlete's Response to the Brewing Cheating Scandal As news coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal heated up, the athlete remained silent. The Behind the Scenes Workings of the Tiger Woods Scandal As vociferous (alleged) Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs peddles details of her supposed affair with the golfer to anyone who will listen, the more reticent Rachel Uchitel has remained silent and eventually hired lawyer Gloria Allred. No Payoff for the Children in the Wake of the Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal A research paper by Michelle A.

Tiger Woods' Cheating Scandal: How Will It Affect His Endorsements? Tiger Woods has never shanked a drive this badly in his life. First, Tiger was challenged by the outlandish accusations of the National Enquirer, then came the suspicious single-car accident early on Friday morning, and now reports in US Weekly of another affair have put Tiger in some of the deepest rough he has ever stumbled upon. The last encounter proved to be the tipping point for Woods, who released another statement this afternoon. In light of his most recent comments, in which he apologized to his family for any wrongdoings, one must begin to wonder if the lucrative sponsorship deals that made him the world's first athlete to amass $1 billion will be affected by the drama of this situation. We saw Nike drop Kobe Bryant for being unfaithful and Michael Vick for going Cujo on on some dogs. We saw Michael Phelps lose his deal with Kellogg's after going one toke over the line. But there was hard evidence in each of those cases. So much for that whole "scandal-free" thing.

Tiger Woods, Wife Elin Nordegren Woods: PRENUP Negotiations (PHOTOS) It did not take long after Tiger Woods issued a public apology for unspecified "transgressions" that rumors began to swirl about the financial negotiations between Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren Woods. First, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Woods was paying his wife "a hefty seven-figure amount" to stay with him. The article also said that a new prenuptial agreement is in the works. Today, Gerald Posner of the Daily Beast writes that Woods will likely soon pay his wife $5 million and that the prenup could ultimately fetch her $55 million after two years. Other financial dealings have been rumored as well. It also remains unclear what will happen with Woods' two other alleged mistresses. Kalika Moquin, the other woman linked to Woods, denied rumors of an affair to Below are photos of Tiger Woods and his wife.

Tiger Woods Scandal Two Years Later: Fan Take - Golf It's been two long years since Tiger Woods and his life changed forever. It was Nov. 27, 2009, that Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant outside his home in Florida. Two days earlier, a National Enquirer story broke about Woods cheating on his wife. It turns out the story was true. It's now two years later and his healing is still happening. Woods still has a long way to go but that's okay. One important thing for Woods and his fans to remember is that there is more to life than golf. It is hard to imagine the younger Woods doing anything other than playing golf. When Woods heals that aspect of his life, the golf game will come around. William Browning has covered sports for the Yahoo! Note: This article was written by a Yahoo!

This article is about the fact that it won't be anyone but Tiger that stops him from his play. It is completely emotional and his own power to come back from this if he is willing. In the past, he seems to have always been extremely focused on whatever he sets his mind too, and that is what this article explains. by Nov 17