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Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) with Evidence of the Afterlife

Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) with Evidence of the Afterlife
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Theodor Landscheidt - The Golden Section: A Cosmic Principle Figure 8: Percentage deviations of U.S. stock prices from the 9-year moving average trend for 1830 to 1942, after Dewey (1973). Figure 16: Wheeler's index of international battles, after Mogey (1991) battles. The next minimum of this kind, a peaceful period, should develop around the year 2007. Figure 17, from G. upper transit to lower transit. Figure 17: Rainfall and the lunar day (24.85 h), after Brier (1987) Chronobiologyresearch in biological clocks and circadian rhythms is a promising new field of science. About 10 minutes before 3 p.m. the threshold is higher by half. Golden Section and the Gauquelin Effect In my book Sun-Earth-Man I have produced evidence that man's activity and even creativity is linked to the Sun's activity. Time of day Figure 18: Circadian rhythms in the Golden section, after Win-free (1987). and dark, never missing a beat, always felt deep in the chemical essence of what we are. Figure 19 shows a schematic representation of the diurnal circle. gcr * origin 0. M.

House Of Healing : Maria Jones Maria Jones Maria believes that a sincere, open heart helps one establish a clear and firm connection with spirit. This ability becomes stronger when it is supported by a foundation of deep inner faith. She communicates very honestly. She ensures that what she shares is clear and concise. Maria has had the ability to connect intuitively from as young as she can remember. Salve Regina Primary Source for NDE materials NHNE Near-Death Experience Network - Exploring all aspects of near-death experiences (and related phenomena). Dream Orgasm...quite literally. posted September 06, 2010 06:01 PM Okay, before you shunt me to the Dream interpretation thread, I'd like to tell you that while what transpires below includes dreams, it was more like some soul connection: more in the astral than dreamworld. Some background:I was down with viral fever, admitted to a hospital and on heavy Chloroquine medication when this happened so it may have played a part( to be objective). This takes place over two successive nights. Friday, 3rd September, around 12 midnight, I was woken up. I was dreaming about a serial killer whose case I was on when suddenly the scene shifted...I was roused from my dream soon by an intense orgasm that washed over me out of literally nowhere. Next night, same thing, only it is so intense that I wake up feeling exhausted and drained, but in a good kind of way. What was common to both nights was that I had been very depressed and I was thinking about my Twin, wondering where he could possibly be and all my thought was bent on him. IANDS Spiritual Forums - Spirituality, Metaphysical, Paranormal and Religious Discussion Forums Welcome to Spiritual Forums!. We created this community for people from all backgrounds to discuss Spiritual, Paranormal, Metaphysical, Philosophical, Supernatural, and Esoteric subjects. From Astral Projection to Zen, all topics are welcome. We hope you enjoy your visits. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest, which gives you limited access to most discussions and articles. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, check our FAQs before contacting support. - The Answers to Everything Lie Within the Substance of Energy

Culture et Foi Twin Flame synastry/composite/pr composite posted February 15, 2010 06:27 AM "The progressed composite NN cj exact the AC on the date we met is very telling i think. Not sure what it means but it seems to say something!!" I think it indicated the meeting at that exact time. The pr composite NN showed at what point the path of the potential relationship was at that time.The ASC always shows the birth of something, so in this case, this exact minute gave "birth" to your meeting, helping to fulfill your purpose, at least at that time. Oh I was thinking it was the ASC of the transit chart.Doesn`t matter though, progressed NN-ASC in composite still points to the birth of the relationship`s lifepath / destiny. Sabian:"Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination" shows that this is a very difficult path, yet deeply spiritual. The day you met - was there something exactly aspecting 10 Pisces?

Astral Dynamics | About Robert Bruce Personal Story When I discovered spirituality in my childhood, there were no books on the subject readily available to me. There was no, online websites, or internet forums for chatting. The truth is, I was desperate to learn anything for a long period of time. In a sense, this was a gift, because it forced me to develop my psychic abilities through independent hard work. The lack of information out there enabled me to avoid "analysis paralysis" and get right to the core of the evolutionary process, so I could immediately start accessing the Greater Reality. Today as an adult, I've helped thousands of people around the world—who are just like you—learn to enliven their psychic powers and explore their mysticism, through my best-selling books, international seminars, and this very resource, Astral Dynamics.