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Any phonetic script can be learned in just a few hours

Any phonetic script can be learned in just a few hours
If you liked my association technique mentioned below, you would also enjoy my tips on using imagination to memorize vocabulary, which are discussed in great detail with many other hacks in the Language Hacking Guide. See the most popular posts on the right below for other interesting topics. For those curious, this post discusses Thai, but the ideas can equally be applied to other phonetic scripts such as Japanese (but not as well for Chinese). Just one week into the challenge of reading/speaking Thai in 8 weeks (actually only about 5 hours total, since I’ve been quite busy since I arrived, but I’ve made time to learn on the skytrain/in restaurants/taxis etc.) and I’ve reached the first major milestone already. I can read Thai. The major thing still missing is tones, which admittedly are an extremely important part of this language that cannot be ignored and I will get to shortly (Edit: Done! It was actually way easier than I expected. From squiggly symbols to new letters า ท Challenges ร Linguistics Babel's children Jan 8th 2004 | LEIPZIG From The Economist print edition Languages may be more different from each other than is currently supposed. That may affect the way people think IT IS hard to conceive of a language without nouns or verbs. Form Design with Sliding Labels « CSSKarma A few weeks ago I was reading an article on form UI by Luke Wroblewski of Yahoo!. For those who aren’t familiar with Luke, he (quite literally) wrote the book on good form design. In the article, one certain section about placing labels inside of form fields stood out to me: Because labels within fields need to go away when people are entering their answer into an input field, the context for the answer is gone.

Speak from day 1 You don’t have to be “gifted” to learn a new language, but you do have to be smart about how you learn it. Hi! When you’ve watched the video above and are ready to join the thousands of other language hackers who are using the Fluent in 3 Months PREMIUM package as an unconventional approach to learn languages quickly, click the button below. Neurolinguistics: Language and biology Neurolinguistics: Language and biology Central Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System basic cellular unit (chemical transmission, neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine) Free icons! Author: YOOtheme Icon set website: Visit site License: Free for commercial use (Include link to authors website) Tooltips Scripts: 50+ Scripts With AJAX, Javascripts, CSS & Tutorials Tooltip, together with a user mouse-pointing (or clicking) action provides more information about a particular section, keyword, paragraph or any web element. Tooltips are fundamentally build-in into HTML. You can achieve basic tooltip just by using TITLE="", ALT="" or even the <ACRONYM> HTML tag. However displaying tooltips for our readers can be more fun, interesting and interactive by taking advantage of Javascripts, CSS, Ajax with HTML. Here’s more than 50 Tooltips Scripts you can implement for websites, organized in categories of CSS, Javascripts, Javascript Frameworks, couple of tutorials to build tooltips from scratch as well as plugins for blogs. Full list after jump.

Latin Phrases A bene placito - At one's pleasureA capite ad calcem - From head to heelA cappella - In church [style] - i.e. Vocal music onlyA contrario - From a contrary positionA cruce salus - From the cross comes salvationA Deo et Rege - From God and the KingA fortiori - With yet stronger reasonA fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi - A precipice in front, wolves behind (between a rock and a hard place)A mari usque ad mare - From sea to sea (Motto of Canada)A mensa et thoro - From board and bed (legal separation)A pedibus usque ad caput - From feet to headA posse ad esse - From possibility to actualityA posteriori - From what comes after.

Predicting children’s language development We depend on a barrage of standardized tests to assess everything from aptitude to intelligence. But do they provide an accurate forecast when it comes to something as complex as language? A study by Diane Pesco, an assistant professor in Concordia’s Department of Education, and co-author Daniela O’Neill, published earlier this year in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, shows that the Language Use Inventory (LUI) does. Developed by O’Neill at the University of Waterloo, the LUI assesses the language of children 18 to 47 months old. In answering a series of questions, parents reveal how their children use language in various situations, including interacting with others, playing, and communicating about the world around them.

The 20 Best Books for Language Lovers Seeing as how the entirety of organic history exists thanks to communication — even rudimentary chemical exchanges between cells qualify — it makes perfect sense that many find the concept utterly engaging. Language pervades everything, building and destroying as time marches ever forward. And while even the most learned scholars can't even begin to fully explain its physiology, origins, structures and pretty much every other component, they've certainly done a pretty lovely job scratching the surface.

Stupid Windows 7 trick: unlock the secret God Mode folder So, what exactly is God Mode in Windows 7? Well, for starters, it's not really a mode. And it's nothing you need to be a deity to pull off, either. Rather, it's a folder packed with shortcuts to just about every settings change and administrative function in Windows 7. Everything you'll find in the Action Center, Backup and Restore, Autorun, Desktop Gadgets, Devices and Printers -- it's all there. CSS Frameworks CSS Reset: Design From Scratch - Smashing Magazine Advertisement You don’t have to write the same CSS-code or (X)HTML-Markup over and over again. Whatever project you’re starting to work with, at some point you have to define classes and IDs you’ve already defined in your previous web-projects. To avoid unnecessary mistakes you might want to start not from a blank file, but from an almost “perfect” scratch. The latter might contain some basic definitions you’d write in your code anyway. However, once you’ve decided to create such a scratch, you need to make sure it is really bulletproof — besides, if the stylesheet also sets up optimal typographic rules and basic form styling you manage to kill two birds with one stone.

Compare Features PREMIUM Service If you want more, you can get more - including the ability to sync Tasks, Contacts and multiple Google Calendars. Upgrade your account today and get advanced synchronization at the touch of a button. Sign Up Akita Shinkansen #1 Sleek lines and cool colors on this Hayate Shinkansen at Tokyo Station. I wonder who gets to choose the paint colors? #2 Ticket gate at Tokyo Station. #3 A few of the schedule boards in the lower area of Tokyo Station before going up to the platform. There are about 30 platforms at Tokyo Station (for all trains, not just Shinakansen) so you have to check carefully which one you need to go to. #4 Taking a look at the Shinkansen schedule to Akita. Making TUGZip Shell Extensions Work In Vista x86_64 For those of you that don’t know what TUGZip is, it’s a free archiving utility (think WinZip) developed by Christian Kindahl which is also the developer of my favorite burning software InfraRecorder . And honestly, the only reason why I found out about TUGZip is because of it’s link in the InfraRecorder website. If it wasn’t there I would have never, ever…found out about TUGZip. I’d be stuck using 7-Zip forever, never knowing that a aesthetically pleasing application like TUGZip existed. I mean 7-Zip works fine for me, it’s just that it doesn’t really look 2.0′ish to me if you get my drift. Now, people that use TUGZip in a x86_64 system specifically Vista know that TUGZip’s 32-bit shell extensions do not work in x86_64 versions of Vista, meaning that when you right-click in Windows Explorer, nothing shows up.