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[FR] Les transports de Londres se transforment en gigantesque terrain de jeu

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[FR] Serious games : à quoi joue-t-on, sérieusement ? -, web-tv communautaire rich media You are a lecturer, journalist, blogger, speaker and you need the source video file? You can buy: Fee: 1800€ Video file command Fee: 1980€ In the first two cases be careful: you can purchase the file for a single use (for archiving, integration of excerpts in a film company, integrating on your blog in a format and / or another player that you selected): you can not then claim as a commercial file: please read terms and conditions prior to purchase that will appear below. About Chromaroma is a game that shows you your movements and location as you swipe your Oyster Card in and out of the Tube (Bus, Tram and Boat coming soon). It connects communities of people who cross paths and routes on a regular basis, and encourages people to make new journeys and use public transport in a different way by exploring new areas and potentially using different modes of public transport. At its simplest, Chromaroma is about amassing the most points possible.

Interactive Puppet Prototype w Kinect [openFrameworks] by @theowatson and Emily Gobeille A quick installation prototype by Theo Watson and Emily Emily Gobeille ( with the libfreenect Kinect drivers and ofxKinect (openFrameworks addon). The system is doing skeleton tracking on the arm and determining where the shoulder, elbow, and wrist is, using it to control the movement and posture of the giant bird! Concept and Production by Design I/O Emily Gobeille – Theo 3D depth camera for arm tracking, courtesy of Microsoft and the open source / diy community

Top 50 Brands in Content Marketing Toby Murdock | January 1, 2013 | 5 Comments inShare258 Brands are becoming the media, attracting their own audiences. Here are the standouts. Marketing principles are being turned upside down. Brands have historically paid for media to deliver their messages. BPM, Space and Gamification nostalgia: the year is 1984 and I am Mostly Harmless In 1984 a bit of a phenomenon hit the scene. It had nothing to do with Big Brother or Orwell’s vision of a dysfunctional future but everything to do with business, process and gamification. And Space. 2009 Ten-Year Forecast: Research Materials The Future is our chance to be new. The 2009 Ten-Year Forecast research delves into issues from a collapsing economy paving the way for new kinds of value to a new voice rising from the Global South plotting a new path for the next big economy to extreme climate conditions wiping the landscape clean to a new neuroscience presenting an extraordinary new picture of humans, and much much more. The Overview provides an intro to the Perspectives, Superstruct Handbook, Signal Survey, and the 2009 Map of the Decade. The Overview is also where you will find the 50-Year Outlook. 2009 Map of the Decade

Kinect - One Week Later [Processing, oF, Cinder, MaxMSP] - Now full speed ahead.. Last week we wrote about the wonderful work that happened over the weekend after the release of XBox Kinect opensource drivers. Today we look at what happened since then and how the Microsoft gadget is being utilised in the creative code community. In case you missed our post from last week, you can see it here: Kinect – OpenSource [News] Chris from got to play with the Kinect and one late night he made this little demo in Processing using the hacked Kinect drivers. The processing app is sending out OSC with depth information based on the level of detail and the defined plane. 26 Social Media Marketing Examples in Detail Last week, I stumbled across Peter Kim’s blog post titled, ”A List of Social Media Marketing Examples”. Let me just add that this title should be revised to, “A MASSIVE list of Social Media Marketing Examples”, because Peter has collected over 200 companies who are using social media, and provided links to the specific efforts. I truly appreciate his efforts, and have bookmarked it, printed it, and am thinking about tattooing it so that I can always have it on hand for reference. Since I enjoy reviewing successful and unsuccessful social media marketing campaigns, I thought I’d get back on the blogging bandwagon by taking a look at 26 of these companies and providing my review on what the social media marketing effort is in detail, and how I think these efforts work for the company. (Perhaps when I feel more ambitious I’ll set a goal to go through each of the 200, but I like setting goals that I can reach

BadgeStack: A Badge-Empowered Learning System - Produced by LearningTimes BadgeOS™ is a powerful free plugin to WordPress that lets you easily create achievements and issue sharable badges as your users succeed. Activate the free BadgeStack extension to instantly create Levels, Quests and Badge Achievement Types — and start badging! Each BadgeOS site can be customized to your goals, community, visual identity, and the right mix of social and self-directed activity. You define the achievement requirements and choose the assessment options. As members progress, they earn digital badges they can share anywhere, from Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, to their own blog, or resume. Open badge sharing is enabled with built-in Credly support. Green Goose Wows the Crowd & Raises $100K On Launch Conference Stage Imagine getting points in an online game each time you drink more water, floss your teeth or take a step toward some other healthy lifestyle goal. That's the promise of Green Goose, a company that uses tiny sensors and accelerometers on stickers or credit cards to track everyday behavior and record it online. The company demonstrated today how its technology, which is currently in pre-production in China, lets a user put a sticker containing a tiny sensor and a year's worth of battery power, on the handle of a toothbrush, for example.

Scripped scenario_ plusieurs The Scripped Writer Scripped provides an online professional screenwriting application that performs all the essential features writers need. Standard "tab" and "enter" shortcuts, auto-complete and script summaries make writing fast and efficient.

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