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overview Changes from VPython 5 VPython 6 will run almost all old VPython programs correctly without change The following details about changes may be important in a few unusual cases. An animation loop must contain a rate or sleep statement, which limits the number of loop iterations per second as before but also when appropriate (about 30 times per second) updates the 3D scene and handles mouse and keyboard events. Without a rate or sleep statement, the scene will not be updated until and unless the loop is completed. You should use the new function sleep rather than time.sleep. You must import visual or vis before importing graph or controls or filedialog, which most users have always done anyway. Be sure to read what's new in the latest version of VPython 6. Rotate and zoom To rotate the camera around the scene, drag with the right button down, or with the Ctrl key down. How to learn about VPython For a quick introduction, see these YouTube videos: Introduction: The basics of Python and VPython.

The Making Of Living Art for Apple's New iPad 30 formas incríveis de decorar suas paredes sem gastar quase nada Cutlist and Layout from Sketchup - by daltxguy If you’re a fan of Sketchup for creating woodworking models, then the next obvious step is to use Sketchup to help you create cutlists and layouts. Sketchup plugin Cutlist 4.1 does just that. CutList 4.1 sketchup plugin helps you determine how much of each material you need to produce your design, taking into account nominal sized lumber with allowances for finishing to final size. Then it goes one further and lays out all of the pieces on boards or sheet good sizes of your choosing. Then you should be all set to head for the lumber yard to get all of the materials that you will need with no return trips. CutList 4.1 was beta tested by our very own Lumberjocks and is now ready for download. It’s being released exclusively to Lumberjocks first. Note that there is now a forum on Lumberjocks for further discussion. Cutlist 4.1 has been tested with both Skletchup 7, Sketchup 8, SU2013 and SU2014 on both Macs and on Windows PCs. Installing. Running on a Mac. Q. A. Starting up cutlist.

Flipboard, che cos’è e perché fa discutere Un giornale personalizzato, aggiornato automaticamente, basato su dinamiche sociali. Un sistema innovativo per distillare segnali dal rumore o un’aggregazione predatoria e poco sostenibile? Nelle reti sociali si sta discutendo molto di Flipboard, un’applicazione gratuita per iPad che permette di creare un social magazine dinamico su misura del lettore. Lanciata il 20 luglio, ha suscitato subito grande interesse, a partire dalla segnalazione di Robert Scoble sul suo blog Scobleizer. Tant’è che, di lì a poco, il numero di richieste degli utenti ha reso inaccessibile l’applicazione per alcune ore. La pagina principale di Flipboard assembla in tempo reale le notizie di diversi siti e i contenuti condivisi dai propri amici su Facebook e Twitter, aggiornandoli periodicamente. Tre elementi di rottura Bruno Walther ha sviluppato una brillante analisi di come Flipboard stia creando un nuovo modello di consumo dei contenuti nella rete. Infine il terzo elemento: gli analytics. Perché non un link?

10 ideias criativas e muito baratas para decorar a parede (sem tinta) | SOS Solteiros Sabe aquela parede branca-sem-graça que todo mundo tem? Pois é, ela não tá com nada! Se tá sem grana para investir num super espelho para ampliar o ambiente, não tem problemas, vamos listar algumas ideias simples e baratas para deixar sua casa muito mais incrível! Escolha uma bem bonita, por favor não vai me pendurar a bandeira do Brasil, a Copa já foi! Passe a canga no seu microondas e pendure (sem esticar muito para não estragar o caimento do tecido) com preguinhos nos quatro cantos, ou nos dois cantinhos superiores. decoracion2 Isso mesmo. digsdigs Use post-its grandes, do mesmo tamanho e com cores variadas. shamshyan Escolha uma estampa de tecido que te agrade, recorte, embrulhe uma tela, por trás prenda com tachinhas e mande emoldurar (ou não). marianasampaio Essa é clássica, praticamente toda casa de mãe tem isso, mas que tal inovar, usando pratos mais modernos e colocar em ordem desconexa. acasadeviver casa.abril annemakeup | atdigital agulhadecondao littlepaperplanes Muito chique benhê!

The Laser Scanning Forum - We offer all the benefits to measurement professionals. IDEO Creates Three Visions for Books in the Digital Age | Co.Design The endless hand-wringing over the death of print books -- and its supposed corollary, diminished intellectualism -- overlooks a key point: Digital media can actually enhance how we read. So says the innovation and design giant IDEO, which yesterday released a short film on "The Future of the Book" that blows the binding off conventional notions of how we consume the written word. In Ideo's telling, tomorrow's books will let you join online discussions, fact-check, and even dictate the particulars of a plot -- all in a tablet-friendly format. Nelson Nelson is all about expanding how we understand text. Coupland This concept is the social network of publishing. Alice Alice is a cross between a video game and Choose Your Own Adventure. Are we seeing the videogamization of reading? For an excellent interview with IDEO's Duane Bray and Robert Lenne about "The Future of the Book," go the Brian Lehrer Show's Web site here. [Images courtesy of IDEO]

33 Ways to Decorate a Rental — On a Budget! | Home For Now September Four See this post here: 33 Ways to Decorate a Rental — On a Budget! There have been times when I wanted to wait until the perfect time to start — or finish — decorating a room. Perfect time meaning living in my dream house AND tons of money to spend on what I want. Unfortunately I haven’t stumbled upon the perfect time OR that pile of money. Not everyone can knock down or paint walls. So this is for you. 33 ideas to decorate your rental — on a budget. Let’s get right to it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Got an empty or non-working fireplace? 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.Make over a blah medicine cabinet with a little decorative paper and creative repurposed storage containers — via BHG 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. So what do you think? Looking for more rental decorating inspiration? Check out my Rental Decorating Pinterest Board Need to catch up on my 31 Days to a more Beautiful, Purposeful and Functional Home Series? Follow along here. And as always

Geopticks - 3D Laser Scanning sobees Southern in the City: No Sew Faux Roman Shades I've officially lived in my apartment for a year. So far, this apartment is in the running to be my favorite and if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I've lived in quite a few places since moving to NYC in 2006. I'm a fan of older homes with charm and character and this place has it. It might not have all the modern conveniences of other places I've lived in, but it has personality and that's what I love the most. My building was built in the 1920's and at the time it was somewhat of a "scandal" because it was one of the first non-brownstone apartment buildings on the block. There's great molding, high ceilings, real hardwood floors and large windows just to name a few. Since moving last year, I've quickly tried to make it feel homey. I don't think I'll ever really be "finished" with decorating but that's half the fun. Here is the window as it was before. I found this teal Ikat dot fabric at Mood Fabric in the Fashion District and LOVE it.

Web Design: la rivista digitale dedicata ai web designer | Your Inspiration Magazine 26 Super Easy DIY Rug Tutorials For Your Home Here we present you one amazing collection of DIY rug tutorials that are easy to make and on a low budget. You can find a lot creative ideas and tutorials which will help you to make some awesome rugs that will be a focal point in your interior design. Use your trash to make new treasure. Have fun! Pom Pom Rug DIY Shag Rag Rug T-Shirt Ombre Rug Rope Rug DIY Area Rug Chevron Rug T-Shirt Rug Type Rug Hula Hop Rug Faux Sheepkin Cloud Rug Parquet Inspired Denim Rug Pebble Rug Twisted Rope Rug Braided Rag Rug Metallic Gold Zebra Print Rug Woodgrain Rug DIY Anthropologie Rug Painted Utility Rug Painted Morrocan Rug Colorful Rug Jelly Roll Rug DIY Vintage Rug Rope Swirl Rug Technicolor DreamRug Mandala Floor Rug Tags: diy rug tutorials, DIY Rugs