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23 Inspiring Single Page Designs

A website should be designed to accommodate it’s content. So when there’s not a lot of content, it might be make sense to place everything on one page. If you’re thinking about taking this route for your next project, we’ve gathered a few examples to inspire you. In this collection, you’ll see a variety of approaches to single page web design – from parallax scrolling to the classic ‘all in one place’, no scrolling needed. There’s a lot of inspiration here, enjoy. Blacktie Corpus Ars Navis Logo Time unicrow Charleston fleava Think Green Meeting Jessica Neitzel Games People Play infectmedia Matt Brothers Bakken & Baeck Owl Concept Galaxy Nexus Bay Area Sports Management Nadine Weiberg Carter Digital Let’s Go Rally Roux at Parliament Square Ben Markowitz Enzo Livolti Source: One Page LoveThe Best Designs About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Related Posts 596 shares 11 Inspiring Typography Focused Web Designs Read More

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Top 26 jQuery Slider plugins collection download Hello all web developers, In today’s post, we’ve combined a collection of 26 jQuery slider examples with tutorials and live demos. Whether you’re looking for a jquery image slider, a jquery text slider, a vertical/horizontal jquery slider, a jquery ui slider, a slider that moves along the sidebar, or any other type of jQuery slider you can dream of, this post will have some useful jQuery resources for you. Full list after jump ! 1: SlideDeck jQuery plugin SlideDeck Lite is a limited version of the feature-rich SlideDeck Pro. It’s a great way to give SlideDeck a try and immediately improve the performance of your website. 55 Beautifully Made Single Page Designs Single page websites may be described as websites that constitutes all of its features in one page. In this kind of design visitors need not to load different pages just to find what they are looking for and this can give your website an advantage to the rest. But to make this effective, it is of importance to have a creative design to your website to make it more fun and lively. In our next post, we will be showcasing examples of Beautiful Single Page Design. We have collected different creatively made single page design websites to give you an overview on this interesting concept.

Responsive Web Design Templates and Frameworks Eventually, we’ll all stop talking about responsive web design – not because it will go away, but because it will become what’s expected. Flashback ten years ago and we were all talking about CSS and tableless design, but today there’s no need to mention it. It’s simply the way modern websites are built, although sadly, I’m sure there’s a few out there still using tables. Nevertheless, the concept of responsive web design is still relatively new. So it’s our job to help you learn about it and to help you find the stuff that makes building responsive sites easier. For this post we’ve gathered a collection of Responsive Web Design Templates and Frameworks.

25 Best Free Online Magazines For Designers Every designer just loves art and design magazines. They let you know about all the newest trends and news in the world of design, and are also a great source of inspiration! A lot of free design magazines are available on the web, that you can browse online or download (.PDF, .SWF) for viewing offline. The best part is that they are free! Free Icon Set For Web Designers: Aroma (250+ PNG Icons) Advertisement Today we are delighted to release another freebie for our design community. There are many free icon sets out there, and there are quite many commercial ones as well. Yet a good, consistently designed icon set is always a welcome addition to any designer’s toolbox.

Creative Single Page Web Designs Single page web designs are a modern trend for designing and it is very inspiring to see what these designers are investing to create these webpages. Every designer has come up with a design which is so beautiful and creative and the illustrations in them are so crisp and clear that the message is delivered easily. Go ahead and get inspired for your next design in creating a single page design. Enjoy! 1) Wall Swaps

Examples and Good Practices Apr 16 2010 Single-page websites are becoming more popular among web designers, both for their own projects and for client sites. There are a lot of cases out there in which a single-page site makes a lot of sense: if there isn’t a ton of content; if the content is all closely related; or in cases where a particular stylistic element works best on a single page. In any case, single-page sites are cropping up all over the place. But figure out when to use a one-page design and the best way to go about creating one is still a challenge for many.

21 Examples of Inspiring Typography in Web Design From print to packages to web design and pretty much all other media that you can think of, typography always plays a big role. Not only can good use of typography add to your design from a visual standpoint, it can also play an important role in defining the heirarcy of the content. With this in mind, we gathered a collection of inspiring typography usage in web design. From small type to huge and colorful ones we will show you that typography can be very important in your design. Life in Greenville Cider

25 Cool Brochure Designs Advertisement A Brochure is a small booklet or pamphlet, mostly containing promotional material or product information. This certainly comes as a plus factor for any company going for a Tri fold brochure templates, as it contains more information, yet is handy and stylish. Many companies trying to find best Brochure printing as well.