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Split-testing 101

Split-testing 101
Includes a list of 108 ways to increase your website's profits Here’s how to get lots more customers—free—using split-testing software. Using split-testing software is a powerful way to increase your website's conversion rate (that is, its ability to turn visitors into customers). First, what does split-testing software do? If you had two possible headlines for your webpage but couldn’t decide which one to use, you could run an A/B split-test in which Half of your visitors would see Headline A, andThe other half would see Headline B. You could then tally the orders for each headline and determine which headline brought you the most. The split-testing software lets you carry out tests like this, although such tests often take several weeks to finish. Multivariate testing, however, allows you to carry out many such tests concurrently! For example, if we were to use multivariate-testing software on the following page, we could test the following: Powerful, isn't it? Here's a squirrel now. 1. 2. 3.

How to Sell A/B Testing to a Skeptical Client While SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, and Usability have become commonly established as cornerstones of any successful online business, A/B testing remains a discipline shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. The fact that few companies understand what it really is, and how they can benefit from it, leads to a high level of skepticism and anxiety that makes A/B testing a tough sell. This article will give you 6 tested and proven methods for mitigating anxiety and selling A/B testing to a skeptical client. 1. The first step in building a relationship with a skeptical client is to understand who you are selling to and how your service will help them solve their specific problems. Learn as much about the client as possible. Also, make sure to research the competition. Moreover, if you’re already in dialogue with the client, ask them to describe their main conversion related challenges, as well as the dream conversion scenario. 2. Don’t be a show-off 3. This is where case studies become your ally.

Five surprising split testing tips | Facts and Figures Split testing – the process of simultaneously testing multiple versions of your site – can provide some surprising results; sometimes changes don’t have the impact you expect. We’ve compiled 5 tips to broaden your horizons and open your mind to some counter-intuitive split-tests which could seriously boost your profits. 1. Sometimes call-to-action buttons should stand out less “Add to basket”, “Checkout”, “Sign up now”– Call to actions buttons are usually a high priority for any split testing plan. Our natural instinct is to make them bigger, brighter and ultimately to stand out as much as possible. If you’re nodding along so far and thinking “too right”, follow this link to see that you can definitely go too far! The image to the right is the current Amazon “Add to Basket” button. In contrast, red buttons can stand out even more, but are often subconsciously associated with danger. Recommendation: Split test de-emphasising elements of your calls to action 2. 3. 4. 5.

A/B Testing Helps Company Get 20 Percent More Click Throughs A/B Testing Helps Company Get 20 Percent More Click Throughs Businesses with an online presence need to recognize the dynamicity of customer preferences for them to thrive. There is not, however, no room for trial and error. While constantly changing the interface of a website requires too much effort and cost, A/B testing effectively determines the exact demand of the audience without it actively knowing its participation. This case study shows the impressive results after six months of testing. Sim Only collaborated with Maxymiser – one of the leading international experts in multivariate testing – to try an experiment. Layout Variations In all cases, website visitors are able to choose multiple brands at the same time by clicking selection boxes. In the first set of tests, sim card photos were used as the main image on the pages. 1. 2. To continue improving, Sim Only took testing a step further, and tried a second test. 3. 4. The Plan Audience Verdict photo credit: sterte