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Top 10 Incredible Sound Illusions

Top 10 Incredible Sound Illusions
Weird Stuff Following the popularity of our optical illusions lists (20 Amazing Optical Illusions, and Another 10 Amazing Optical Illusions), we have put together an amazing array of sound illusions (auditory illusions). In these illusions, your mind is tricked in to thinking it is hearing something when, in fact, it is not. To get the most out of this list you should have a set of stereo headphones and a stereo sound system. Unless otherwise noted (before each audio file), you should listen to these sounds with your stereo. Laptop speakers are not suitable for most of these illusions. This illusion was discovered by Diana Deutsch, and is an example of our brains “grouping” similar notes together. There are several ways in which people perceive these sounds, but the most common is to group the high and low notes together. NOTE: Listen through stereo headphones, or stereo separated loudspeakers, best placed some distance apart. Shepherds Ascending Tones This recording is subtle. Wait! Bonus

10 Words You Might Think Came from Science (But Are Really From Science Fiction

) Well, I imagine the same could be said about a lot of these. Karel Čapek gave us "robot" in 1920, and from that point forward, I'd wager we would've hit "robotics" sooner or later with or without Asimov and those glorious mutton chops of his, unless someone more popular than Čapek jumped in and started popularizing a different term like "automata" or "androids" before "robotics" could really take off... off the top of my head... geneticulture (tangenting off horticulture, which has applied techniques of genetic manipulating on a macroscopic level) high space, far space (changing from the analogy of the ocean over to altitude aspects) and for the last probably something NASA tech-sounding, like G-less. I disagree with Gas Giant being reductionism. Androids are a specific class of robots. @Spaceknight I can see your point about Gas Giant not being reductionism. As for 'geneticulture' I'm not sure that it coveys the same usage as genetic engineering. As to G-less.