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Fiction: Myths & Legends

Fiction: Myths & Legends
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Kunskapsbanken, Grekisk mytologi - Unga Fakta Grekisk mytologi Vår målsättning och syftet med Kunskapsbanken är att tillhandahålla bra, användarvänligt studiematerial för användning i skolår F-9. att med hjälp av sajten Unga Fakta kunna överföra kunskapen och delar av materialet till konkreta klassrumsprojekt i grupp eller enskilt. att med hjälp av text, bild, film och utskriftsvänliga förslag på klassrumsprojekt, skapa en kreativ skolmiljö med ett upplevelsebaserat lärande som både är lärorikt, utvecklande och roligt. Vi har gått ifrån föregående års upplägg med tre olika handledningar indelat på skolåren F-3, 4-6, 7-9. 1-2 stjärnor (*) - (**)Lätta övningar och pyssel utan mycket förberedelser. 3-4 stjärnor (***) - (****)Något svårare övningar. Unga Faktas faktaämne och aktivitetsförslag i Grekisk mytologi kan användas på många olika sätt. Mycket nöje, önskar vi på Unga Faktas redaktion. Åsikter Vi på Unga Fakta är tacksamma om du vill dela med dig av dina erfarenheter om hur du upplever Kunskapsbanken och att arbeta med den.

Tiny Texts | Read, listen & learn a littleEnglish Start the journey through time! | Astrid Lindgren Retronaut | The past like you wouldn't believe Aesop's Fables - Online Collection - 656+ fables - Hans Christian Andersen: The Wild Swans by AR away in the land to which the swallows fly when it is winter, dwelt a king who had eleven sons, and one daughter, named Eliza. The eleven brothers were princes, and each went to school with a star on his breast, and a sword by his side. “Go out into the world and get your own living,” said the queen. When her father saw her, he was much shocked, and declared she was not his daughter. All night long she dreamt of her brothers. When she awoke, the sun was high in the heavens; yet she could not see him, for the lofty trees spread their branches thickly over her head; but his beams were glancing through the leaves here and there, like a golden mist. Sorrowfully she laid herself down to sleep; and, after a while, it seemed to her as if the branches of the trees parted over her head, and that the mild eyes of angels looked down upon her from heaven. “No,” replied the old woman, “But I saw yesterday eleven swans, with gold crowns on their heads, swimming on the river close by.”

The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen Most terribly cold it was; it snowed, and was nearly quite dark, and evening-- the last evening of the year. In this cold and darkness there went along the street a poor little girl, bareheaded, and with naked feet. When she left home she had slippers on, it is true; but what was the good of that? They were very large slippers, which her mother had hitherto worn; so large were they; and the poor little thing lost them as she scuffled away across the street, because of two carriages that rolled by dreadfully fast. One slipper was nowhere to be found; the other had been laid hold of by an urchin, and off he ran with it; he thought it would do capitally for a cradle when he some day or other should have children himself. She crept along trembling with cold and hunger--a very picture of sorrow, the poor little thing! The flakes of snow covered her long fair hair, which fell in beautiful curls around her neck; but of that, of course, she never once now thought. "Someone is just dead!"

The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde) One of most beautiful and famous fairy tales by Oscar Wild. The story of a grumpy selfish giant and a little boy who teaches him about a happy life and an eternal spring. An inspirational story to make you think about how you are running your life. If you want to see it with subtitles, make sure you activate YouTube subtitles on the video. Every afternoon as they were coming from school, the children used to go and play in the giant's garden. + Official - Cool © Angel Castaño 2008 Salamanca / Poole - free videos to learn real English online || M-E widgetsInfoPrivacyTerms of useContactAbout why?