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Fragrant Nature Munnar

Fragrant Nature Munnar

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Animal response to a bushfire is astounding. These are the tricks they use to survive Have you ever wondered how our native wildlife manage to stay alive when an inferno is ripping through their homes, and afterwards when there is little to eat and nowhere to hide? The answer is adaptation and old-fashioned ingenuity. Australia’s bushfire season is far from over, and the cost to wildlife has been epic. Pros and Cons of Different Dog Bowls While you may think that a dog bowl is just a dog bowl, that is simply not the case. There are many different types of dog bowls that serve diverse purposes. Jenna Stregowski of discusses the different kinds and their pros and cons: PlasticPros:- Come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colors- Fairly inexpensive and usually dishwasher safe Cons:- Easily prone to chewing or scratching- If scratches do occur, bacteria can find its way in CeramicPros:- Often handmade and stylish, making it look a lot different that a generic bowl- Easy to clean because of their glaze

27 Most Famous Photographers You Need To Know When starting out as a photographer, you may find yourself in a creative rut. A lack of ideas, or rather, an abundance of ideas can make it difficult to find a photographic theme. This is where the masters of photography can help you. We’ve put together a list of some of the most famous photographers this world has ever seen. Knowing the Signs of Allergies in Pets Allergies in pets are rarer than allergies in humans, but they can still make pets uncomfortable and severe reactions can cause grave health problems. Pet owners who recognize their pet's allergy symptoms can take steps to alleviate the discomfort and help pets lead happy, healthy lives. What Is an Allergy? An allergy is the immune system's reaction to something it perceives as a threat. When the immune system targets an allergen, it takes whatever steps it can to minimize the threat and eliminate it from the body. When that perceived threat is a common environmental element, however, allergic reactions can escalate and become acutely uncomfortable because it is impossible to completely remove the unwanted allergen.

Selkirk Ridge Photography Western Lifestyle Workshop ⋆ Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Join us for a memorable Western Lifestyle Photography workshop, in the beautiful mountains of Northern Idaho, in the Fall. We will take advantage of the natural beauty of the area during prime Fall color and the gorgeous light North Idaho has to offer while photographing authentic cowboys and cowgirls on this fifth-generation ranch. You will be fully immersed in the Western Lifestyle while you stay and learn how to photograph everything our Western Lifestyle has to offer. This workshop is geared for everyone from amateurs to professional photographers. If you are looking to improve your photo skills, fine-tune specific areas, and go back home to apply your enhanced skills, or just want to get a true western experience and northern hospitality during a once in a lifetime relaxing photographic vacation then this is for you!”

The Best Pet Bird Types Care Guides Parakeet Conure Dove Cockatiel Lovebird Parrotlet Large parrots Before you get a bird… can we pick your brain? Controlling Fleas and Ticks on Your Pet Fleas and ticks are uncomfortable for pets and humans alike, and because these parasites can spread diseases and cause anemia, it is imperative that pet owners take steps to control them. Fortunately, there are many options available for controlling fleas and ticks on cats and dogs, making these pests less of a problem. To minimize flea and tick infestations and protect your pet… Comb your pet regularly, using a flea comb to remove eggs and debris that harbors fleas and ticks. Concentrate on the back of the neck and base of the tail, where these pests are most common.Keep your pet properly groomed, removing matted hair as well as loose, broken hair that can conceal fleas and ticks.

Travel photography from Berlin with ‘travel from another angle’ These days, going somewhere on vacation – or even just a work trip – isn’t just a time to relax and take in your surroundings. It’s an opportunity to show off your smartphone photography skills. With smartphone cameras able to capture incredible images, you have a device right there in your pocket that can snap enviable pictures on-the-go. The Top 10 Best Pet Birds: Parakeets, Cockatiels and More At 22 percent, cockatiels rank just behind parakeets when it comes to the best birds for pets, according to their popularity in APPA’s survey. These pint-sized parrots are members of the cockatoo family, and their sunny, easy-going personalities score points with their parents. First-time bird parent Danielle Aamodt of Virginia raves about her cockatiel, Angel: “She will snuggle up to me when I’m tired, she likes to give me kisses on the nose, she’ll whistle to me every time I pass the doorway of our dining room where her cage is and she loves to play with my hair and tickle my ear.” No wonder they’re known to be among the best parrots for pets! Just be warned: “Cockatiels need things to do,” Blanchette says.

How to Help With Your Pet's Shedding Shedding is a natural, healthy way cats and dogs renew their fur, but loose fur is not always welcome to pet owners – particularly when it seems to get everywhere and into everything. Pets need thick winter coats and need to shed them in spring, but pet owners who need less fur in their lives can help control their pet's shedding in a variety of ways. Good Brushing: The fastest, simplest way to reduce shedding is with good, regular brushing. Use the proper type of brush for your pet's coat texture and length, and brush them at least 3-4 times a week when the shedding is worst. Daily brushing is best and will continually remove loose, broken or damaged hair as well as distribute natural oils to keep your pet's coat in peak condition.Regular Baths: Bathing your pet once a month will help remove dirt and debris that can damage fur and cause extra shedding, and loose hair will easily come out in the bath.